Jimmy Saliva and the Useful Documentary.

I wondered why now, of all times, the filthy habits of Jimmy Saliva should be pressed into our eyes. Maybe he really was a rancid paedo. Maybe it’s all a case of ‘Elvis shagged my mum and that’s why nobody understands a word I say’. I don’t know and since the man is dead, nobody can ask him.

He cannot be questioned on this matter and even if he is guilty he cannot be punished. What are they going to do, dig him up and put him on trial?

So with all the current and active paedo rings being uncovered, why chase the dead one? What can be gained?

Fester Rantzen has the answer, buried in her article.

Some are even teachers, though by an appalling irony, this very week a new law is coming in that prevents journalists like me naming teachers who have been accused of abusing children.

This same reason was trotted out in the case of the teacher who ran away to France with a 15-year-old but in that case it wasn’t even close to true. He wasn’t accused of molesting a minor, he was (in strict interpretation of law) already guilty of abduction.

The reason for this law is that so many teachers are now the subject of malicious accusations that many people, like me, would never even consider a career in teaching. I would not even enter a school to give one lesson or one talk. I will never visit an English class to talk about writing for publication,. I will never visit a science class to talk about a lifetime working in the discipline. Sod them. One smartass twelve-year-old who thinks he’s having a laugh and my life would be over. I might not even have seen that kid during the hour or so I was there, I would certainly not have been out of the sight of the terrified-of-shadows staff, but who would be believed?

Fester would have me named and shamed for ‘molesting’ a kid I have never met and I would be considered guilty forever, even if it was proved beyond all doubt that I had never been within a hundred yards of my accuser. I might as well buy a shiny suit and join Gary’s gang. That is why the law is coming. It is not to protect paedos. It is to protect those wrongfully accused, who are outnumbering the real paedos very fast indeed.

The real paedos continue to get away with it due to political correctness and official inertia.

I don’t recall hearing about Fester’s comments on South Yorkshire. Do you?

But then, she’s only interested in the ones she can name.


39 thoughts on “Jimmy Saliva and the Useful Documentary.

  1. She seems to have convinced herself of his guilt withought the messy legal business of trial, doesn’t she?

    “Even though Sir Jim is now dead, and of course I deeply regret he is not here to answer these accusations, for the sake of other survivors and other children, they should be heard.
    It’s not without risk. The programme-makers will provoke rage among Jimmy’s fans. I understand how difficult it will be for those fans, especially if they work in the charities he supported.

    But the fact is that Sir Jim deceived all of us who enabled him to build his image as a national treasure, and do what he wanted to vulnerable children who were prevented from speaking out by the legend he had created.”

    And, though I’ve no intention of watching this wretched little show on Wednesday, I have caught a few of the adverts for it, as they trail it with all the gleeful anticipation once reserved for whetting our appetites for a first-showing of the latest ‘Bond’ movie. And it’s noticeable that Rantzen never faces the camera – in every speaking shot, she’s looking down and to the side, eyes downcast.

    Not that I’m any student of body language, but I thought it odd.


    • Well, Johnny King was obviously loony from the start. remember his song ‘The Shag’?. Didn’t Adam Ant get done for something similar too? Pete Townsend did. There are rumours that the drug bust on the Stones was set up to provide an excuse to deny them entry to America, so they couldn’t corrupt the youth. Odd, since America was busy conscripting their youth at the time and getting them killed and maimed in Vietnam…

      Strange how many non-conforming types get shot down when they get anywhere near famous. If my books ever sell, I wonder what they’ll accuse me of? Smoking and drinking, probably, since they’ll be illegal by then.


  2. You’re right; the Damoclean sword of false allegation hangs over every teacher’s head, not least because many schools have adopted the policy of immediate suspension pending investigation – as a public demonstration of a pupil’s power, that takes some beating, particularly as no framework exists to punish the pupil should his accusation be shown to be malicious.

