Dog ends.

I am a bit high from re-siliconing the shower base. All those silicones say ‘inhibits mould’ but about every two years I have to scrape it all out and do it again. The black stuff grows well in this climate. Also there was whisky involved, Glen Orchy, and here is a DIY tip – when waiting for the cleaned-out and washed-down bits to dry, don’t have a couple of drams to pass the time before getting the silicone gun out. I’ll sort out the mess tomorrow.

Another way to get high is apparently to eat junkie shit. In Berlin, even the dogs know this. Personally I will stick with the whisky/curing silicone combination but if you have coprophagic tendencies and want to try somethng a bit spicier, get a junkie to shit on your plate.

As one commenter points out, the problem of floating smiling dogs is likely to be short lived.

GK, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago  – It won’t be a problem for much longer, once the lowlifes realise their own poo has another fix in it.

Also once the dealers realise they can collect the stuff, refine it briefly and sell it as ‘really good shit’.

Dogs will eat anything, which gives me an idea.

Everyone knows, and has known for a long time, that dogs will lick their unmentionables and those of other dogs and indeed of any species, and then lick your face. None of the drones mind. The risk of infection is actually trivial, it’s only the thought that disgusts. Want to scare them properly?

The drones are familiar with the term ‘dog-end’ so it is the work of moments to convince them that ‘dog-end’ is the old term for the end of the cigarette that smokers passed down for the dog to eat. That’s why the streets were not littered with dog-ends when they were young. Don;t worry about the smoking ban, they have already forgotten everything before that anyway.

Dogs love dog-ends so when you let your dog out, it will eat all the dog-ends it can find and then come home and lick your face, coating it with more nicotine than a NHS patch. Also with all the terrible pretend things you think are in tobacco. You will get cancer of the face and the Elephant Man will recoil from the horror of your twisted features. This will begin tomorrow, you’ll notice an asymmetry in your features when you look in the mirror. That is the first sign.

When it’s all done, we’ll refer to spent cigarettes as cat-ends and play the game again.

The drones will not remember. How many times have they supported the tobacco template now?

I think Agenda 21 is going to be the most spectacular backfire of this round of Righteousness. They want a small population of complaint drones and the death of everyone else.

Only the compliant drones will fall for the crap. the Righteous are going to be left with a population composed entirely of uncontrollable curmudgeons.

One again, they have totally screwed up. Still, gives us evil bastards something to play with, eh?




7 thoughts on “Dog ends.

      • Play with the obvious things they’ve never noticed before. Stretch your head back – feel those lumps either side, below your jaw? That’s what happens when you read smoky blogs. You now have three hours of life left. Easy, isn’t it? I learned it from the stage-psychic tricks and the corner-shop fortune tellers alomg with enough to scare anyone I visit. It’s all fake but it’s soooo easy to do.

        The antismokers and the uneducationers have gifted us with a whole raft of idiot drones to torment. We could save them from their insanity but why? They are no use. They don’t even want to be saved.

        The drones have been dumbed down so far that it’s almost too easy. What I do is Darwinian natural selection, I think. I weed out those who believe in crap.

        We all should. Agenda 21 wants a small population, let them have it. Let them kill off all their drones and be left with the uncontrollables.

        The world they are creating is not what they think it will be.


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