Total lunacy.

Just a quick one – I’m still on double shifts for another week.

It seems they can’t strip Jimmy ‘The Corpse’ Savile of his knighthood and OBE, because both of those expired when he died. He didn’t take them with him. He is not Sir Rotten of Graves, he’s just a corpse.

The solution? Give him another knighthood and then take it off him.


What part of ‘He is dead’ don’t they understand? They could make him King and then depose him and it would make no difference to him or anyone else. It is a total waste of time.

Besides, what will they give him a knighthood for now? Services to the cigar industry? For saying ‘now then now then’ more times than anyone else? He has been convicted without trial of hundreds of cases of child abuse including some he couldn’t have done. How will they justify giving him a knighthood?

If they do, there’ll be a few knighthoods in the Rochdale area next time around. There are some there trying to break the Savile record.

Funny, we don’t seem to be hearing anything about those any more.

Maybe the Press are waiting until they die.


16 thoughts on “Total lunacy.

  1. Hello LI, I read this too and was incredulous. It’s like digging up Oliver Cromwell, putting his corpse on trial, then hanging it followed by decapitation and sticking his head on a spike. All too much too late since he was long dead. Frankly anyone proposing an equivalent for Savile is not only daft but madder than a room full of early victorian hatters each with a March hare under his arm.


    • If knighthoods expire at death, then they can’t take back what has expired. If they give him one after he’s dead, it expires at the moment they bestow it so they can’t take that one back either. So he’ll be double-Sir dead Jim. ‘Shambles’ is far too small a word.


  2. I reckon the whole story is intended to distract attention. By putting these silly ideas about, the honours people are saying, “See! It isn’t our fault! We can give you a nice solution (a posthumous award) and then you can refuse to permit it. Problems solved. Don’t blame us!”


  3. I don’t care what anyone says, I always liked Jimmy Savile and even in death the man is entertaining the nation. If they cared at all about his legacy then the BBC should dig him up, flay his corpse and have him pulled apart by horses as part of a prime time miniseries. You know its what he would have wanted.


    • I always found him a bit irritating, but I agree he’d revel in the attention he’s getting now. He’d also be delighted to be back on TV, even if it was just for target practice.


  4. Do you think the BBC, NHS, criminal injuries and various children’s homes will pay out our money with absolutely no proof? it will be a disgrace if they do. If you read the whole of the Annaracoon series it is an eye opener. I don’t doubt Savile was what we used to call a dirty old man but some of the stories are pure fantasy, I never liked him but it is beyond a joke now. Only Charles Moore has written about quoting allegations as fact where are the rest of the media in this?


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