Desperation of the Righteous.

There is a spider in my greenhouse, not a mouse. I thought it was a mouse because it’s brown and about the same size but it’s a spider. To quote one of the few intelligible lines from Trout Mask Replica, it’s fast and bulbous. I have had no problems at all with insects eating my plants, no sign of slugs and I would not be at all surprised to find a Romanian squatter wrapped in silk in there one day.

I think I’ll call her Frau Blucher becasue she’s big enough to scare a horse.  It’s  a female spider for sure at that size. Male spiders have never heard of Charles Atlas so they are all weedy and scrawny, have faces full of sand and are too embarrassed to sunbathe in Speedos.

Morrison’s, the local one, have a Chinese style beer called Lucky Beer. It is in the Chinese beer mould for sure, light, lagery and pleasant and perfect for the summer’s day we now get once a year since the windmills have wrecked the climate. The bottle is worth the price on its own.

Best get one before plain packaging kills the Buddha. Keep the bottle, drink the beer.

Although, apparently, drinking causes lifestyle cancer now. As does the one day of summer the Green God now permits us to experience each year. Oh, and of course smoking. All responsible for the rise in lung cancer and all other cancers even though smoking, drinking and sunshine are in freefall. Even the Mail commenters are not fooled. Something is amiss and they have noticed. They won’t look at diesel yet, but it’ll come to them.

We have been fed the most astounding pile of crap since 1950, ten years before I was born, and we believed it. I believed it. Until the smoking ban, I didn’t question it. Now? More and more the lies become clearer. Some very, very big lies. I no longer believe that smoking is the primary cause of anything at all.

It’s not just diesel. Over 2000 nuclear bombs, GM food, chemicals added to everything we eat or drink, Agenda 21 calling for the death of most of us and facilitated by the NHS – no wonder Barry O’Blimey  wants his very own sick people disposal chute.

In their desperation, the Righteous show the denormalised how to survive while killing off their own drones. The smokers believe none of it. The other denormalised groups are reaching the same conclusion.

Sunshine is as bad as smoking? This is beyond pathetic.


12 thoughts on “Desperation of the Righteous.

  1. If there was no sunshine there wouldn’t be tobacco plants hence sunshine is zeroth hand smoke.

    Why didn’t I see this earlier?!!


    • Therefore sunburn is smoking related. Since tobacco plants also need rain, getting wet is a smoking related disease too.

      Much fun can be had with this idea, given the right drone…


  2. It’s obviously Oz, not Chinese. .. from your link:
    Buddha shaped green bottle. It is quiet stunning
    Baad, Buddha!!

    And MOULD?

    Unworthy of your mold, Sir!

    A common Chinese beer here in NZ is Tsingtao

    In winter, I like a dark beer, doppelbock or stout.

    Coopers Stout from Oz is not bad… you gotta be over 18!

    Much as I may change preferences in tobacco, if we had a chance again! – even morning ’til evening, let alone summer to winter; – think for instance of Dunhill . . .
    Early Morning Pipe
    (they pull no punches, speak frankly!)
    to Nightcap. – it’s all weather, climate, human feedback, squeal, out there but not here!

    A completely tangential reminder is to please remember the real pipe tobaccos and their brands and labels, products, and reviews…

    So much for plain takeover packaging . . .

    It should be so obvious from here that tobacco is in the same dimensions as coffee, wine, beer, single malts… human arts & enjoyment!

    ~ R .


    • In the UK, Mold is a town in north Wales. That’s the only time that spelling is used here.

      Morrison’s sell the beer as Chinese but it seems to originate in Ox, brewed the Chinese way.

      I remember Tsingtao, first had it in Beijing at incredibly cheap prices and found it much more expensive back here. Nice beer though.

      I have not seen Coppers Stout here. Must investigate.


  3. Sunshine is as bad as smoking? This is beyond pathetic

    If you want to know about the effects of the sun on pale skin, look to Australia.

    Vitamin lotion may help skin cancer fight – 2005

    “Scientists have found a cream containing vitamin B3 can significantly increase the skin’s ability to stop skin cancers forming.
    The results will be presented at an international dermatology conference this weekend.

    Even as little as six minutes in the sun can weaken the body’s defences against skin cancer.

    Researchers at the New South Wales Cancer Institute painted healthy volunteers with a lotion containing vitamin B3 or nicotinamide.
    They found those patients treated with the substance suffered no damage to their immunity when exposed to ultra violet light.

    In another first, the study found men were twice as likely to suffer immune damage from the sun than women.

    Scientists are not exactly sure how vitamin B3 boosts the skin’s defences against cancer.
    Tests so far have shown it is safe and effective as a topical treatment.

    “It’s inexpensive, easy to obtain and safe.. so for all of those reasons we hope we can add it to our weapons to defeat skin cancer,” Dr Diona Damian, senior lecturer in dermatology at University of Sydney, said.”

    “Nominated for a 2011 Australian Museum Eureka Prize, the work of A/Prof Diona Damian of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital has the potential to simply yet dramatically affect skin cancer prevention and treatment. UV radiation causes skin cancer in two ways – it makes skin cells mutate, and suppresses the immune system that would normally fix these mutations. This group has found that Vitamin B3, either taken as a pill or rubbed on the skin, effectively reduces this suppression of the immune system and thus prevents skin cancer. Even more promisingly, rubbing vitamin B3 into the skin actively helps the healing of premalignant skin lesions in elderly individuals. This means that vitamin B3 will not only assist in the prevention of skin cancer, it can also be used as a treatment.”
    http: //

    Professor Diona Damian

    “Her work with human volunteers has found that nicotinamide (vitamin B3) is highly immune protective against UVB and also against UVA, which is less effectively filtered by sunscreens. Nicotinamide is protective in tablet or lotion form, and works by increasing the energy of skin cells so that they can better withstand UV irradiation. Nicotinamide is widely available, safe and inexpensive and has now shown effectiveness in reducing actinic keratoses (pre-cancers) in heavily sun-damaged individuals. Clinical trials are now being set up to test whether nicotinamide can prevent skin cancers in high-risk patients.”
    http: //

    I know these things because I have already prepared my defence against any Public Health assault on my coffee drinking habits.
    Trigonelline – nicotinic acid – nicotinamide.


