There is a link somewhere in here.

You know how sometimes you read one thing then read something apparently totally different and your brain says ‘Wait, there’s some kind of connection here’ and then you have another drink and Brain says ‘Oh the hell with it, we’ll talk about it tomorrow’?

I was rummaging on Farcebook and came across a link to a video about advertising. It’s all about how women are denigrated in advertising, how adverts for innocent things tend to push the idea of rape and suppression of women into the popular mindset. Not a ‘wimmin’ thing, a sensible thing because they’re right. Then they show how absurd the same ads would be if the genders were reversed. A little dig at the advertisers. The wrong target.

Then there was a story on the Telegraph about OFSTED insisting that pornography is taught as part of sex education in schools. This is the same pornography that cheeldren aren’t supposed to know about until they are old enough to correctly spell ‘Redtube’. About 30, in modern education. It is to be banned from the Internet and taught in schools.

Some commenters blame teachers. The wrong target.

Ads promoting sexual violence and schools teaching children that they should be shagging both sexes and they don’t have to tell their parents about what they are doing. Even if they are doing it with someone thirty or forty years older than themselves.

All this Savilation over alleged crimes committed by celebs forty or fifty years ago is a nonsense and a distraction. I can believe that some victims of child abuse have kept quiet for decades but we are talking in the thousands now. It is way beyond credibility. Even Ken ‘Interesting’ Barlow is caught up in this. It’s so big, it has to be hiding something.

Teachers are taught in teacher training college. One of those trainers used to be on the Yahoo boards under the name ‘Raymagnol’ and he was as Fabian as could be. So it’s wrong to blame teachers who think they are teaching the proper way. That is how they were told to do it and if they didn’t do it that way, they failed the course. Only those who complied came through. Don’t blame the teachers – they are indoctrinated too. Their regulator thinks they aren’t sexing up children enough so there is some moral sense in those teachers still.

As for advertisers, they have been indoctrinated with the ‘sex sells’ mantra. So one woman pinned down by four Chippendales looks like a good idea to them. If their regulator was normal they would point out that it looks like a gang bang and is not really a good idea. Unfortunately their regulator wants exactly that sort of image in the public mind so they don’t just approve it, they encourage it.

Women have boob jobs because they are insecure because they cannot all be Katie Price. Men are depressed and anxious because they cannot all be Braveheart. Children are taught porn at school and then the porn sellers are berated because children look up the porn that they now know exists.

Sexualisaton of children. Mass arrests of past alleged paedos. Adults made into insecure and poor role models.

Children discouraged from having deep friendships with other children they might confide in.

Something evil this way comes.

Savile might well have been and probably was a dirty old man but he, and the other arrests of high profile oldies, are being used to hide something.

Something that has been a long time brewing. Something nasty.

It will click into place if I can bring myself to believe that what appears to be happening is really happening,

If it’s real, I don’t want to ever sober up.


13 thoughts on “There is a link somewhere in here.

  1. You mentioned the Fabians, who knew over a century ago that total destruction of what we know as the “family” was the only way for them to ever achieve a totally socialist society. You probably know that they chose a tortoise as their emblem, as they knew they would need to work incredibly slowly, as most ‘normal’ people would have lynched them had they gone full steam ahead into the society we now have.

    The whole sexual ‘revolution’ (feminism, ‘gay’ stuff, slutty ‘pop stars’, modern sex ‘education’, GP confidentiality for children – obviously seeing about their VD and free condoms – with the “benefit” of the state superseding the need for parents to be involved etc.) has been manufactured for a very specific purpose.

    I’m too modest to link to my blog (for a change), but I have written about the whole agenda (as I see it). It’s just so bizarre, many still think it’s all conspiracy theory. But like you, Leggy, needing an increasingly greater imagination to write your dystopic novel (if you haven’t given up the idea), as real life catches up with fantasy, the things I wrote years ago are coming true.

