Electrofag vapers – denormalisation time guys.

Someone noted in comments, a while back, that the Denor-Mailiser tends to sneak in its anti-smoking stories in the middle of the night. Here’s one they prepared earlier, but this time it’s not really smoking –

Safety fears over electronic cigarettes because they are ‘unclean’ and unregulated

Unclean! Unclean! Ring that bell! I wonder how those vehemently antismoking vapers feel about lines like these?

‘Electronic cigarettes can not be seen as being as safe as other regulated nicotine replacement therapies which meet pharmaceutical standards,

And Electrofag companies don’t give him any money, and his masters want them gone.

these products are tested and have additives in them that we know to be safe – e-cigarettes don’t have this.

Oh? They don’t have additives? And that’s bad, somehow? All they have is propylene glycol (a food thickening agent), flavourings (food grade), nicotine (not always) and water. They don’t have Pharma additives in them, so the medical profession thinks that loading them up with more chemicals will make them safer.

Jean King, Cancer Research UK’s director of tobacco control, warned that e-cigarettes do not have the same safety standards as some other nicotine containing products.

She added: ‘E-cigarettes are unlicensed products. This means there are no national safety standards or controls as to how they are sold.

‘Also, little is known about their ingredients or the reliability of nicotine dosage. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is considering whether to regulate e-cigarettes and other new products that contain nicotine. At least until the MHRA reports back, Cancer Research UK does not recommend the use of e-cigarettes.’

There you have it. Cancer Research UK does not want you vaping. Either stick with tobacco or take the Pharma shilling and buy a load of stuff that won’t work.

So how are the vaping companies responding?

She [SkyCig spokeswoman] added: ‘We absolutely welcome tighter regulations on e-cigarette products. It will help the industry grow to its potential by only allowing the best products to be distributed.

Head, meet desk. Have they learned nothing from the entertainment industry that welcomed the smoking ban, or the drinks and food industries that welcome tighter controls? IT DOES NOT STOP WITH REGULATION. It does not stop at all.


On inhalation the cartridge is heated and a fine mist containing approximately 20 ingredients is produced. This mist is absorbed into the lungs, although some odourless vapour is released into the air as the smoker exhales.

Twenty ingredients? What are these mysterious twenty ingredients? Are they a watered-down version of the forty million chemicals, or whatever today’s made up number is, in tobacco smoke?

Can you see what it is yet? It’s second hand steam but this time you can’t even smell it. The terrified antismokers only have to see you a hundred yards away and they will assume they are breathing in forty litres of concentrated odourless death. They’ll believe it. You can be sure of that. I have Electrofags and you can be sure I’ll help them believe it. It will further my ultimate aim of scaring the bastards to death.

They will soon believe every surface is now coated with invisible, odourless, death-on-contact murder juice that can only be removed from skin by scrubbing hard with a wire brush and then holding the affected area in a bowl of pure, natural lemon juice for ten minutes. Whatever ASH do to scare them, I will amplify it tenfold.

Anti-tobacco group, ASH Scotland, warned that the lack of safety information on the cigarettes was a ‘concern’.

Chief Executive, Sheila Duffy, said: ‘Evidence on the safety of e-cigarettes is limited and existing regulation of the product isn’t consistent, which concerns us. We’re awaiting a the results of research from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in Spring 2013, which will give more clarity on the harmfulness and efficacy of this product.

They’ve given themselves a year to analyse a simple mixture of simple chemicals, a mix that an undergraduate chemist could analyse in a practical class. By then they’ll have banned Electrofag. Why? Read on.

‘Even more concerning, however, is that e-cigarettes also look like real cigarettes and are able to be used in many places where smoking is banned.

Uh-huh. They look like smoking. These people will have you arrested for chewing a pencil. They are that obsessed. They can currently be used in places where smoking is banned because they are not smoking. Oh, but they look like smoking and that must be eradicated. You vapers have no chance. Learn how to extract nicotine from the leaves and get those seeds in now.

There’s also the inevitable standard boilerplate of lies from ASH –

Tobacco is not a normal product – it kills half of its consumers if used as intended. As a society we have a responsibility to protect young people by moving away from giving the impression that smoking is a desirable thing to do.’

Vaping looks like smoking. It counts, in ASH’s eyes, as giving the impression that smoking is a desirable thing to do. Therefore they will kill it. Because that’s worked really well with heroin, cocaine, marijuana… all of which come in plain packs and are sold out of sight and are in fact completely banned and therefore nobody is using them, right? Those drug dealers will soon have boxes of cartomisers in their inventory, next to the tobacco.

We have doctors, a cancer charity and ASH Scotland all denouncing something that has produced no medical effects in anyone at all, has not even been implicated in any cancer at all, and contains no tobacco nor indeed any combustible material at all. Why are they so interested? What does it have to do with them? What do you think they really want here?

I mean really, what do you honestly think is going to happen now, vapers? Take the blinkers off and look before it’s too late.

If you are a viciously smoker-hating vaper, all I have to say is HA! We all told you. Well, not me, not lately. I gave up on any idea of compromise or even discussion with the smokophobes a long time ago.

If you are a tolerant ex-smoking vaper who remembers what you went through as a smoker, all I can say is… look out. Here it comes again. At least you know what to expect this time. Leave the blinkered ones to their quaint faith in the ‘human’ nature of these creatures and get stocked up.

