The art of giving not a damn.

Digression alert. This post is going all over the place and as the title suggests, I don’t care. If you are expecting a coherent and logical post, you have obviously confused me with someone who gives a shit.

Irrelevant. It just makes me laugh.

I fell asleep before posting the last two nights. That’s what you get for being awake during the day. Also I am still reeling from that model kit sale. When I was flush with cash I bought model kits, with the thought that when work was slack, I’d have time to make them. What I had not considered was that when work was slack, I’d be skint and therefore too occupied with finding new work to build the kits. It wasn’t a total fail because the way prices have risen, I’ve accidentally made far better investments than any bank.

This particular kit was a 1/25 scale Alaskan Hauler, a tractor unit (artic cab unit, I don’t know what the US calls them, if anyone cares enough I’ll post the box photo) with three driven axles and incredible levels of detail. It’s the sort of kit that would have taken me months to finish and saved many drones from being wantonly terrified by my conversation. I decided I’d never have time, what with the big pile of similarly bought kits and all the drones to terrify, so put it on eBay with a start price below what I’d paid and a Buy It Now above what I’d paid.

Ten minutes later it was sold. I posted it next day, the buyer received it the day after. As eBay auctions go, this was one for the record books. Seems it now costs even more than my Buy It Now  but what the hell, I made a profit, the buyer got a bargain, everyone is happy. Especially me. I have a brand new whisky bottle to play with and a large amount of free space where that big box used to be.

Everyone in the real (non-Internet) world who has heard this tale tells me ‘You should have put a higher price’ but why would I? If I had put a higher price it might not have sold at all. As it is, I made about 25% profit for doing no more than keeping it on a shelf for five years and yet the buyer bought it below current shop price. Beat that, share traders. Yes, it could have made more, but I don’t care. It already made more than I expected.

The art of not giving a damn is closely and inversely linked with the arts of hate, control and greed. I hear of people who jump off high things while tied to elastic rope and I think ‘Idiots’, but have no interest in stopping them. I don’t hate them, they amuse me, but I still think they are idiots. The same goes for people who climb mountains, especially when someone else has already climbed it and provided photographic proof that there is nothing at the top worth climbing to reach. If they want to, fine, I’ll call them mad and forget them.

The greed part is easy to see on eBay. Those ‘Oh this is really rare, you have to have this’ auctions where you think ‘Well I have five of those and I can’t shift them’. The point of auctions is you take a chance. I’ve put up a few things at prices I won’t sell below but most of mine start at 99p. Some have gone for prices that have scared me. I don’t need as much money as most people and I don’t want to be one of the drone-hated rich . I just need to pay the bills. Although if I was ever rich, I’d fund certain research into certain things just to redress the balance. Proper research mind, not Government-funded policy nonsense where the conclusions are written before the work starts, if it even does.

Control and hate are amply demonstrated in the link sent to me by Email.

I don’t care how many people race dangerous cars or climb those mountains that eat people or jump off bridges with elastic. They might end up costing the NHS money, and the NHS certainly have them on their list of people they don’t want to treat, but I don’t care about them at all. Yet there are people obsessed with telling me I can’t smoke or drink or eat certain foods. What is wrong with these people? Are their lives so empty and worthless that they have to take over other peoples’, like some parasitic worm?

From the link:

Indonesian Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi reportedly said the government was embarrassed to hear of the findings. “We have failed in protecting our people,” she said. “We have been defeated by the tobacco industry… we don’t want this, we cannot accept this because our job is to protect people from cigarettes.”

The Health Monster’s job is to protect people from cigarettes? I though doctors were supposed to cure sick people. It is no longer so. The Health Monster will force you to be well and if you get sick for any reason then that is your own fault and all your previous payments count for nothing.

It’s the same everywhere now. The doctors are no longer here to help you. They are here to control you. Everyone must be medicated, everyone must conform, everyone must live as instructed until they get old and then the NHS will finish you off quietly in a grubby ward somewhere. National insurance is protection money, if you don’t pay they’ll come and get you but if you try to claim on this ‘insurance’ they’ll beat you up. If you get sick then you can’t have been conforming to NHS rules and therefore your insurance is invalid.

As Sue pointed out in comments, you must also conform to rules that have not come into effect yet.

THE first cigarettes in plain packaging have hit the major supermarkets – and they don’t comply with the government’s strict new rules.

This is in Australia, where the silly plain packaging game will begin in December. The government have written to the manufacturers of these cigarettes to point out that they do not comply with the new law that isn’t law for another three months. Yes, they are that spiteful and mean-spirited that they must enforce the new law even though it isn’t.

Peter Stuyvesant don’t give a damn. They are taking the piss out of the plain packaging law and the government can’t even see that! All they see is a naughty company not conforming to the New Australian Puritanism. Even though it’s not law yet.

“We note that if these products are sold, offered for sale or otherwise supplied after 1 December 2012 the packaging would not be compliant with the Act.

”The breach of the act could possibly expose the company to massive fines of up to $1.1 million.The department takes issues with the use of the word `cigarettes’ in small type on the side of the packet, it says the outer surfaces of the packet must have a “matt finish” and warns the pack may not be the correct colour – Pantone 448C.