    This anomaly seems to be largely due to the efforts of Ms Rantzen to persuade everyone that children do not make false allegations. If you’ll permit, this is from a post of mine:

    ‘This was followed by Childline – founded with the best of intentions to give abused children somewhere to turn in desperate circumstances. Unfortunately one of the founding principles, duly expressed on several occasions by Ms Rantzen in media interviews, was that ‘children do not lie about abuse’.

    This was a gross over-simplification of the widely accepted finding that ‘young children simply do not have the necessary experience or understanding to invent detailed stories of [sexual] abuse’ (quoted by Mary MacLeod and Esther Saraga), an over-simplification which had far-reaching and disastrous consequences in childcare and education as those in authority went on to apply it to all children and all forms of perceived abuse.’

    Thus every teacher is at the mercy of any cynical child with a grudge or the desire to bully and publicly humiliate – or in at least one case I know of, seek financial compensation for the fictional assault. In some schools, this has even led to a culture of appeasement, where staff try to ensure they keep on the right side of certain pupils and their parents to avoid anything of the sort.

    It’s no coincidence that the bulk of false accusations are made against the teachers perceived as strict disciplinarians or insisting on high standards of work and behaviour – and these teachers are, in many cases, subsequently lost to the profession even without the shame of being named in the papers – who pays any attention to an exoneration published as a footnote months later? – that has driven more than a few to attempt or commit suicide

    Esther Rantzen, like so many well-meaning individuals, has no idea of the damage she has done.



  3. Last year I went on an OAP coach trip to a NT property. While the ladies were in the shop, I was chatting to the coach driver, when another coach came in full of schoolchildren.
    He remarked that he would never drive such a coach, and it turned out that he had been a secondary school language teacher. One of the girls in his class had threatened to complain that he had “touched her up” if he didn’t give her higher marks for her course work and her friend would support her. He spoke to the Head, and the Head suggested he was merely covering up in advance. So he gave her the mark she wanted and handed in his notice. He was now mainly driving holiday coaches to the continent where his languages came in useful. He said that he was not prepared to put his family through the trouble which would be involved had he stood his ground and the girl had complained.


    • That’s macabre-ly interesting. Remind me never, in my retirement, to apply for teaching jobs in any school whatsoever. However, we have to ask ourselves how it is that we have come to this pass: how is it that children, even some or only even a very very few, feel that they are empowered to do that?

      I continue to maintain that the GramscoFabiaNazis have deliberately engineered this situation, as a tactical real-time-weapon of culture=destruction. They have it in for Classical-Liberal Minimal-Statist Anglosphere culture and civilisation, and they mean to (a) remove what was ordinary common knowledge, skill and critical curiousity from our populations, plus (b) turning “the masses” into Orcs that will actively seek out and destroy anyone of even slight worth, who might resist.

      Sit delenda Carthago!


    • These days he’d need a CRB check to drive oldies around in case he’s a gerrymanderer (one who manders with geriatrics).

      Good thing he resigned the school job. If he had let the charges be laid, whether found guilty or not, that would be that.


  4. You know, this will all end with children being taught entirely by telepresence teachers who never come within several miles of the actual classroom; what will then happen is that the telepresence teachers slowly get replaced by computer simulations or similar.


    • All-female teachers. We’re well on the way despite more and more turning out to be the pets of paedos, if not paedos themselves.

      That’s another pseudological impossibility from the PC dronebook. Children never lie, and women are never paedos.


  5. I’m not paranoid but….I wonder if the Beeb is following up this story in order to deflect attention from the Islamic nonce cases that are coming to light and which have not been covered in any depth by the BBC


  6. I do get the feeling that savile is being raked over the coals to keep everyone looking in the opposite direction & not paying attention to other culprits that are higher up the ladder
    which is why rantzen is looking sheepish as she knows who the real criminals are
    there’s an american investigative journalist, leah mcgrath goodman, who must definitely be onto something as she’s just been banned from entering britain


  7. I doubt if anyone will really know the truth but JuliaM was probably on the money.
    Anyway, it’s probably safer to drive a stake through the heart of a man who resisted categorization all through life. Carry on, Rantson.