Stock up on toothpicks too. They’ll be banning those next because they might look a bit like smoking.

24 thoughts on “Electrofag vapers – denormalisation time guys.

  1. I read the article. Absolute rubbish. So it seems it’s all about ‘keeping up appearances’ now, isn’t it! I must admit every time I read the latest piece of propaganda from Tobacco Control, I can’t help but laugh – they are exposing their true colours and losing all credibility.
    i enjoy using both E-cigarettes and Roll-up tobacco. Smokers and Vapers – unite! What more can I say.


    • I also use both, and have been surprised at the antismoking attacks from a few vapers. Tobacco control lost credibility a long time ago, it’s only the drones who believe it now. Unfortunately there are a lot of them.


  2. Leggy, I just can’t understand the rift between smokers and vapers. I do both and would expect both camps to join together to fight the common enemy. It makes no difference in my opinion whether you smoke or vape – in the eyes of ASH et al, you are getting your nicotine fix from the wrong dealer. They will ban anything, not because it looks like smoking, but because it hasn’t been sold by their paymasters in big pharma. Its time smokers and vapers joined together. Incidentally, where have FOREST been since the smoking ban, and why hasn’t there been any effective opposition to the ASH freaks?


    • I don’t understand the rift either, since almost all vapers are ex-smokers. I know some smokers who poo-pooh Electrofag and I’ve seen some vapers (and even Electrofag companies) stating that smoking is vile and filthy and should be banned. The latter have cut their own throats this time because it’s not about tobacco, it’s about anything that looks like smoking.

      You’re right – they want all those ‘addicts’ on their products forever. That’s why it’s ‘nicotine replacement therapy’ – keeps the addiction but diverts the money. You’re only supposed to give up smoking, you are never supposed to give up the patches.

      FOREST? I’ve no idea what they’re doing, but I very much doubt they’d approve of my approach, which is to amplify the scares until the antismokers stop leaving their houses.


      • ‘I don’t understand the rift either, since almost all vapers are ex-smokers.’

        Ah…but ex-smokers are generally anti to a greater or lesser extent. And, by definition, anyone replacing tobacco with vapour is an ex-smoker. Those who do both are bound to be more tolerant, but are merely kowtowing to TC if they vape in pubs. Besides, doing so makes them look ridiculous.


  3. “Uh-huh. They look like smoking. These people will have you arrested for chewing a pencil. They are that obsessed.”

    Interesting thought there Leg! I imagine you could indeed be arrested at this point if you insisted upon your right to chew a cigarette-resembling pencil while on or boarding an airplane.

    – MJM


  4. Okay, so I don’t seem to be able to comment using my wordpress account. Now let’s see what happens when I try being somebody else.


  5. This is screwy. This is Frank Davis here, and I can’t post comments on your blog using my WordPress account, but I can when I pretend to be somebody else. The same happens with Dave Atherton’s blog.


  6. Hi Leggy, keep blogging!

    I’ve been using the e-cig everywhere I can (thanks to your good self in an earlier headsup blog), and have been trying to convert smokers onto another avenue of pleasure as I see fit.

    Thanks to your site to be honest. As an ex-smoker, I missed the whole pint ‘n’ smoke paradigm and the e-cig fits the nagging doubt and missing n-joy perfectly. I must be the only ex/non smoker to go onto e-cigs, but I love it it!

    I especially love it when I’m in a restaurant or pub, and normally the owner and their staff are quite happy for me to puff away to my heart’s content, but by god, you should see the hate in those that are still “plugged in” to the MSM bell ringing, and by god, how loud they bark.

    I love it, not just for the sheer pleasure of simulating smoking once again in a public place of my own accord, but relishing in the knee-jerk reaction of the hard of thinking and supporters of the religion of bansturbation.

    One thing though, the e-cigs do contain food grade propylene glycol which is the atomiser agent, menthol (for those that are fans of the minty cigs), optional nicotine, alcohol (oooooh, booohooo, bad boys!), also there are other components:


    Acetylpyrazine: Used in the creation and/or manufacturing of cocoa, coffee, roasted peanuts, tea, beer, breakfast cereals, ice cream, candy, and other food products and nicotine cartridges and has been deemed safe for use by people.

    Guaiacol: an ingredient use to give the smoky taste.

    Mysomine: is found in nut products, as well as tobacco.

    Cotinine: metabolite of nicotine.

    Vanillin: is used in the food industry as a flavoring agent in foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Custard creams!

    So there you go. Any objections is obvious bollockery by any body that needs government (i.e. our) funds to exist.

    The attempted ban on e-cigs is a shining example of how authoritarian governments around the world are panicking to regain income tax control in order to exhort their power on us with the help of the lobbying Big Pharma.

    I can tell you, from my own observations from a large group of smokers: nicotine patches, inhalers and other products sold by Big Pharma do not work:

    e-cigs do.

    They respond and compliment the hardest part of “giving up smoking”, the link between holding a cool pint of beer and enjoying a cool, hard exhalation of smoke.

    The e-cig safely provides that.

    Nicotine patches do not.

    Long live the e-cig!


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  8. “Tobacco is not a normal product – it kills half of its consumers if used as intended”………at what age? Life is a normal product, and kills all of it’s consumers if used as intended.


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