    I recently wrote that with the likely introduction of same-sex “marriage”, the floodgates would open and everyone would start claiming the “right” to marry anyone or anything. It’s happening in other countries which have had SSM for a (very) few years, so it’s not like I’m a genius.

    Mohammed marrying Aisha when she was six will seem perfectly “normal” in a few years’ time. I understand that Mo waited until the girl was nine before having full vaginal sex. Before that, the Mohammedan way was/is for a man to stimulate himself between the girl’s thighs.

    So watch out for that being normalised too. Peter Tatchell talks about “children’s sexual rights”. I doubt he would admit publicly to the inclusion of six year-olds. Yet.

    But it’s coming from somewhere, aided by the usual suspects, Common Purpose and the human rights single-brain-celled militants. Planned Parenthood (founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who wanted to abort/sterilise the blacks into extinction) and killers of tens of millions of unborn humans now reckon:

    “Sexual rights are human rights. Young people are sexual beings with needs, desires and fantasies.

    “Young people must be able to explore, experience and express their sexuality. They are entitled to do this in positive, pleasurable and safe ways.

    “To secure young people’s sexual rights we must understand how human rights apply to young people’s sexuality.”

    Of course, this ensures a conveyor belt of future customers for their contraception and abortion “services”, but the agenda cuts much deeper.

    Read more here –

    Did you know that the UK Government’s panel of “advisors” on teenage pregnancy consists of all the usual ‘right-on’ social worker types and the directors of child-killers Marie Stopes and BPAS?

    “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.” (Lenin)

    And that’s what it’s all about. The younger you can encourage children to have sex, the less likely they are to be emotionally and mentally equipped to form a lifelong stable relationship later on and raise a family of their own. then the State takes over every aspect of their broken lives: total socialism.

    I’m sure the BBC paedo stuff has been going on for decades, as it has in politics, with judges, senior police officers, certain “religious” leaders, scoutmasters and anyone else who feels they have a snifter of power. They say it’s a power trip. But again, normal people find that empowering people feels good and natural, but whether power corrupted these perverts or they were already perverts seeking power, I don’t know. Both, I suppose.

    But if you accepted that abortion is a “woman’s right to control her own fertility” (or, more like, destroy it). If you welcomed “gay rights” and the reduction of the age of homosexual consent to 16 (for “equality’s sake”), thus legalising pederasty. If you go along with half of what’s been happening in our society, as the Fabian tortoise has crept up almost to win the race while us hares have been dozing, then we’re part of the problem, are we not?

    For some reason, I don’t remember being taught about the Fabian Society at school or on the BBC. Now we can discover and work out what’s really going on. But sober up we have to – and fight it, before it’s too late. For once, this is for the cheeeldren.


    • Interesting post. The more I learn about the Fabians, the more shocked I am.

      Then again, I’m torn on some of the issues you describe above, such as gay marriage. I can certainly see how it is part of the Fabian’s undoubtedly evil agenda. But as a libertarian I have issues with the State having the power to tell the individual what they can and can’t do. If I want to smoke in a bar and the owner wants me to smoke there, the State can get lost. Similarly, if I’m in a gay relationship, the State should have no power to tell me what I can or can’t do in my private life (I’m not gay by the way, although I am a smoker). The key concept here as far as I’m concerned is consent between individuals, something which is obviously a problem when it comes to thinking that there will be a slippery slope towards pederasty.


      • I feel the same way. Those commies seem like a rum bunch but just because they are using sex or liberties as weapons doesn’t mean sex and liberty are wrong in themselves. Be very wary of the supposedly reformed fellow travellers like Peter Hitchens and Melanie Philips who claim that stopping socialism can only be achieved by crushing individual freedom.


        • But this agenda is designed to crush individual freedom: totally and absolutely and for everyone – the most basic of freedoms, like freedom of speech, property rights, conscientious objection, freedom of assembly, parental rights… the commie auctioneer is drooling as he waves his gavel provocatively… “going, going…..”.

