He came from beyond the gravy.

The vast man with no neck, Cyril Smith, is now getting the Savile treatment in the press. Lots of allegations, no trial, and he is condemned as another dead paedo. I wonder how big his gravestone is, and whether it will now be removed so that archaeologists of the future can marvel at the mystery of the human-shaped planet they’ve just dug up.

I think, looking back, they might have confused ‘paedophile’ with ‘pieophile’. He only had the one chin but it reached his navel. He reaches out, not so much from beyond the grave as from behind the gravy. There’s a great photo, faithfully reproduced in every article, of him sat next to – and nearly on – Jeremy Thorpe (if I’ve remembered that name correctly. Smokers have no memory, you know). After he died, plane company fuel bills plummeted, the cows had a party and sixteen Rochdale bakers went bust. Gravitational anomalies vanished when he stopped travelling. Maybe he did like children – he was perfectly capable of eating a whole one. At his funeral, only one pall bearer was required. A crane driver.

Okay, maybe he was a pervert, but he’s dead so he won’t do it again. Exactly how are we supposed to punish the dead? Trial by Ouija board? Remove honours he no longer needs? Dig him up, say ‘You’re very naughty’, give him a slap and bury him again? There is nothing anyone can do, he’s already dead.

Although the English have done this before. Two years after Cromwell’s death, he was tried and found guilty of treason. He was already dead but they dug him up and hung him anyway. Then they put his head on a spike. How’s about that then? That won’t happen now because Saliva and Smith would then be accused of leering at passing children. Saliva is already believed to be leering at a school even though he’s dead and underground and, as I recall, encased in concrete.

So what’s behind this? Why are we concentrating on dead possible criminals now? Why is so much news given to people who cannot be punished for crimes they might have committed?

What current horrors are hidden behind the dead?

Somewhere, something terrible is being covered up.

21 thoughts on “He came from beyond the gravy.

  1. The so called kids he’s alledged to have molested were about 17. Don’t know about the rest of you, but when I was 17, if I’d set off at a leisurely stroll, I’d have been half way to Birmingham from Rochdale by the time that fat fuck had even got out the chair.


    • 17-year-old kids with a rough upbringing… even back then, they were more than a match for an adult, especially a slow-moving one. And there were dormitories of them. And the accused are conveniently dead. This is looking more and more like some kind of smokescreen.


  2. What current horrors are hidden behind the dead?

    Or maybe “what current horrors are hidden behind the story?” Well, you know what they say: whenever a big, salacious, scandalous story hits the headlines, look inside the paper for the story they want you to overlook. If I could be bothered to read the trash which are newspapers these days I might have a look and make some suggestions as to what’s happening that they don’t want us to take any notice of, but quite frankly I can’t be arsed, because it’s late and I should really be in bed by now. I’ll leave that task to any of your readers who still buy newspapers in case they run out of Andrex, and who might feel inclined to thumb through it before using it for its most-suitable purpose (as opposed to thumbing through it afterwards – yuk!)


  3. Fact is things were indeed different then; in my 1970’s all boy comprehensive there was a particular Master, (one of the last to still wear a gown) we actually called The Bender, the point being that even in the first and second forms we knew about ‘men like him’.
    He was head of pastoral care 2nd Form (12-13yo?) and each year had his favorites who tended to be blond. I don’t suppose he went as far as “spanking or medically examining” them but his actions would certainly get him sacked or gaoled today.
    Did we care? No we didn’t, it was regrded as just part of school life, best avoided but not something to be telling stories about at home.
    While not liked (a firm disciplinarian with a powerful personality along the lines of Enoch Powel) he was very highly regarded for the huge efforts he made in extra-curricula activities.
    These allowed him to wander around the showers for no particular reason and on away trips he liked to check that his favorites did not have their underwear on in bed, a practise that he condemned as “unhealthy”.
    Some boys were good at sport, some got the cane, come were crap at Maths, some were bullied by others, some got touched up by The Bender…

    We knew about it, it did not bother us unduly.


  4. It all stinks doesn’t it LI, but coverups have been going on for centuries amongst the elite, so it’s nothing new. Maybe the fat man story is because someone somewhere was getting uncomfortably close to a situation which is thought best hidden Just a thought …


    • The sequel is already written 😉 It’s a sequel to both Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl. Yes, Romulus gets to meet Bifrons. It just needs to be as perfect as I can make it before it goes off to the same publisher – I hope they like it because having the series in one place would be helpful.


  5. Anyone recall 1978? Jeremy Thorpe and his male model friend. “Vote Liberal, or we’ll shoot your dog” went one graffito of the time. There’s always been something rotten in the state of British politics. Attracts a very strange sort.

    Don’t think what’s being buried is associated with Savile. Think still very much alive. Not a paedo scandal either. More financial. Vince Cables office may be involved. See link.


      • THE alleged embezzlement of funds by an employee at a Gordon Brown-backed think tank set up to promote good banking behaviour is being investigated by City of London police.
        It is understood the International Centre for Financial Regulation (ICFR), funded by the tax payer, has suspended a member of its management after discovering money had disappeared.
        The ICFR was reported at the weekend to have told backers it would shut unless it could get the cash back. The organisation received £450,000 funding from Vince Cable’s business department last year and £333,333 from the City of London Corporation.

        More stink from Labour + The Banks …. – I hope Cyclopean mad fella is dragged in to answer questions – not much chance of that though……


    • I have wondered about that. All this paedo stuff has us looking for hidden paedo stuff, but maybe it’s hiding something entirely different. Something we’re not looking for.


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