    • Saliva was strange and weird and possibly more than a little bit mad, but he’s a strawman. Even if guilty, what can anyone do, sentence him to death?

      Fester Rancid is using this to claim that not naming teachers will let the paedos loose but… Saliva was never a teacher. Should the law protect coal miners, disc jockeys and anyone in a shellsuit then?


  8. I’m not at all sure of the value of publicising these allegations against JS but I suppose that it would be difficult to keep them secret, perhaps the point that Ranzen was trying to make when I saw her interviewed on the news when she said that the value for the victims was that at last they would be heard. If, for that to happen, JS’s reputation was sullied, then so be it.

    Abuse leaves the most terrible legacy with which victims have to live. Abusers aren’t monsters but just ordinary people. Sometimes they are regarded by those who know them as treasures and might be much loved by the victims themselves. That JS was considered a national treasure will have inhibited his victims from speaking out even more. The allegations are just that, but there does seem to be evidence that he did abuse young girls – he was warned by one of his colleagues and apparently responded that no-one could touch him, he was too valuable. Whether the police interview under caution was a result of the colleague’s subsequent behaviour, I don’t know.

    Real victims of abuse do not make allegations lightly – it’s too painful. It’s just so sad that the intentions of well-meaning individuals and bodies have probably made it even harder by causing exasperation in the majority who will never experience abuse, directly or indirectly but who loathe the ease with which it seems that toerags can ruin the lives of innocent people with false allegations.


    • There is far too much real abuse but, like so many other things, the real causes/perpetrators are ignored in preference to high profile and easy targets.

      Hammering a dead man, even if he really did what is claimed, helps nobody. Encouraging false allegations just makes it easier for the real nasties to hide.


  9. Esther Rantzen: “… a new law is coming in that prevents journalists like me naming teachers”

    But there’s no law preventing you from naming your show biz mates though! Question is, why didn’t you Esther?


    • Exactly. The Salivator (ooo, I like that) was never a teacher so the new law is irrelevant to this case.

      Besides, there is still nothing to stop her, or anyone, reporting suspects to the police or naming them in public after they are convicted. All it prevents is her naming the accused as if they were already guilty.

      As she has just done with The Salivator (there has to be a monster story in that name).


  10. I’m torn on this one because I love a good conspiracy theory but I also liked Jimmy Saville. The guy was an eccentric who didn’t give a fuck and managed to bullshit his way into all kinds of upper circles. People from those higer circles seem to say he was nothing but a ballsy interloper who turned gatecrashing into an art form. Others, from different walks of life say he was a malevolent fixer who catered to the sinister tastes of the elite.

    What I do know is that rumour without proof should count for next to fuck all. Not a single person claiming Jimmy was a necropedophile would like the same accusation leveled at them and believed by all even in the absense of any evidence. Esther ranzen is essentially calling for a society where simply being called a pedo should be enough for her to name and shame you for a living. People like her are as much a moral threat to the country as any nonce, in my opinion.

    And another thing, i agree with everything Jimmy said to the Isreali parliament. So far Jimmy is the only celeb I have ever heard of talk sense about Isreal. They should never have given back the land they won and they know it. They also know that that decision alone may in future be the death of them all.


    • I’ve no great interest in the man at all, always found his enthusiasm irritating and have referred to him as ‘Jimmy Saliva’ or even ‘Jimmy Dribble’ since at least the late seventies.

      However, these are allegations and are unproven. If they are true then he was despicable but there is something that doesn’t sit right with me. Even if they are true, he’s dead now. There seems little point in bringing a dead man to trial, dragging the news through all the papers in a frenzy of outrage unless it’s a useful distraction. So if there is truth in these tales, who is he taking the fall for?

      He couldn’t have got away with so many, for so long, not matter who he was, and he was certainly not expendable. He could have taken a ‘walk in the woods’ at any time.

      There’s a lot more to this than just Mr. Dribble, I think.


      • XX There seems little point in bringing a dead man to trial, dragging the news through all the papers in a frenzy of outrage XX

        Less likely to sue. And sells just as much copy to the imbecilic as taking on a live’un?


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