Whoops, someone slipped up.

Fostering isn’t for me and never will be. It’s impossible anyway – I’m a smoker and they banned us first. Lots of people thought that was a good thing and declared that just because smokers were considered unfit to be around children, nobody else needed to worry.

Even when the ban extended to anyone with a miniature of gin in the house and anyone whose waistline exceeded approved limits, no, no, it won’t go further.

In all those cases, the policy was in place and had been for a long time before it came to light. So when ‘membership of a political party’ is reportedly used to stop foster parents taking care of children, you just know it’s not the first time. This is the first time someone actually told the foster parents and the first time the press have listened to those parents. I suspect that wasn’t supposed to happen.

By the way, we’re not talking about the BNP or one of those vicious organisations like UAF here. The children were removed because the parents joined UKIP.

Joyce Thacker, the council’s strategic director of children and young people’s services, said the decision to remove the children was taken after consultation with lawyers.

Then she spouts a load of cliche-ridden gobbledegook intended to make her sound intelligent but actually making her sound like the pointy-haired boss from Dilbert.

Incidentally, Guido has found that she is one of the Common Purpose drones and gleefully links to an interview in which she manages to dig her hole even deeper, still believing she is in the right and incapable of seeing where her words and actions are leading. Common Purpose does not produce leaders. It produces self-important brainwashed morons. They do not ‘think outside the box’. They do not think for themselves at all. They are capable only of following the preset agenda.

So now we are at the stage where your political beliefs can bar you from looking after other people’s children – and soon they will begin removing children from parents considered unsuitable. They’ll start with smokers again and the cretins will cheer again, and once more they will believe that this creeping monster will never arrive at their own door.

Even though it has already passed their door and is settled in the living room with a beer, watching X factor.

More on this at Oldrightie, Quiet man and Cullingworth.

12 thoughts on “Whoops, someone slipped up.

  1. The sad part is when it finally does arrive at the door of those who sat back and said nothing, closed their hearts and minds to the suffering inflicted on others or who otherwise thought “won’t happen here, won’t affect me”, then they will have not one person stand up for them and they will probably suffer the worst for having never prepared themselves mentally, emotionally, morally or economically at ways to overcome the oppression, when it finally hits them.

    Yep, everyone wanted a smoking ban, “good” thing they said. Now they will all get what is coming to them, because in the end – everyone loses.


  2. I really thought that Common Purpose was founded with the objective of implementing the Tobacco Control Treaty, but it goes much, much deeper than that, doesn’t it? It seems to be that it is creating a fifth column right under our noses. These people are working for the UN!! The One World Aristocratic Government!! And to make things worse, I understand that both Cameron and Clegg are alumni of CP. Is it any wonder that the country is in deep shit? I am beginning to think that CP is a terrorist organisation, frankly. ‘Terrorism lite’, in much the same that smoking bans are ‘persecution lite’.

    But that woman, Thacker, certainly takes some beating for idiocy. “They knew it was a short term placement”, she said. All the more reason not to bother about how they vote. “We’ve been told off about not taking care of children’s cultural needs”, she said. So why put them with this couple in the first place? And it is short term anyway, isn’t it? I wonder how many East European, ethnic foster parents there are around Rotherham?

    It’s time that Common Purpose was declared to be an illegal organisation.


  3. Why are they so threatened by UKIP, it’s not as if they are likely to get into power? I don’t mean that they are incompetent or have crap policies, far from it, but they are far too small a party to be able to get past the LibLabCon mindset gripping the nation to ever get into power.

    I think I might join to get up a nose or two…

    Clegg AND Cameron are CP?????? Struth! Mind you, I’ve thought for a long time that Cameron was a Bilderberger socialist or a cultural Marxist or some sort of leftie twaddle….


    • Ah, no, they aren’t worried about UKIP landsliding the next election. That would take a miracle.

      All of them, but especially the Tories, are terrified that UKIP will do well enough to split their vote in marginal seats. Which they might well do, especially with these made-up Leftie lies being pushed. The Lib Dems are already sliding down to join the Greens and other one-MP-and-we-think-we-run-the-world parties. UKIP has pretty much replaced them already.

      The blue and red halves of the same government are not worried about being replaced, they are worried about having their cosy and predictable elections royally screwed up.


  4. I’ve crossed paths with a couple of CP drones in the past. I never understood how it was possible for them to get paid over 60k a year to do fuck all yet still be as bitter and miserable as the lowest demons of hell. That photo of Thacker must be one of her better ones because thats as close to a smile as these hatchet faced fuckers are capable of. Tonight, as I smoke my last doobie with a glass of Drambuie I shall spare a thought for the poor bastards that they may never know the simple pleasures that make us little people so content.


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