The Ministry of Truth.

The Daily Scaremonger has at last noticed that video the blogs and commenters have been banging on about for years.

Do they make any link between all those bombs and increasing cancer rates? Nope. One commenter does. And another responds….

paulmarkj, London, Jamaica,
“Trooper, Amsterdam, Netherlands The rise of cancer, explained in 3 minutes.”>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>So why is cancer rising in places where people smoke more and falling where smoking falls?

Cancer rising in places where people smoke more? That’s a new one. The drones are making up their own ‘truth’ now.

Antismoker Central will not be pleased. They have been twisting reality to convince us that a declining number of smokers are responsible for an increasing incidence of cancer, heart disease, asthma, dandruff and hip replacements. And everything else.

This could be the lie that makes the whole exercise, already stretched beyond credulity, snap.

Maybe that’s why it’s been arrowed well out of the ‘worst rated’ comments (it was THE worst rated a few hours ago) into the invisible middle. It’s an embarrassment. An awkward deviation from the script that threatens to show just how stupid it all is.

Another will appear in the future, and another and another. The drones’ enthusiasm cannot now be curbed. They are encouraged to repeat lies and dim enough to think that adding more absurdities will help.

I don’t think the smokers will be the ones to bring it all crashing down. I think Frankenstein will die at the hands of his own monster.

All we need do is feed the monster…


15 thoughts on “The Ministry of Truth.

  1. I hate it when you make me click on the Daily Maggot! But they have a strange knack of “discovering” videos which we’ve been watching for years. Shows how far out of touch with reality they are. The internet is reality, right?

    But honestly. If you’ve just had a wash and don’t want to click on the Mail, this later comment says,

    “I wonder if anyone dare correlate the increase in the number of cancers with the number of atmospheric tests. Blame what you like but the people born after 1945 seem more likely to get cancer than those born before, just a thought.”

    More than a thought.

    P.S. L-I has industrial-strength disinfectant and anti-biological agents to hand should he need to decontaminate himself after exposure to the Maggot. It’s dangerous enough for us being subjected to second-hand Maggoting – and don’t breathe a word of it to anyone or it’s third-hand and still potentially lethal.


  2. ” They have been twisting reality to convince us that a declining number of smokers are responsible for an increasing incidence of cancer, heart disease, asthma, dandruff and hip replacements. And everything else.”



    • An exemple from just this week

      I am on a rehabilitation thingemy jiggy, at the locel Hospital

      WE had a lecture from some woman proffessor on how to deal with back pain.

      Last on her list was “Give up smoking.”

      Now, being a genteel little wall flower, I am not want to shouting my opinions in public forae. But on this occassion I could not resist.

      “What the FUCK has smoking to do with slipped discs???!!!”

      “Oh” sais she, “Lots of smokers have problems with slipped discs.”

      “WHIT!!??, THAT, Lasie, is TOTAL fucking BULLSHIT!! Does it cause atheletes foot as well?”

      At which point she repidly packed up her notes and disapeared into the bogs, and was not seen for another two hours.

      Which was not bad, as in theory, the lecture had another half hour to run.

      Thing is, the drones in the room BELIVED her!!


    • It’s easy to twist reality. All it takes is the ability to be convincing (note that it will not work when you know the person trying to dupe you is… trying to dupe you).

      Stage psychics do it for money, I do it for fun. Recently I had someone almost convinced that eggs are fruit. Hen-fruit. Well, they don’t move or reproduce or eat anything or produce any waste so they can’t be animal, can they? When it hatches, then it’s a chicken but if you eat it before it hatches, it’s a fruit so it counts as one of your five-a-day.

      I don’t think that one quite took hold, I’ll have to refine it for the next dope.

      The antismokers just keep repeating the same thing over and over, adding in ‘there is decades of evidence’ when all the ‘evidence’ that exists is them saying ‘there is evidence’. Over and over.

      Now, if I can nearly convince someone that eggs are fruit, how much easier is it to convince them that something you inhale can cause harm?

      They don’t believe traffic fumes and radiation will kill them because they can’t see it and because they don’t want to. However, point them at someone smoking a cigarette and they see it, they don’t like it, they will accept any old crap because it supports their existing prejudices.

      Hell, that’s ten times easier than the time I convinced someone that the Romans built straight roads because their carts had no steering.

      To most people out there, reality is what you tell them it is.


  3. In addition to atmospheric tests in the thousands, there is also the need to hide the liability government’s have for things like Chernobyl and Fukushima reactors spewing huge amounts of radioactivity into the air as well. In fact, The Anti-Smoking/Anti-Smoker Hate Industry was borne out of Richard Doll taking corporate bribes to illustrate and publicize a pre-fore-gone conclusion that smoking is related to cancer with payoffs coming from the newly minted nuclear industry as well as those of asbestos, automotives, chemicals and other air polluting industries wishing to hide their ill health effects and simply dump it all on the tobacco industry, which was used as a scapegoat. Plus, doing it that way, all those governments who approved of all these other industries that actually DID cause cancers to increase are able to not only hide their own liability, they are also able to steal all the assets from the scapegoated tobacco industry vis-a-vis the unconstitutional and immoral MSA tobacco settlement.

