Kony 2012

The latest leftie-celeb warmongering cause is something called ‘Kony 2012’. Well I hadn’t heard of him so I had to look him up. Yup, he’s a murdering bastard, almost as bad as Che Guevara but not in the league of Stalin or Mugabe or Pol Pot. Still, someone the planet would undoubtedly be better off without, but he’s far from the only one or even the worst.

All the peaceniks now want to wade into Uganda and kill this man. Well, actually they want someone else to do it while they shout from the sidelines as usual. Specifically, they want those soldiers they’re always protesting against to go and turn Uganda into the same kind of shambles as Iraq and Afghanistan. Same deal. Once the military have done their part, the politicians have no plan for what happens afterwards.

It turns out this Kony guy has been killing people since 1986. Twenty-six years. All of a sudden he’s the biggest problem in the world? Big enough even to get the dribbling celebs to shut up about the Falklands?

Well, the froth-mouthed swivel-eyed socialist loons will never put together any kind of coherent argument on anything. All they’ll ever do is shout ‘I am right and anyone who disagrees is the bastard child of Hitler!’ so there was no point looking to them for answers. Instead I found someone who is Ugandan, and although she now lives in America, she still has family in Uganda and spends a lot of time there. She’ll know just how terrible this ageing terrorist really is.

The leftie-celebs will shout her down. What can she possibly know? The reality in their foaming cesspool of a mind trumps the reality of the real world. They’ll push for another war, they’ll kill more people than this Kony ever could, and they’ll destroy another entire country.

Then they’ll pat themselves on the back and look hard at Syria and Iran. Don’t laugh at them because one day soon they’ll be looking at you.

Anyway, here’s the view of Kony’s reign of terror from an Ugandan.

Not really something you would expect the US to suspend its constitution over, is it? Not really enough for the President to declare Congress an irrelevance. Not a threat to the USA at all, even if Kony is still alive.

Those lefties think they will get world socialism out of this progressive mess.

Suckers. That was never the plan.

If they had a cup of tea and a smoke, sat down and thought instead of shouting for a while, they might realise that.


12 thoughts on “Kony 2012

  1. XX Once the military have done their part, the politicians have no plan for what happens afterwards.XX

    Oh yes they have. They then go on to win elections due to the “anti war” campaigns, that they then run, on the back of the very war they started in the first place.

    “HEYYY!!! Whats a few thousand soldiers deaths, when it gets me a free subscription to the house of commons bar!!??”


    • This one looks as if it might well be the thing that’s going on. Apparently there are lots of raw materials waiting to be dug out of certain African countries, but their leaders aren’t being suitably difficult. So our scheming leaders are reduced to picking on a local warlord and making him out to be a threat to the West, when in reality he probably doesn’t have the bus fare to get here.


  2. The Kony campaign is laughable…we need to get the Bliar campaign up and running, now there is a cause I would donate to…
    Have updated your link on m y blogroll m8 (sorry I am late to this new home of yours but things have been a little on the hectic side recently…wordpress is god eh!)


    • The Righteous don’t care about left and right and indeed don’t care about politics other than as a tool to get their way. They are very, very good at using other people to get their way and always have been.

      Most of those immensely rich celebs call themselves ‘socialists’, and I have personally met someone who drives a car that’s worth more than my house, who calls himself a socialist. I don’t see them partaking in this ‘redistribution’ idea. They are too busy avoiding tax.

      Some socialist ideas appeal to me, some capitalist ideas appeal, but I don’t care about ‘left’ and ‘right’ either. If it wasn’t for this artificial schism between extreme ideologies we could take the best bits of both and do really well.

      Won’t happen though. Neither side will touch any idea that comes from the other side.


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