The New Dark Age.

I know, whenever anyone mentions ‘police state’, the drones scoff. Police state? You’re mad. Your tinfoil hat is too tight. There’s no police state and it’s not going to happen.

Well, let’s see. You can now be arrested in the UK for criticising a councillor. You can be arrested for posting a picture of a football team’s new shirts. Your car will soon be fitted with mandatory tracking devices that can even tell if you’re wearing a seat belt. I’m ahead of that one with Panoptica. Only the politicians have cars.

You can’t have a gun and if you’re caught with any kind of knife outside your kitchen, you’re in trouble. Carpenters have been known to have the police called on them because they have a bag full of sharp things in public. Criminals are armed and if you try to defend yourself, you will be arrested and charged. Yes, yes, I know, there have been repeated statements by the various suited monkeys in the various shades of government to the effect that we are allowed to defend ourselves, but those victims keep getting arrested and charged anyway.

There have also been repeated announcements that taking photos in public is perfectly legal, but kids taking photos of trains still get arrested and have their photos deleted anyway. Some police – and worse, the petty officials who think they have police powers – now make up whatever laws they want and enforce them without bothering about all that ‘legality’ nonsense.

Dogs are now dangerous weapons. Some breeds are already banned, calls are starting for all large breeds to be banned and (again I’m ahead on this one so far) eventually keeping dogs will be illegal, then keeping any kind of pet will be illegal. Animals will only be allowed on State-registered farms and you can’t go there.

[UPDATE: Bloody hell, that didn’t take long! And in the comments, here come the drones…

I think the reverse should apply too. Put a chip in every dog owner to keep track of them.- ML Young, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK., 21/4/2012 05:41]

Your dog must be microchipped and soon so will your children. And you. How? Easy. First you get your money in a chip attached to your mobile phone. Inevitably the theft of mobile phones will rocket because they are now worth more, even the cheap phones, because they are your wallet. Let the public get all worked up and then offer them the chance to have the chip implanted so they can’t lose it or forget it, and nobody can steal it. The drones will jump at the chance to be the first one to buy lunch with, literally, a wave of the hand. Can’t you just see the adverts now?

Well, maybe not. By the time we get to the microchips, everything will be in plain packaging. Everything.

What’s that? It only applies to tobacco, you say? Oh, do wake up. The destruction of tobacco branding is only the beginning. Once they prove that they can use the law to take a company’s branding away, they will instantly apply the same principle to alcohol and MacDonald’s. Fancy buying a chocolate bar in a plain grey wrapper with a picture of rotting teeth on it? A burger in a grey box covered in the image of a liposuction jar? How about a beer in a grey can with a cirrhotic liver plastered across it?

Will CAMRA realise what’s happening then, or will they wait until they are declared far-right extremists who want to intoxicate children? I hear the scoff of a CAMRA member, I think. Consider this over your warm flat beer – do you really believe that the tobacco companies are trying to get children hooked, or is it more likely that the antis just made that up? Do you think they will never, ever apply that same trick to the booze companies? Look harder. They already have. Do you really still think you aren’t on that list?

No police state? Not even when arrests are routinely made now by staving in your front door at dawn? Not even when people are threatened with jail for insulting an official? Not even when children have their photos deleted because they might be terrorists?

What’s coming is worse than a police state. Worse than Mao’s China of blue overalls. Once you have a ban on smoking in pubs, it’s simple to extend that principle to drink, fat, salt, sugar, chocolate, caffeine, anything. Anything can now be declared ‘as bad as smoking’ and the drones will accept it.

Plain packaging is coming because the game is rigged. Vlad Lansley doesn’t care about health, he just wants to control your life, and I’m not just talking to the smokers here. If they win this one, they then have a legal precedent to remove the branding from any product they don’t like and there is a very long list.

Minimum pricing for alcohol will become minimum pricing for fizzy drinks and chocolate bars and burgers and bacon, then for all meats, then for all foods. All in plain wrappers so the children don’t see them and get enticed into sin.

