I want one.

One of these Halloween masks.

As a smoker over 50 who does not suffer any of these ailments at all, I feel I will need one of these just to fit in with the idiotic ideas of the general population.

I wonder if they are available on the NHS?



10 thoughts on “I want one.

    • Probably not, but when it’s rammed down their thoats it will work in our favour. Just as the drones believe all smokers stink, they will believe we all have hyperthyroid eyes and throats that look like Dracula’s leftovers. The real smokers will be invisible to them.


  1. If anybody sees one of them, please take a big drag and blow the mask full of smoke (mouth to mouth style), and put a video of it on youtube.
    I`m sure at least half of the UK smoking population would die laughing, it would keep the antis happy!!


  2. Love the concept. Do like Old Holborn. His mask is anywhere.

    Get a hold of the zombie ones and go rob a bank, or drop into an ASH office.

    In short, boomerang the F…Wits!


  3. It speaks a million words that Mental patients and psycho ward Halloween masks and Blow up gay friends are immediately withdrawn or banned, but ridicule the 20% of the populace who smoke and that is just fine and dandy and praised. Should we all sue for defamation?


    • Nope, we should be selling the masks ourselves. They are going to make us into monsters, let’s be monsters and cash in on it. We can do better than those blinkered, narrow minded drones.

      I’m mulling over Frank Davis’s old idea of DIY cigarette boxes. Maybe we should put more imaginative warnings on them – ‘smoking will get you so much sex your knob will wear away to nothing’ and the like. True? Who cares? The antis never bothered with truth. We are free to follow the current way of doing things and just make up whatever we want. If they look like the standard warnings they won’t be immediately noticed, and since all packs are now hidden, if you have a box of 20 ‘Underdogs’ that won’t be immediately noted as strange either.

      The antis have given us a whole new range of toys to play with. We can’t ignore them, that would just be ungrateful.


  4. That old fraud Dr. Hilary Jones again, as I recall he can’t keep his dick in his trousers, and “if he was chocolate – he’d eat himself”, as one hack who interviewed him put it.

    Maybe we should get some latex Hilary Jones horror penises to hang out of our trousers mirroring his past conquests or battles with STD’s?


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