Who did we vote for?

The plain packets for fags and the stupid new rules for booze have been shelved.

There is Outrage among the Righteous. How dare our elected representatives do what the people who voted for them actually want? They were elected to do what the Righteous want.

Dr Harpal Kumar, chief executive of Cancer Research UK, heavily criticised the decision to shelve plain packaging, warning concerns about the impact on the tobacco industry would cost lives.

Did you vote for him? No? So why is he involved in controlling your life?

Oh, maybe you don’t smoke so you don’t care but he has plans for you too, you know. No matter what your lifestyle is now, you can be sure it’s the wrong one.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, a Tory MP and former GP, condemned the decision as a ‘tragic waste of an opportunity’.

Some of you did vote for her. I don’t blame you. You thought she was a Tory. There are no Tories any more. No Labour either and the Lib Dems were never real from the start. There are no MPs who believe that people should be left alone to run their own lives while they run the country.

They don’t run the country. The EU does. We vote for people who have nothing to do, and who are well paid to not do it. Instead they try to run our lives for us, to hide the fact they are all blisteringly useless and have no real jobs at all.

So they take their cues from unelected Righteous busybodies who think the world should do as they say (looking at them, definitely not do as they do).

There is an opportunity here for any government worth more than the shit stain on a Whitehall toilet. A big opportunity that they will not have the intelligence, nor the guts to take.

An opportunity to say to all these unelected who have their demands – ‘Who voted for you? Where is your mandate? What gives you the authority to dictate how people should live?’

None of them will do it. None. They are too cowardly in some cases, too dim to even think those thoughts in most cases.

In most of their minds, dictating individual lives is perfectly okay. They are too stupid to see any problem with that.

They will not see the wave that comes to wash them away,

Let’s not tell them about it.


45 thoughts on “Who did we vote for?

  1. Apropos of nothing in particular:
    Yesterday, on a comments thread about coffee shops in the Guardian, one of the self appointed good remarked that coffee drinkers are and I quote “drug addicts”. So no prizes for guessing who is next in line for the “treatment”. (Apparently the new working definition of addiction is doing anything more than once).
    I feel this is all to the good, the more irrational, intrusive and frankly ludicrous the claims made in support of what can only be described as the new eugenics movement (for the betterment of mankind) become the sooner the proponents of this foul strategy will be cast out of the society they seek to control.


  2. Which would you rather? Living to 75, having lived a life of disgusting excess and self pleasure, dieing in bed smoking a huge fat cigar, drinking a large whiskey and in the arms of a young attractive lady/gentleman (delete according to gender and/or preference).

    Or dieing at 80, after 5 years of being neglected in a nursing home, having lived a life of frugal, miserable self-denial, lying in an NHS bed, wrapped in your own shit and piss, starving, thirsty, miserable and lonely?

    I know which one I’m choosing (lights up cigar whilst choosing between G&T or whiskey for breakfast)


    • No contest! I had/have lung cancer been fine since operation nearly 3 years ago. Still smoke, drink a couple of bottles of red wine a week and have always used a lot of salt – don’t drink much coffee though. I have kept some morphine for my ‘exit strategy’ if the time comes. I have no intention of changing my lifestyle and every intention, if necessary, to end it on my own terms.


      • I must admit that your comment stunned me a little. But I do admire your attitude. Good for you.
        I smoked throughout a fairly serious bout of Tuberculosis because as far as I could see it was not a good time to stop, but then it never has been since. And The doctor told me that it wouldn’t make any difference anyway.
        But then I have yet to see any proof that smoking actually causes Cancer, and trying to deal with an addiction when you are seriously ill doesn’t seem like a good idea either.
        The Morphine is of course, your choice, and you sound sensible enough to know if and when.
        I most sincerely hope that this will be a long way off, if ever.


        • I have said here before that I am firmly convinced that my cancer was triggered by the sudden, accidental death of my husband 6 years ago when I was ill for months when my immune system seemed to collapse. I have also become aware of quite a few people who developed cancer of different types after a traumatic event including many non smokers. I do think stress plays a big part for some people anyway. I hope it is a while too and will update after my next scan


          • My thoughts exactly. Disease is precisely that. Dis Ease, which can happen for many reasons, especially when you are least expecting it. And grief is probably the worst of all, apart from guilt, of course. And just how many of us flay ourselves alive for some over imagined guilt? No one is bloody perfect.

            Yep, I would like to hear about your next Scan. Sometimes just talking about it can help. And I think that you are very brave.


            • Thanks, but bravery doesn’t enter into it, I just get on with things and if it comes back I will deal with it then meanwhile I decided to live my life the way I always have or what’s the point?


  3. A lot of these interfering bastards “work” for fake charities paid by the government to supply spurious statistical justification for whatever course of action the government secretly intends to take anyway.. Corruption isn’t simply or only giving money in brown envelopes The politics of the UK is rotting..


    • I hated the stuff before I arrived in Germany at 22. I’ve been mad about it ever since.

      Dr Wollaston is a blowhard attempting to tackle an issue for which she is intellectually equipped – a facile, utterly inconsequential piece of nannying the people she presumes to represent. Her brain, giddy on oestrogen, doesn’t even register that we’d buy tobacco if it bore a likeness of her clunge – or even her face.

      She is completely unaware that many people just want her to shut up and fuck off. An evangelical, tambourine-bashing harridan who wants us all to live in her image.

      She, and many like her, are in the wrong party – something they’ll discover in 2015 when hard-core Tories like I desert them. If I am going to be ordered around by some idiotic Gauleiterin, at least let me have the satisfaction that I did not vote for their party.


      • Last year, for a sadly brief period, my local supermarket stocked a butter from Brittany. It was rich and creamy, and was full of large granules of salt. Best butter I’ve had for ages. Then the bastards stopped selling it. Does this happen to anyone else? It seems that whenever I find a product I really like, three months later it disappears from the shelves, never to be seen again. It happens to me all the time. I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy…


      • Me too. But mainly just in case the bloody freezer breaks down, and then I can salt down all of the half price meat that I buy. I brought the Salpetre with me from England. For which I had to sign the Explosives Register. No, really, I did, because I bought a kilo of the stuff.
        Anyone ever tried to salt down a chicken?


  4. I saw a report somewhere which I can’t now find. It showed a list of doctors’ names who had signed a letter complaining about the PP failure. I think that there were about 30 doctors’ names. What was the consultation figure again? Lets see – 30 doctors for and 250,000 citizens against.


  5. “Did you vote for him? No? So why is he involved in controlling your life?”

    Over the past few years I’ve been thinking the founders of my country should have included an amendment in our Constitution which would have declared a separation of economy and State. (Note that our first amendment does not declare separation of Church and State – that’s merely been the practice. It was originally put there not to keep religion out of government, but to keep the government out of religion. The left, unfortunately, found a work-around. Government is their god; the State is their Church. Hence their taste for politicians as messiahs.)

    Maybe the next time around we should also include one requiring any position that involves the creating of regulations applying to private citizens, businesses, etc. in any form, not just laws, to be an elected one. Unworkable, you say? Hopefully, yes. That would be the point. To frustrate them as much as possible at every turn.


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  7. If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. Instead I drank whisky and smoked cigars – a pipe now – and caroused like I was popping my clogs the next day. So here I am at 92 and still have to buy my pipe tobacco and scotch myself.


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