A flying visit.

Still on drive-by blogging at the moment. I finished what was possibly the most difficult book review I’ve ever written yesterday and sent it in. You know how sometimes you read a book, think ‘That was really good’ and then find you can’t articulate why it was so good without giving away so much that nobody would need to read it? Well, it was one of those.

So I sent the review and relaxed with the amusing little film ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ which Amazon sold me cheap, along with a large part of a bottle of ‘Glen Orchy’ which Lidl sold me cheap. An evening’s entertainment for under twenty quid. Damn, I’m tight. Must be the Aberdonian air.

Today, the inevitable happened. The editor wants changes. I also owe this particular editor a short story and I’m still trying to put together the next collection ready for Christmas (electronic only – no chance of getting the print version ready in time). So I will be scribbling and typing and I have a nasty suspicion I will still be doing that on Christmas morning.

The New Year is for Panoptica, which is the current title of the dystopia. It’s nicked from a particular type of prison called a ‘Panopticon’, the principle of which has been successfully applied to our CCTV-infested world.. Panoptica has no prisons. No need.

I now know what brings our hero out of his Righteous-induced trance, how his life plummets from comfort to pain as a result of a trivial transgression he did not even do, and where the ‘retired’ actually go. I think – I think – I am still a few steps ahead of the real world but they’re catching up fast so in the New Year, that project gets priority.

If you get an apparently deranged comment from me, it’s probably not me but the Pseudopat troll, who I don’t have time to properly torment at the moment. He’s not important enough to prioritise, and he’s stupid enough to stick around until I’m ready to play tease-the-troll. If you’re on Blogger, then I’m always signed in to comment.

Right. Back with something to rile up the Righteous later, once I’ve done this review again. Hint: It’ll have the word ‘Black’ in it. Start that blood pressure climbing, Righteous.

3 thoughts on “A flying visit.

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  2. Really, Legs, could you get a move on with your scribblings πŸ˜‰

    ‘panopticon (n.)
    1768, a type of optical instrument or telescope, from Greek pan “all” (see pan-) + optikon, neuter of optikos “of or for sight” (see optic). Later the name of a type of prison designed by Bentham (1791) in which wardens had a constant view of all inmates, and “a showroom” (1850).’

    Eye cum from the future… 2015 Chinese New Year of the Goat… 8.15 that’s the time that’s always been…

    Really, Clicky, wears OM πŸ˜€

    Dentist in the New Year for you, Clicky! *shivers* And optician… *squints* Come on lettuce go home

    CYL, Legs… LoL πŸ˜‰


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