The packs must all be exactly the same colour. Exactly. Not one degree of shading difference, even if it is imperceptible to the human eye and even though all the packs are hidden behind doors where nobody can see them anyway. Get that shade even slightly wrong and the Puritans will be round to see you. They are watching, all the time, because there is nothing else in their sad little lives. What does that say about the people who voted them into office?

Ms Plibersek says she will “be closely watching the new packages to ensure that they comply with the regulations because we know that Big Tobacco will use every trick in the book to try and get around the new requirements”.

Humourless, joyless, miserable, sad little people now rule us and we will soon all be dressed only in black, dancing and music will be banned and anyone not conforming will be punished. Oh and if you get ill, well, that must be the wrath of the Green God and it can only mean you have done or thought something impure. The NHS has decreed that nobody living the pure life will ever get sick, remember?

The only sensible response to this level of downright creepy behaviour is to not give a damn about any of it. Comply and you will gain a long life of self-denial and misery, in which all you do is wait for death and worry about the end of your life every day. Is that what you consider a good life? I don’t consider it living at all.

So I will continue to smoke and drink and eat what I want, when I want, and not give a damn about the pronouncements of the Puritans and their fake science. Let the drones live in fear, let them die demented in some care home, their possessions stolen and their bodies battered by ‘carers’. I might be found dead in a gutter one day but I’ll have a smile on my face.

I don’t have a funeral plan because I don’t care what happens to this body when I’m not in it any more. There’ll be no point harvesting it for parts because I intend to wear it out completely. There’s no point having a fancy gravestone, and anyway, it’s more likely I’ll be encased in forty tons of concrete, covered with third-hand-smoke warning signs and lowered onto a stack of similar blocks in a disused mine in a desert somewhere. Actually I’d quite like that. No name on the block, just ‘Danger – Smoker’.

People worry about being remembered after they die. Why? I don’t care if you forget me every time I leave the room. If I’m not there I can’t know whether I’m remembered or not, so why worry about it? There are graveyards here with stones bearing the names of people from the 1600s, but nobody knows who they were. Even the names are wearing off most of the stones and the name is all that is left. Yet they all stopped caring about being remembered the moment they died.

Some of those antismokers will be remembered for a long time, just as their patron, Adolf Hitler, is remembered, and very likely for much the same reasons. That seems to be what they want so let them have that. It’s their life, they can waste it if they like.

I don’t give a damn.




12 thoughts on “The art of giving not a damn.

  1. Surely that should be ‘Danger – Ex Smoker’? Unless of course you’ve found a way to continue after you’ve shuffled orf. I think we should be told.

    ‘… we will soon all be dressed only in black, dancing and music will be banned and anyone not conforming will be punished.’

    Sounds like Afghanistan to me.


  2. What a remarkable person you are and how refreshing to find someone who thinks the same as me, the song “ I am what I am” is my philosophy, however it has taken me many years to get there. I smoke but don’t drink but as far as I am concerned you can get plastered every night if you want just don’t ask me to pay for it.
    The only thing that gets my goat is the BBC a publicly funded body that takes my licence money to promote taxpayers funded groups to tell me what I can and cannot do (aged 64)! I wrote to them and complained to them as follows , you won’t be surprised to learn they never replied Kind regards Barbara De’Ath
    Complaint about BBC news
    I can’t believe you’ve done it again,
    You do it every day
    You tell me how to live my life
    in every single way
    Just who do you think you are?
    To tell me what to do
    What I do and how I live
    Has nothing to do with you!
    You never do your home work
    You never do your stats
    You never tell the other side
    You are just middleclass brats
    You haven’t even noticed
    That the people who you quote
    Are women of a certain age
    For whom we didn’t vote
    These women paid by our taxes
    Are nasty through and through
    And have you in their evil grasp
    You really haven’t a clue
    Your being totally hoodwinked
    by banging on their drum
    you spout their propaganda
    to each and everyone
    You’ve made yourself look stupid
    By repeating all their lies
    Your supposed to be unbiased
    Your supposed to have no ties
    You’re clearly are like puppets
    With an attitude so PC
    You’re just too young to understand
    That you’re not better than me
    You really need to grow up
    And do your work with pride
    recognize our brains are working well
    and don’t need you to chide


  3. IF I was a cigarette manufacturer, for the last month before the plain packs rule comes into effect, I would issue a special edition with the most garish colours imaginable. With LEDs even. Pictures of Disney characters and everything!


    • You and me both, Danielle. But they won’t. If it doesn’t affect their bottom line (and it won’t), then they aren’t bothered. Like most big industries, doing things purely on principle isn’t something which they even consider. Be nice if they did, though!


  4. No reason they can’t start selling really sexy metal cigarette cases so you can just empty your cigs into the devilishly stylish ‘Cary Grant’ style cases.

    I have a rather nice hip flask and if the manufacturer ever sells a complimentary cig case I’m buying (and er, non-smoker here who has been radicalised by this blog and others).


  5. This will make you laugh. The models appear to have aged several years, lost muscle tone, put on several kilos in weight, and somehow desaturated their skin colour. Fancy! … Also she’s quit pretty, and in the interests of education I’m allowed, nay encouraged, to hang my eyes on her….


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