How about a swap, Greenpeace?

Every so often I get a nice email from those weirdoes at Greenpeace asking me to sign a petition because that will stop the ice caps melting. Well that’s what they say.

It occurred to me today that they could get millions of signatures in an instant.

All they have to do is get every one of their members to sign up to someone else’s campaign and the people affected by that campaign will be so delighted they are certain to reciprocate.

Greenpeace, you don’t like me and I don’t like you, let’s not pretend to be friends at all. However, we can still temporarily work together for our mutual benefit.

Go on, Greenies. Click the picture. Tell the world your organisation supports this simple, harmless measure. Think of all the signatures you’d get in return. Millions of them.



Begotten of the mind of the imaginative and skilled Jay.



5 thoughts on “How about a swap, Greenpeace?

  1. Plain packaging means plain packaging then. No silly warnings. No even sillier and potentially inaccurate horrible pictures.

    If WWF suddenly decided to support smokers nothing would happen. Look at all the other things they support? What happens? Anything? A photo opportunity or two? More money in their coffers?

    You need the BBC, the government and the EU. They are the only ones who can change things.

    No chance of that for now. Patience is a virtue however. Apparently.


    • Now I have the tubing machine, none of my cigarettes (never mind the tin and old cig case I keep them in) display any tobacco company logos at all. Nor do they have any warnings other than ‘these are mine, get your own’.

      Like the transition from pubs to smoky-drinkies, I’m not sure I even want to go back. Let them play until it’s time for them to face reality. It will be a horrible shock to them and the further they go, the more horrible it will be and the harder I will laugh.


  2. Can’t be done. It’s divide and rule. People wanting to get together to fight the common enemy: government/EU/UN/Rothschilds, must be dissuaded from doing so (e.g. by finding new ways to keep people from meeting in pubs). Greenpeace won’t want to be seen being associated with smelly, weak-willed smoking lepers and smokers won’t want to be associated with light bulb-fixated, people-hating morons, and who could blame the smokers?

    It’s like multiculturalism isn’t just about “race” or “ethnicity” or nationality anymore, but covers every ideology now. I remember listening to a prog on R4 a few years ago (before I stopped listening to the propaganda wing of the EU) about a club for the blind, gay, Jewish people of North London. So you have division based on geography, religion/ethnicity, sexuality and disability. The cultural Marxist who got it together deserves an OBE for services to ideological subversion.

    I did a rough estimate of just how many people would qualify for the North London blind, gay, Jewish community and I couldn’t see it being more than two dozen, if you include the partially-sighted and people who are “a bit gay”.

    Most people just think they are right and everyone else is wrong – about everything. But whereas, before, we used to live and let live and more-or-less accept other people’s right to their beliefs and opinions, the social engineering and fake “tolerance” mind control of the past decade or two has made people close ranks into smaller cabals that have made them more intolerant at best and illogically hateful in some cases.

    That’s what I think anyway, writing as a member of the male, heterosexual, Scottish-but-British, Christian, white (pinkish, really, with a pale brown hue due to melanin everyone has bar albinos), glasses-wearing, dog-owning community of my house.


    • They’ll never do it. It would be like kissing lepers in their minds. It’s fun to torment them a little though, especially since, As Pat points out, it would genuinely (for once) be for the cheeeldren.

      Do they ignore the offer and let the cheeldren die? Or do they just carry on killing pensioners, their primary hobby? Either way, their souls (the unsold ones) are damned.


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