No safe level of…


Fizzy drinks

Rock music

And finally, no safe level of Righteous Indignation. Do none of these professionally-offended idiots ever get done for wasting police time any more?

In other news, you can soon be certain that your children won’t get hooked on methamphetamine because there will be a (probably compulsory) vaccine. The commenters have noticed something that has evidently escaped the Righteous. The druggies are addicted to the stuff. When they are vaccinated, and their normal dose no longer works, they will increase the dose from ‘get high’ to ‘get dead’.

I suppose that doesn’t matter to the eugenecists because either way there’ll be no more druggies and that is all they care about. None of them seem interested in certain side effects of their antismoking drugs, so it would be difficult to imagine them giving a damn about drug users. Hell, they don’t care about those who do follow their various hate-fests and bizarre lifestyle controls, so the rest of us don’t even register.

There’s a whole slew of dystopic short stories in there, but I am knucking fackered again this evening. I have, however, learned two important lessons from these last three days.

One, when you work double shift, don’t do the first shift at your normal rate. Hold back a little.

Two, when on the second shift with a slim and highly active young lady who is half your age and who has been doing the job for years, don’t try to keep up.

The good part is that, when the double-shift ends in the middle of next week, my normal shift is going to feel like a holiday.

Then maybe I can get back to some writing. That was the whole point of getting a job that covers the bills and stops when I clock off, after all.

Oh, and the release date for Samuel’s Girl was put back to the 7th November. I suspected it might be, the publisher has a lot of books coming out at once and the workload on that must have been tremendous. It’s actually good news for me because I really can’t deal with it this week!

Right, I am back at work at 9 am tomorrow (I suggested taking in a camp bed but that’s not allowed) so best grab a few hours sleep.


13 thoughts on “No safe level of…

  1. Heehee…. thanks Leg! Just added the following to that Mail article on meth. Think they’ll like it? };>


    So Rich notes that nicotine is supposed to be more addictive than heroin (or meth I imagine, if they haven’t already said so.) In that case, I have a MUCH cheaper cure for those 25 million people!

    Put the meth in plain packages with ugly pictures on top of the plainness. That should work, right? Hey it’s guaranteed to be more effective with meth than for the less addictive nicotine, and it’s a heckuva lot cheaper than these vaccine thingamabobbles.

    And if the meth-heads prove resistant to being bored to death with the packaging or frightened witless by the pics, we can call out the shock troops! Ban mething from Pubs! That’ll do it! If not, then raise the cost of a meth habit by a full POUND for a day’s dosage! GUARANTEED instant reduction in methers! And take it out of the movies! Add something that’ll make it taste bad!

    WowzerDowzerBowzer! Relatively non-addictive meth will be nothing but HISTORY after being hit with all that!

    You’ll thank me later.

    – MJM


    • Heh. Plain packaging for those drugs would be jazzing-up the packs they come in now. And there’d need to be ‘meth shelters’ outside pubs too, as well as compulsory ‘no mething around here’ thigns -sorry, signs- inside. You just know some idiot drone is going to think it’s all a great idea though… unfortunately that drone is probably already in the government.


  2. It’s interesting that you mention addicts and eugenics. Hitler-doting hater of people, Marie Stopes, called for the “compulsory sterilisation of the diseased, drunkards, or simply those of bad character.”

    The European Convention on Human Rights (Article 4) states that, “Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person”… but not “persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts, or vagrants”.

    Of course, it is these atheistic, Nazi eugenicists like Stopes and Fabian socialist eugenicists in the Council of Europe, EU, UN, etc., that have been directing the course of Western society for the past several decades.

    But as the agenda is population control/depopulation, the more dead druggies and alkies the better as far as the elites are concerned. I guess that the only thinking behind the recent banning of hundreds of natural supplements was to have us gripped ever more firmly around the throat by the loving hands of Big Pharma.

    It’s just a mystery why, if tobacco really kills so many people, the eugenicist control freaks are so fearful of us using it. It surely cannot be reverse psychology as they are too totalitarian. Not just that, but they put a picture of some bloke’s sperm on cigarette packets to remind us that their numbers can allegedly be reduced by smoking.

    Strange that every sperm is sacred, yet when sperm meets egg and starts a new life, the government decides it’s now all right to destroy it.

    But then, eugenicists are, by their very nature, psychopathic murderous weirdos. I suppose their idea of a beautiful dream would be one where every sperm ever produced (their numbers having increased by a total ban on smoking everywhere, even though the sperm count is now far lower than in the days when everyone used to smoke) each enters an egg and all the resulting babies are allowed to grow and be nurtured in the womb for months then suddenly each one is subjected to a partial-birth abortion in the third trimester and the Hellish chorus of the combined screams of the dying babies and their equally blood-drenched mothers finally wakes them up.

    It’s just a tragedy that the eugenicist elite’s propaganda arms, the BBC, Hollywood, mainstream press, major record labels, etc., have convinced so many people that eugenics and political correctness are the way to achieve a civilised culture and that if you believe in the tried and tested ways of organising society and of universally-accepted social values then you are a “bigot” or even a “Nazi”.

    I am railing against these Nazi tactics, yet am accused by supporters of this agenda of being a Nazi myself. This shows how twisted the modern “thinking” process has become under intense propaganda.

    But, as the scripture says, Satan is the author of confusion.


    • ” “The European Convention on Human Rights (Article 4) states that, “Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person”… but not “persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts, or vagrants”. ”

      Very interesting excerpt on two counts:

      1) They obviously would never have gotten away with inserting “tobacco smokers” in there, BUT… by putting “drug addicts” in, they opened the door to future twisted interpretations that would allow them to remove human rights from tobacco smokers.


      2) I’m quite surprised to see the inclusion of “vagrants.” Again, they would never have gotten away, in a post-Hitler world, with saying “gypsies,” and yet this is clearly an open door to treating gypsies as less than human.

      When was the Convention written/ratified? And how did this stuff ever slip through the cracks at the time????



      • Marie Stopes would have hated the Daleks. She would have loved and respected their murderous ways, but she would have hated them because they only have one eye. Seriously! She was so mad about breeding the perfect race of humans (physically ‘perfect’) that she cut her son out of her will because he married a short-sighted woman (the daughter of Barnes Wallis of the Bouncing Bomb).

        These are the fruitcakes who have fashioned our society. The Daleks would be an improvement: slightly more humanity about them.


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