(A digression – how come the government can ignore the EU’s ruling that minimum pricing is illegal, and yet can’t ignore the ECHR’s ruling that terrorists can’t be deported?)

The future isn’t bleak. It’s empty. It has nothing in it at all.  Grey boxes stacked behind grey doors in grey shops staffed by grey people. The reasoning will be that you can’t buy any bad stuff if you don’t know it’s there. If it’s not advertised you won’t even know it exists. If you do try to buy any of the bad things, the grey shop people will put you through an hour of interrogation and then call the police.

There can be no innovation in that world. People will still think of new things but what’s the use when you aren’t allowed to show it to anyone or even let anyone see it? TV will consist of the Propaganda Channel and internet will be back on low-resolution text-only monochrome screens because those screens can’t show porn.

As the list of restrictions on what can be shown in films and books grows, people will stop bothering to make new ones and the old ones will be banned because they might depict sex or violence or smoking or drinking or bad language or freedom, and we can’t have the children getting inconvenient ideas like those.

What’s coming is a new Dark Age, and future historians will wonder what happened to the human race in the 21st century because it will look very much as if nobody did anything at all, even though the records of the time are complete for every single person’s life in 15-minute increments.

You know the worst part? An awful lot of people will just accept that grey world. They won’t do anything about it at all and they will report any who try.

It’s happened before in individual countries but this time it’s global. This time there is no wall to climb over.

30 thoughts on “The New Dark Age.

  1. Leg, you wrote, “You know the worst part? An awful lot of people will just accept that grey world. They won’t do anything about it at all and they will report any who try.”

    Victory Cigarettes anyone? “1984” is worth a re-reading if it’s been ten years since your last one.

    You also wrote, “It’s happened before in individual countries but this time it’s global. This time there is no wall to climb over.”

    Yes, and that’s the scariest part. World peace is something I actively dedicated much of my early adult life to, but in the last twenty years I’ve seen the downside out there as well: Governments can’t be trusted to stay with whatever ideals may have brought them about in the first place, and if there are no countervailing pressures outside their boundaries we truly *can* slide into a boundless future looking like an Orwellian nightmare. Our Benjamin Franklin once said “Those who would trade their freedom for security deserve neither.” and that sadly seems to be the path we’re taking.

    – MJM


    • I don’t think it will lead to world peace. If it did, that would at least be a redeeming feature.

      There will be continuous ‘terrorist’ attacks to keep the controls in place and introduce new ones. Can’t have anyone thinking ‘well, we have peace now, we can relax all the rules, surely?’


  2. Wow……
    Rather negative what? We can’t have negativity. There’s simply no grounds for it in our current happy, globalist multiculturalism. What, I hear you say? It’s the truth? Truth makes you weak, ignorance is strength for it removes worry from within……

    That’s something I could have written and I would gladly have taken the attacks while trying to awaken the sheeple as I repeated the warnings orally.

    It will be a horrific, new, techno-feudalism, society will be plunged into, but as I’ve continually stated, its inhabitants, the mass of the non elite automatons, won’t have any idea how shit the reality really is. They will worship their persecuting elites like gods for liberty and freedom will merely be words in an old dictionary, buried deep in the deepest vaults, hidden from prying eyes.

    An incredibly prescient article leg. A warning that should be shouted from every rooftop. But alas, the people really don’t care, for if they did, there wouldn’t be the slightest possibility of this hell ever becoming a reality.


    • I recently came across a drone on Farcebook who did, literally, laugh off a tenth of this, and what I have here isn’t even a tenth of what’s going on. They cannot see it and they will not see it, and some won’t even notice when it’s finally happened.

      Some people you just have to give up on as lost causes.


    • I saw that one. They had levels of acrylamide in crisps listed in micrograms per kilogram. Frankly, anyone eating a kilogram of crisps at one sitting deserves all the acrylamide they’d get, which still isn’t very much.

      It was beyond parody. Most of the commenters scoffed but there were drones with their ‘Why are they putting this in food?’ wails. Even the Daily Mail realised that acrylamides form naturally in cooked foods. Nobody is adding them.