          And all for what? So two blokes can share a bed in a Christian’s B&B and to stop people being “offended” at any alternative viewpoint to their own and so “everyone” can enjoy going into a pub without breathing in other people’s smoke and so children cannot be influenced by their parents’ traditional views.


          • And all for what? So two blokes can share a bed in a Christian’s B&B and to stop people being “offended” at any alternative viewpoint to their own and so “everyone” can enjoy going into a pub without breathing in other people’s smoke and so children cannot be influenced by their parents’ traditional views.

            That’s not what it’s for. Those are symptoms, not the disease. They are incremental ways of beating-down the people into some horrible Brave New World nightmare.

            The ones running it don’t care about gay marriage. They don’t care about hetero marriage, why would they care about a gay version? They know you and many others care about it and they know it will drive you nuts because any objection will get you labelled as some kind of hate machine – even though most gay people couldn’t give a shit either way anyway.

            They don’t care if anyone is offended by trivia. What they care about is that anyone can be silenced by drones who are offended by trivia.

            Q. What do you call a Welshman who has 100 girlfriends?
            A. A shepherd.

            We used to tell that joke in school in the 1970s. In South Wales. Now it’s racist hate speech. So is this:

            How do you tell the difference between a Scotsman and Mick Jagger?
            Mick Jagger says ‘Hey you, get off-a my cloud’
            A Scotsman says ‘Hey, McCleod, get off-a my ewe’.

            In the old days, Bernard Manning was on prime time TV. So was Jim Davidson. Both had many really funny jokes that could not have been considered racist and some that were funny in an ‘ooo, that was close to the bone’ kind of way. Both villified now. Yet lefties like the ginger git with the glasses whose name will not stay in my head can make very nasty jokes about car crashes and disabled children and the worst they get is ‘tsk’.

            There’s much deeper stuff than two guys in a bed going on here. That’s a distraction.


  2. I wonder if the sleb historical sex abuse allegations are merely the crafty or dim looking for a bit of compo in an out of court settlement. Would such an arrest be made if it were Tracy’s Uncle Jimmy who’d patted her bottom forty years ago?


  3. I’ve come to the same conclusion a few years ago. The way I see this panning out is there’ll be more and more “Likable” household names being put in the frame with more and preposterous allegations being made. The more preposterous the allegations, the easier it is to prove innocence, the more the tide of public opinion (especially juries) will be reluctant to convict any and all allegations.
    This will lead to a “Nonces charter” with a free for all, as the chances of conviction if caught are slim. Then in a generation or so, once public opinion has got used to the idea that “kids are doing it anyway”, and “Europe has shown us the way” the age limit will be incrimentally lowered to allow foetus fucking.


  4. I’d also like to add that should any adult clumsy enough to have been fucking around with my kids when they were little, would have been clumsey enough to fall from tall buildings or out the door of a speeding van on the motorway…


  5. I have been going on about GramscoFabiaNazis for years. Most orthodox libertarians (such as the people who run “Samizdata”, sneer condescendingly at me in public, and invoke something called “Godwin’s Law”, whatever that is. I think it’s sonething to do with “first person to say “Nazi” loses the game”.

    However, as Molesworth would say “efferbody no” that the Fabians specifically begat, on purpose, people that admired and actively supported real Nazis such as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mussolini and Gramsci. They were also actively “green” before the word was modernly-invented.

    I think we are now in such a bind, as humans, having let this beast get so far out of the bottle, that it can’t be put back, and something terrible will befall,


  6. FWIW (and it might not be worth much), I have thought for some time that porn should be made compulsory viewing for girls about age 12. Not boys: they would regard it as an instruction manual. At that age they’re all OK with “Insert tab A into slot C then bend over and glue in place.” But girls, now: that would be one loud common cry of “Eeeeeeuuuuuwwww!” and they would Velcro their knees together for a very long time indeed.


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