What the fructose?

The EU has approved a health claim for fructose, but with a health warning attached. Even Monty Python would struggle to make a believable sketch out of that.

The claim is that eating fructose leads to far less blood glucose than eating glucose or sucrose.

They did tests. They really did.

Sucrose is made up of half fructose and half glucose. Glucose is… well… glucose. Fructose doesn’t have any glucose in it.

If you swallow 50g of glucose, your blood glucose level will rise. Not only is there no need to test that, it has been demonstrated over and over again anyway. Usually in connection with sensible questions such as how much, how fast and for how long.

If you swallow 50g of sucrose, your blood glucose level will rise by roughly half as much as it did with the glucose. Again, sensible scientists of the past have already tested this for sensible reasons.

If you swallow 50g of fructose, the rise in blood glucose will not be zero because a bit of the fructose will get converted into glucose by various chemical and enzymatic means on the way down. The gut is a rough place for a small molecule. So it won’t be zero but it’ll be very small. Because it doesn’t have any damn glucose in it.

The alleged health benefits centre on not having increased blood sugar after eating. Is that a good thing? Most of your cells need glucose for energy. When you eat, your body rips the food apart and sends it around to all your cells so that bits of you don’t spontaneously die. Blood sugars are supposed to increase after eating. That’s how food gets from your gut to your fingers.

This reminds me of the ‘no safe level of salt’ shite that is convincing drones to die.

So the health benefit is dodgy to say the least,. What about the health warning?

Bear in mind that the reason the drones are scared of sugar is that they are told it will make them fat and give them diabetes. High levels of fructose can cause… insulin resistance. Diabetes. And a load of other things too.

Well, it’ll make a lot of money for insulin producers.

The EU think this fructose nonsense is not applicable to the general population, but specifically targets ‘sugar users’. Anyone out there live a completely sugar-free life?

No salt or sugar in your diet, people. You’ll be helping reduce the population.



31 thoughts on “What the fructose?

  1. Yes, the body requires ‘sugars’. Yet I doubt you will question the excess consumption of disaccharides in the modern diet is the consequence of food manufacturers adding sucrose to virtually every product leaving their premises, Leggy. Excessive consumption of the same rapidly elevates blood triglyceride levels/fat deposition and thus raises the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Fruit sugar (fructose) is a simple sugar and thus it is a reduced risk factor..


    • MTG, you’re a funny guy. As you say, sucrose is a disaccheride. It consists of one molecule glucose (equal to blood sugar), and one molecule…… fructose. This is the real culprit for the whole metabolic desaster of modern “life-style” disease. So the EU is going to replace a bad thing (sucrose) with the worst thing possible: fructose. The warnings mentioned in the EFSA report did not make into their recommendation, and hence did not make it into the final health claim that will appear on yogurts etc. Outragous!


    • Well, there is truth in that. Even if you buy a roast chicken at the supermarket it says ‘contains lactose’ even though chickens are not known for milk production. The reason is that the things are coated in lactose to give them that lovely brown colour. It’s cheaper than sucrose.

      Excessive sugar consumption can indeed cause type 2 diabetes which is why I prefer to ferment the sugar away before consumption 😉


    • I bet he doesn’t agree that the smoking/drinking ‘science’ is pseudo though. Or maybe he does – but doesn’t want to lose his job. The science that dare not speak its name, eh?


  2. If they start replacing aspartame with fructose, it can’t be a bad thing. I suspect they wont mind, but everything in moderation.
    Your brain is made up of cholesterol and fat, about 60% if memory serves me right. With all these low salt, low fat, low cholesterol diets, people wonder why they’re getting alzheimers, MS and the like. You know, diseases that were practically unheard of 30 – 40 years ago.


    • Aspartame is big money, it won’t get replaced by anything and it also serves the purpose of making people dim and then dead.

      Sucrose will be replaced by fructose. Something that is half bad will be replaced by something that is all bad. Good, innit?

      Nerve cells are insulated by a fatty layer called myelin. Cutting all fat out of the diet was never a good idea, so I didn’t. And i’m not fat! How does that happen?


      • You have me worried now, I am addicted to diet Pepsi, so far it does not seem to have done me any harm but I bow to your knowledge in the matter.


        • Do not make the mistake of thinking it help “as part of a calorie controled diet. (Any one remember Slimcia (sp?) bread?).

          I was taking off weight at a regular, and fair rate of knots. Then I got onto the “Pepsi Zero”, and “Diet Pepsi.”

          Within a week my weight loss stopped, and after two weeks it even started to reverse. The ONLY difference was the Pepsi!


      • I was thinking of this a while ago, the funny thing is that during the period of time we used lard etc, people tended not to be fat!!


        • Then again, we didn’t spend a lot of time in front of TVs or computers. We didn’t have any.

          Also, all that shivering in winter must have burned off a lot of fat! No central heating, someone had to get up and light a coal fire.

          I still use lard sometimes, and always have butter. I know people who will not cook using any kind of fat and it’s amusing to watch them try to get things off saucepans and especially amusing to see them trying to turn out a poached egg. All you need do is coat the egg-holding cup with a thin layer of butter and bingo – perfect poached eggs that just drop out.

          That fat isn’t to add fat to the meal. It’s to stop food sticking. A forgotten art, it seems…

          Oh, and I heard a radio discussion on fried bread. The DJ didn’t believe it could exist. These days, it can’t – you can’t do it with vegetable oil. It has to be fried in lard or butter or you just get soggy oily bread. From a staple of the diet to a mere legend, in one generation. And for what?


    • There is a pretty sound biochemical explanation for that. It’s only a problem if you eat a lot of fructose which is what the EU wants us to do.

      Fatty liver deaths will all be ‘booze related’ too. Even in teetotallers.


  3. I came here just wanting to know if I can put sugar in my coffee and now I’m just confused as hell and my coffee has gone cold… Fructose metabolic disaccharides molecules… Feels like I need to have degrees in every single subject just to get through my day.


    • No, you need to know just one thing: Avoid fructose. As contained in sucrose (ie table sugar, 50% fructose), High Fructose Corn Syrup (55-90% fructose, and cheaper) and as free fructose especially plentiful in fruit juices.

      Fructose is the single common thread that connects all modern “life-style” diseases.

      Fructose, being part of the sucrose (table sugar) molecule, is the very reason why “sugar is bad for you”.

      Ending our 200 year dependence on sugar will likely be the most important medical achievement of this century, as were antibiotics and realizing the risks of smoking in the last.


    • On the contrary, you’d do well to ignore all scientific and health pronouncements and just do what feels right. If it makes you ill, don’t do it again. If you feel okay, there is nothing to worry about. If your arm falls off, there is probably something wrong. See – health advice need not be complex.


    • Exactly. Fructose is in all fruits, but fruits are (used to be) seasonal so over a year we wouldn’t have got a lot of it. A small dose is fine.

      Now we have fruit all year round plus high fructose corn syrup (a waste product of glucose extraction) and a much higher annual intake of fructose than we can properly deal with. The EU want to boost the dose further.

      Yeast is the saviour. It turns sugar into booze, which is much safer.


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