  3. I heard something* this week which chilled my heart. A junior school in Nottinghamshire sent a letter to all parents informing them that if their child were late for school on three occasions during a school year the school would report the parent to social services for neglect. At a meeting to discuss this policy, about a dozen of the parents presents raised outraged objection to this. The rest thought it was a jolly good idea.

    So yes, there is so much more of this; nasty, ugly, chipping away at reason and freedom. And how much of it never sees the light of day beyond the small group it immediately affects?

    * Info from a mother of one of the children at the school, who is now understandably terrified. I urged her to make a public and anonymous (to prevent victimisation) stink.


    • Then perhaps they should retaliate. If any teacher is late starting a lesson on three occasions during a school year, or not present at all, then they should be reported to social services for neglect and abandonment of children in their care.

      Two-way street.


    • All those agreeing with it imagine their kids are never, ever late and never, ever get distracted on the way. They think it’s only for the truants and it will not affect them, but three late arrivals in a year is well below the normal rate for real children.

      They don’t think that kids who are off sick will be counted as ‘late’ when they don’t show up. Nasty surprise on the way…


  4. “how come the government can ignore the EU’s ruling that minimum pricing is illegal, and yet can’t ignore the ECHR’s ruling that terrorists can’t be deported?”

    as my grandmother used to say, can’t never could, but if the polictal will is there and it suits
    such as holding onto innocent peoples DNA on file for ever and day,


  5. That is the frightening aspect of all this, is the apathy shown by even the more educated/intelligent of our proles and middle classes.
    They can see the writing on the walls yet all we see is the “rabbits in the headlight” syndrome from them.
    I’m beginning to tire of trying to provoke some reaction from them, even to the extent of battening the hatches down and saying “Sod ’em”. The only trouble is where to I run too?


  6. “The future isn’t bleak. It’s empty. It has nothing in it at all. Grey boxes stacked behind grey doors in grey shops staffed by grey people.”

    That’s a fantastic visual. Quoteworthy. Definitely worth a short story — of course, it may indeed turn out to be prophetic.


      • The answer of course is “No”
        I was thinking of both “1984” and “Brave New World” while reading this post. This applies more to the UK than the US. But, Big Brother-ism is encroaching there too.

        BTW, my cat’s had an RFID tag for years. We can’t keep collars on him and we like to let him roam the suburbs of Coppet, CH. At five kilos of teeth and sharpened claws, he can take care of himself and when he can’t he knows to go for the high ground.


  7. The Captain: “By the way, what does Montag do on his day off duty?”
    Montag: ” Not much, sir, just mow the lawn. ”
    The Captain: “And what if the law forbids that?”
    Montag:”Just watch it grow, sir. ”

    Where Orwell is stark, Bradbury is subtle. Bradbury leaves room for hope.

    “Are you happy?” – Ray Bradbury 😉


  8. The world you describe is easy to visualise by anyone who has read beyond the corporate media. That world is all too real for those the state tramples on but which is all but ignored by the media. Is it any wonder that those who consider themselves to be ‘mainstream’, simply cannot see what is right in front of their noses?

    We, as a nation, seem to have forgotten what “liberty” means, and as a result, we’ve lost it.

    This week’s podcast from Peace Revolution is outstanding – it addresses all of these issues:


    • It’s the old ‘hide a book in a library’ trick. Everything is in plain sight so nobody suspects a thing.

      Then there’s the 24/7 imposed pace of life. Workers are expected to always be available, always have that phone on them and answer within seconds. There is no free time to think about anything so they rely on ‘experts’ who can now just make up any old crap and the drones accept it. Not because they’re stupid (not all) but because they don’t have the time to think.

      When they have a bit of free time, there are all the circuses on TV…


  9. “You know the worst part? An awful lot of people will just accept that grey world. They won’t do anything about it at all and they will report any who try.”

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of “grey” people around who have been waiting for the opportunity to drag everyone down to their level.


    • True, we are infested with them. The thing is, those pushing for this grey world are not the ones who’d be happy to live in it. They’re the ones who all think they’ll be in charge of it, and that it won’t apply to them.


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