Beware of Janitor.

Radical Islamists train for moths and then fly highly mobile planes into huge buildings.

Big deal. Cleaners can do this.  This is what happens when a cleaner goes off the rails. That thing doesn’t even have steering and yet the cleaner made a house call with it. Right through the front door. I cannot reveal how, or the Secret Cleaner Guild will have me bleached and scoured.

Just watch what you say to your cleaner, right?


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8 thoughts on “Beware of Janitor.

  1. Pray god she hadn’t nipped into the train for a crafty smoke instead of standing out in the minus-whatever-the-fuck windchill of a scandanavian winter…


  2. I saw that earlier, and was quite impressed with her skill. I only managed to crash into a ditch today, and that took some doing :)

  3. That’ll teach ‘em to leave the keys in the ignition.

    They should have known that the cleaninja warriors have been waiting a long time for an opportunity like this. LI has been practicing for years in his loft with models, just waiting for the chance to hijack a train, pack it to the roof with Domestos and drive it into Big Ben. Oh yes, the cleaninjas are a cunning and dastardly terrorist clan alright. And they say that Leg Iron is the most fiendish of them all…

  4. As Swedish I feel proud over the fact that even our “cleaners” can drive trains in the middle of winter. I remember when I moved to Glasgow many years back and left Sweden in February, -20 and half a meter snow (no problems with anything) arrived in the UK, -1 and a few flakes on the ground and trains was not going, buses all canceled and getting a cab was almost impossible. But regardless I would not be worried over the cleaning lady in question, she is a woman after all, and she got injured. Probably get a stern warning after this trauma and a pack of smokes before they send home to live on God-like benefits for 2 years. Can write a book while recovering and go on TV to tell her story later on.

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