4 thoughts on “The idiot lantern exposed.

  1. I hardly ever watch TV these days – except for the excellent "Family Guy" which I discovered on BBC3 recently. Instead I spend far too much time on the internet, enriching my vocabulary here, enjoying the trolls at OH's place, or learning what's really going on with our climate at WUWT.He's right about there being quite enough problems in the real world, without imagining our own.I'm thankful that I am old enough to still have some practical "skills", which come in useful, from time to time. I do my best to impart these to the youngsters, but with limited success….Hell, I have even been known to do a bit of reading!


  2. Steve Jobs (yeah yeah, I know) said "when you turn on the TV you switch your brain off. When you turn on your computer you turn your brain on."Sounds reasonable to me.


  3. I havn't had a tv for over 25 years,people cannot believe that,nor can the BBC judging by the amount of hounding I receive, LOL.They have no idea how to live without a tv and of course this helps the goverment to control them through subtle propaganda and biased reporting/programes.Can't say no tv has helped my brain a lot though,but perhaps I would be even more senile if I had one.Hopefully the interenet will encourage more and more free thinking and independance,if we can keep it free from interferance.Personally I don't think they will allow that to carry on.


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