Zippy Huhne.

With reference to the video I was watching in that last post, there is one sure and certain way of reducing the prevalence of criminality in this country. We could just stop voting for them.

Huhne has played fast and loose with his political career, mostly fast, and now so loose that it’s come apart. I can pretend no sympathy. I can barely keep a straight face. If I’m honest, I haven’t really tried.

There are more in-depth comments available on this subject at Al-Jahom and at Counting Cats so no need for further elaboration (just as well since I’m typing over the limit).

The Huhne’s offence, though, is pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things. He is mostly guilty of being a twat, but we knew that already.

There are those still in government guilty of far, far worse. Those who welcome this sacrificial goat-faced git as a distraction from their own criminality.

Through Captain Ranty, I learned of a new thing tonight.  I learned of the Writ of Mandamus. Which sounds like something out of one of my more whisky-inspired tales but it isn’t. It’s real.

Reading that, I still have no sympathy at all for Huhne but he’s small fry compared to what our government is doing.

You want to seriously cut the criminal element from society? Stop voting for them.



2 thoughts on “Zippy Huhne.

  1. Huhne is scum. I hope he goes to prison for at least a few years.

    But most politicians are scum. Why would anyone have the ambition to achieve power and interfere in others’ lives, unless they are scum.

    Unfortunately witholding the vote will not cure them. If all who thoroughly despise politicians refuse to vote for them they’ll still get some votes and still abuse their power.

    The way to deal with them is robust prosecution of any offences and severe punishment.
    Forget redemption; they can have that *after* the punishment.


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