Fiscal Cliff put in perspective.

Over at Angry Ranting Man’s place.


One thought on “Fiscal Cliff put in perspective.

  1. I know you consider the Daily Mail to be not worth the paper it’s printed on, but Richard Littlejohn covered this on Thursday, and converted it into a UK perspective:

    UK tax revenues £550,600,000,000
    Spending £694,890,000,000
    New borrowing £117,500,000,000
    Outstanding debt £1,312,100,000,000
    Spending cuts £11,000,000,000

    Now take off seven zeros and pretend it’s a household budget.

    Annual family income £55,060
    Annual family spending £69,489
    New debt on credit card £11,750
    Outstanding credit card balance £131,210
    Family spending cuts £1,100


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