One last double.

Tomorrow should be the last double shift for a while. Should be.

One week of double shifts is easy, two is okay, but by the end of the third week I’m not sure if I’m awake or dreaming.

So it’s sleep time. Just one more to go, then a single afternoon shift on Saturday so I’ll be buying a bottle of something very nice on the way home tomorrow night.

Blogging will gradually return to normal now,  I hope.

In the meantime, here’s the man who built bridges and tunnels and ships and the entire Great Western Railway, using (naturally) much wider track than anyone else for his first go. Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Like many other high-achieving brilliant people, he has something stuck in his face.

Isambard K. Brunel

Oh, and the secret of his success in on YouTube. I can’t find the whole film just yet, this is just a snippet.

Now… sleep.


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