  4. We have been fed the most astounding pile of crap since 1950

    Which casts any study that controls for smoking, which most of them do, in a very different light. When examining a suspect substance I wonder how much they knock off the total of deaths and diseases to allow for smoking?

    Case in point, as an aside, isn’t it odd that Doll’s study came out just before the mass conversion from steam to diesel, but after the conversion of tobacco barns to fuel oil, I hadn’t noticed that before.

    Seems that it wasn’t just us.

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Mortality in Diesel-Exposed Railroad Workers

    “Workers within the U.S. railroad industry have been exposed to diesel exhaust since the industry converted from steam to diesel locomotives after World War II”

    “There were, in fact, small differences in smoking rates by job title, with a slightly higher rate of smoking among the diesel-exposed workers (Larkin et al. 2000)”

    Considering the anti-inflammatory nature of carbon monoxide, I’m not surprised.

    Diesel Exhaust Kills Throat Cells, Study Shows

    “Our research found that the particulate matter from diesel exhaust stimulated a ‘death pathway’ response that the body uses to dispose of damaged cells. This response caused the airway cells to fuse together and die.”
    http: //

    Now if you don’t control for smoking but actually look at who does and who doesn’t smoke, you can get something quite different.

    Indoor air pollution behind COPD, not smoking: study

    “You don’t have to be a smoker to suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Indoor air pollution is enough for one to contract the infection, says the first-of-its-kind study conducted at 22 villages of Pune.

    Out of 3,000 people randomly selected for the study, 210 suffered from COPD. “At least 93 per cent of those who had COPD were non smokers,” says Dr Sundeep Salvi, coordinator of the Chest Research Foundation (CRF).”
    http: //

    Your lungs at higher risk from wood smoke, dung cakes
    http: //


    Microscopic Pollution May Trigger Heart Attacks And Strokes By Spurring Blood Clots

    “It was a murder mystery playing out in major cities across the country and perplexing scientists. Thousands of people were dying from strokes and heart attacks within 24 hours of a spike in microscopic pollution — tiny particles that spew from the exhaust of diesel trucks, buses and coal-burning factories.”

    “The study identifies how these tiny pieces of soot — called particulate matter air pollution — kill people at risk and tells how they can protect themselves from these pollution-related strokes and heart attacks”

    “The study found that lungs inflamed by the pollution secrete a substance, interleukin-6, which causes an increased tendency for blood to coagulate or clot. This raises the risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke in people with cardiovascular disease such as coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure or a history of stroke.”

    “This is a critical missing piece of the puzzle that has eluded scientists for decades,”
    http: //

    SECOND WORLD CONFERENCE on Smoking and Health

    “But psychologist Daniel Horn, of the U.S. Public Health Service’s National Clearinghouse on Smoking and Health, observed that “under certain conditions” an increase in carbon monoxide from others’ cigarettes might be harmful to someone with a heart condition.”
    http: //

    Let’s try it.

    Analysis Reveals that Institute of Medicine Report Failed to Include Data that Found No Effect of Smoking Bans on Acute Coronary Events in 3 Countries

    Bias in Report Results from Failure to Consider Data Which is Inconsistent with Report’s Conclusions

    “I have analyzed the data which the Institute of Medicine included and failed to include in its report and today, I reveal that the report failed to consider data from three countries (England, Scotland, and Wales) which seem to clearly show that the smoking bans in these countries had no significant short-term effect on acute coronary events.

    These data are all national data which include all hospital admissions at all hospitals in these countries. Thus, they represent a better source of data than what was used in some of the published studies (which only included a sample of hospitals).
    Moreover, they cover large populations, with a sample size greater than that of all other studies combined. Thus, the data from these countries are critically important an carries much weight in the overall analysis.”

    I trust Dr Siegel’s analysis because he would so love the Heart Attack Miracles to be true.

    You can tell it’s raining here and I’m stuck in the house, can’t you?


  5. According to the Zealot’s statistical methods, if one million people step outside in wet weather, one thousand of them will drown. This because, somehow or other, the moisture inhaled by the million people will CONDENSE into the lungs of the one thousand and drown them.
    That is the only way in which SHS danger can possibly work to kill people. All the SHS breathed in by the public must condense into one person and give that person lung cancer. All the rest do not get lung cancer at all – not even a slight lung cancer. Not even a tiny, tiny bit of lung cancer. All of it acts like a miasma, and floats and coagulates into the lungs of a specific person. However all is not lost for such a person. BY DECREE, such a person might float on water, if so affected, but would sink below the surface if infected.
    Obvious, innit?


    • I am increasingly of the opinion (like Frank Davis) that active smoking is not a major cause of lung cancer. or anything else.

      From the information Rose has uncovered, and others too, it looks more and more as if smoking has been used as a scapegoat to hide something else. Diesel, or tarmac, or nuclear testing, or some other thing. All became common at around the time of the surge in lung cancer while smoking started to decline at that time.

      It’s just something people use to hate other people. The science does not support any of it.


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