All or Nothing.

Out at smoky-drinky this evening, so here’s a quickie.

Frank Davis has a post about tobacco control and points out that there can be no middle ground. Either it all goes or it all stays. No compromise. Win or lose. All or nothing.

The Small Faces wrote us smokers a theme tune fifty years ago. The opening lines could have been written by any smoker attempting a compromise with antismokers –

‘I thought you’d listen to my reasoning.
But now I see you don’t hear a thing.’

The song has been covered by many bands since, but the song remains the same (no I’m not linking to that one too). This recording is bad but the sound is OK.

I’m off to smoky-drinky and will be humming this on the way. If the video embed fails (again), try this link.


21 thoughts on “All or Nothing.

  1. Excellent stuff; must have been, Ready, Steady, Go, rather than TOTP as the band were playing live. I also recall, the Small Faces released an LP called Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake, based on an advertisement for a brand of tobacco. Imagine the howls of indignation if someone tried doing that today!


    • You see the howls in the news whenever a celebrity is caught smoking. The drones never seem to notice that these singers can still belt out a song, even though they’ve been told smokers are all wheezing and grey and sickly.


  2. Two Fingers by Jake Bugg is a good contemporary choice for those who like song writers who are unafraid to sing about enjoying a smoke. Not quite as anthemic I admit and I do love the Small Faces music.


    • I was pretty knackered after that flight to China, but didn’t nod off with a cigarette. Then again, I hadn’t done a tour of concerts before the flight. So I suppose it’s possible.


    • It might have something to do with the fag-ends. The commercial stuff contains lots of chemicals which could leach out into soil, and the soil surface allowed for a town tree isn’t very much so it would be concentrated at the base. i doubt it;s acid formation from cellulose degradation – leaves would have the same effect if that were so.

      I note they have now put in a bin. Not for the benefit of smokers, they could have put the bin in a long time ago, but for the tree.

      Trees are now more important than smokers.


  3. Leg, check your email please. I’ve just sent you a vid I’d like your opinion on and that could be something really useful to all your tobacco fondling readers so if you’d like to answer publically that’d be good.


  4. Steve Marriott, perhaps the greatest ‘blue-eyed’ male soul singer of the 60’s. He and Ronnie Lane also a terrific song-writing team. Sad to recall what happened to them both. Compare and contrast to the twats who infest the music charts these days (beginning to sound like my Mum).


    • Most of the modern lot come from the Simon Cowell Factory, and there are more who copy them. There are a few gems still, and we still have the Pixies to add a touch of madness to the day.


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