Still light blogging.

I’m working so hard I’m not even drinking. Saturday night and I’m only on my second Rioja. Oh, the deprivation! This one’s only a 2007, it’s not even the good stuff.

The first one was a 2004, but it was the last of that lot. One more of the 2007 in the rack and then it’s down to the Merlot with the (whisper it) metal screw caps. Tonight I am truly suffering for my Art.

Well, at least my bottles aren’t all dusty. You’d think those rich folk with proper wine cellars could afford to have a cleaner in there once in a while.

And what is the point of a 24-hour supermarket if they won’t let you buy whisky between 10 pm and 10 am? I mean, what else does anyone need between those times? Perhaps it’s just as well. Whisky does make my typing fingers dyslexic.

Anyway, tonight I spent a lot of time reading Junican’s Herculean efforts at decoding a document I would never have managed to read without nodding off. Even his summary is a long read but well worth it, and he has made it available as a PDF so you can download it, read it offline and enlarge it to make the text legible to ancient eyes. You can also use it as a hammer to the head of the antismokers. I expect the ASH trolls will go after him for this but Junican will just laugh them off. He’s much less of a vengeful, vindictive sod than I am. Too late anyway, his analysis of the McTear case is done and spreading.

Speaking of trolls, I see our resident drooling imbecile is still pretending to be anyone with an actual life, and still going around blogs parroting his ‘IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou’ nonsense. Still, if he hadn’t done all that, I’d have overlooked a few blogs that have now been added to the blogroll and I would probably have missed Amusing Bunni’s finding of the impeachment of Barry O’Blimey for acting like a dictator. Well well well. Unintended consequences, eh, troll? There are more to come.

Anyhow, back to the key-tapping for me. I missed Smoky-Drinky this weekend for catch-up purposes so best get back to it.




3 thoughts on “Still light blogging.

  1. Thanks for publicising the Analysis LI. It was only when I created the PDF file that I realised that even the analysis is 59 pages long! I would guess that the original Opinion is at least 10 times that.

    there is a critically important thing about the Judgement, which was this:

    ASH ET AL were obliged to prove their assertions ONLY ON THE BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES. Not only could they not do so as regards the claim that smoking DID cause lung cancer, but also that they were unable to prove that smoking COULD cause lung cancer.


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