The great PC conspiracy.

I have wondered for some time about the motivations of those politically correct, apparent idiots who rule our lives. Dume’s pal. Professor Crowe, dismisses them with a few words, but I wonder.


They have such power, you see. One word out of place, and you are branded Racist, Nazi, Bigot, with such fervour you dare not raise your head above the parapet again.


The Professor says all such people are idiots, halfwits, not worth anyone’s time. I think he misses an important point.


They have power.


When one of these f*ckwits decides that any minority group should be given special treatment, they are. When they say there must be grounds for religious favour, even where it applies only to the town’s Church of the Deadly Bottomgas, which has three members, then we have to concede and let them win. This Church uses barbaric punishments including one where the Fartmeister-General eats fifteen cans of baked beans laced with artichokes then sits on the perpetrator’s face for four hours. Horrific, yet the PC crowd don’t see it. Object, and you are branded fascist/Nazi/repressive/bigot. Delete as appropriate. On second thoughts, don’t delete. You’ll be called them all, and worse.


These politically correct types are not idiots, I think, nor are they safe to ignore.


Look at the legislation they have imposed. You can be arrested for so much as looking at someone the wrong way. How could a fringe group of idiots possibly get that passed into law? No, they have considerable influence. They are more powerful than the Illuminati, who are surely quaking at the presence of this new threat even as I write. Mr. Icke’s reptiloids stand no chance against this new and deadly power. As for Mr. Hubbard’s monsters… well, let’s keep this real, shall we?


Under the guise of ‘promoting equality’, the Politically Correct have done more to promote racial and religious tension than Hitler, and he was very, very good at it. How he and his Brazilian clones must be rejoicing at the new world order being prepared for him by the PC crowd. Every imagined slight is amplified beyond all reason. Everything wrong with the world is the fault of the evil White Man of the West. Just like Oz, we are the place that houses the Wicked Witch. I’ve met her. She’s not so bad.


The PC have resurrected guilt about slavery, something the UK took a big part in banning 200 years ago. We’d all forgotten about that, but now we have to apologise for it again. Why drag all that up again?


The PC insist that illegal immigrants have the right to housing and free benefits, ahead of the British homeless. Huh? Why would they pursue such a deliberately inflammatory policy?


The PC don’t really give a rat’s fart for any of it. They don’t care about immigrants. They don’t care about minorities.


What they want is simple. They want control.


Divide and conquer is an old, old rule of winning.


Step 1. Divide. You need a scared population. You need something for them to be scared of, but it’s not you. What you do is set up a scapegoat. Hitler did this with the Jews. The PC set up every ethnic minority to be scapegoats by making them the Favoured Ones. Nobody regards the PC lot as anything other than idiots. They blame the minorities who are, in fact, bemused by the things the PC crowd does on their ‘behalf’. The public assume the minorities have asked for ridiculous laws. They haven’t. The politically correct set up the laws.


The minorities were not consulted. Why would they be? They’re there to take the blame.


Step 2. Make it worse. Allow criminals to literally get away with murder. Their human rights are more important that the victims.


Step 3. Import as many ethnics as possible. Give them priority over the indigenous population. The public will blame the ethnics, not the PC group who make the rules.


Now you have an indigenous population that’s simmering, and scared of shadows.


Step 4. Mention rules that will improve things. ID cards for all. A database of absolutely everyone. A little loss of freedom is a small price to pay for security, surely?


Step 5. Change leader. This is vital. The leader who set all this up will be reviled by now. You have to replace him with someone new, someone who will ‘fix’ all the ‘problems’ set up by the first leader. It was all set up from the beginning but nobody will see that.


Step 6. Conquest. The new leader controls immigration, removes illegal immigrants, crushes the minorities and while doing this, implements the previous leader’s ‘security measures’ to ensure every single member of the population can be tracked and accounted for. In the name of national security, naturally. This new leader will also change the voting system to be sure there can be no more dissent. Whatever happens, New Leader’s Party is assured of eternal dominance.


The ethnics who were favoured will be crushed. So will those who believed in the Great Vision. They have served their purpose. The population is under the control of Big Brother.


You will notice that the populations of many poorer countries, countries that have (coincidentally) big oil reserves, are becoming very anti-west. Very, very anti-west in many cases. Why are western politicians doing all they can to inflame that?


Well, if the West went into, say, Iran and took over now, there’d be worldwide outcry. If, however, these people are induced to attack the West first, then the West will suddenly lose its politically-correct face and ‘react’. What the militants don’t seem to realise is that attacking the West, while the PC crowd give them preferential treatment over the local population, is exactly what the politicians want. When they blast those countries, they can then be sure their indigenous population is fully behind the action.


The militants are being duped. So are we.


All that’s left is for the Politically Correct to pull off their latex masks and reveal their true reptilian nature.


Any day now…


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