    So there is a lot of hiding and scapegoating going on. But the drones – they are too indoctrinated – it’s just easier to have someone do the thinking for them than think on their own, the reality of the situation.


    • Dunno who Richard Inflatable is, don’t need to. The industry scapegoat thing is easy to see to people who can actually think. Too few of them unfortunately! Couldn’t blame the coal industry for those black lungs, and still can’t ’cause you never know when they’re gonna need someone to go down there and dig that crap out again. Me? Live a few hundred yards away from a closed colliery. Not concreted over, big building over the shaft and some other bits. Waiting. I’d be down there like a shot if they started it up again! If they let me. Prob’ need a degree to dig coal by then!


      • Leading scientists leap to the defence of ‘corrupt’ Doll – 2006

        “Some of Britain’s most senior scientists have angrily denounced suggestions that Sir Richard Doll, who proved the link between smoking and lung cancer, had deliberately failed to disclose financial dealings with the chemicals industry.
        The scientists said that tens of millions of people owed their lives and health to studies pioneered by Sir Richard. “It is with dismay that we now hear allegations against him that he cannot rebut for himself,” the scientists say in an open letter.”

        Sir Richard, who died last year aged 92, had received consultancy fees of $1,500 a day from Monsanto during the 1980s and several thousand pounds from the Chemical Manufacturers Association, Dow Chemicals and ICI. Although friends and colleagues insist that Sir Richard made no secret of his private consultancies, his close links with the chemicals industry were not widely known.”

        “They also point out that the news of his dealings with the chemicals industry came from his own papers which he had donated to a museum of medical history.”

        Renowned cancer scientist was paid by chemical firm for 20 years

        “”While he was being paid by Monsanto, Sir Richard wrote to a royal Australian commission investigating the potential cancer-causing properties of Agent Orange, made by Monsanto and used by the US in the Vietnam war. Sir Richard said there was no evidence that the chemical caused cancer.”

        The Spanish Cooking Oil Scandal

        “Twenty years ago, 1,000 people died in an epidemic that spread across Spain. Poisoned cooking oil was blamed – an explanation that suited government and giant chemical corporations. It was, argues Bob Woffinden, who investigated the scandal in the 80s, the prototype scientific fraud that has found echoes around the world”

        “In the days before “do-gooders” became a term of disapproval, doctors and scientists were held in absolute public esteem. They did the most good; they were working altruistically to benefit the human race – to cure illness, prevent disease and create a safer, healthier future for us all”

        “In 1985, the opinion of the internationally respected British epidemiologist Sir Richard Doll was sought.”
        http: //

        Burying The Truth, the orginal Ecologist investigation into Monsanto and Brofiscin Quarry

        “In 2003 Brofiscin quarry suddenly erupted, disgorging an acrid pall over the area, and discoloured water into the environment, for weeks.

        “On three occasions Monsanto dispatched the late Sir Richard Doll to meet with Gowan. A scientific luminary of the day, who has latterly been exposed as publicly stating chemical compounds such as Agent Orange were safe while secretly being in the pay of Monsanto, Doll told Gowan that PCBs were safe and that Gowan didn’t know what he was talking about”
        http: //

        Cloud over Sir Richard

        THE last fig leaf of respectability of those disgraceful ministers and civil servants who refused to recognise the suffering caused by atom bomb tests on servicemen has been blown away.

        They should hang their heads in shame for the misery, torment, crippling disease and death they have caused.

        I have been wanting to write that for more than 20 years. Been close, never quite got there. The reason was a man of the greatest medical reputation – Sir Richard Doll, who discovered the link between lung cancer and smoking and because of that could do no wrong.

        Sir Richard was the force behind the National Radiation Protection Board’s insistence that there is no evidence to support the claims by veterans of the Pacific Island tests more than half a century ago.
        http: //


  4. Chernobyl! Ah yes. I remember after that there was talk of the plume covering Scotland. So, it rained (surprise) so I went to a puddle, took a sample and added it to the flourescent reagent and put it into the gamma counter. Oh yes! Got a nice signal well above background. Couple this with increasing diesel engine emissions and there we have it.


    • The talk amongst the sensible was that the non-smoker colleague who died of cancer developed it after moving to Ayr. Right in the path of the cloud at the time.

      That was years back though. Now, it would definitely be the smokers’ fault.


  5. Leggy

    Something interesting has come up. I have tried to omit as much of the standard, compulsory flannel as possible, but take a look at this. I’ve seen similar things before, but by the very nature of the experiment it narrows it down.

    Antitobacco seem to at last be wondering why nicotine patches don’t work.

    Why Is Smoking Addictive? It’s Probably Not Just Nicotine, Despite What We’ve Been Told For Years

    “She conducted this study on rats using pure nicotine and tobacco particulate matter (TPM) along with cigarettes and roll- your-own RYO/TPM and found that the rats were more eager to get a dose of non-nicotinic cigarette especially RYO/TPM than doses of cigarettes containing pure nicotine.

    Truman and his fellow researchers found that the rats were ready to press a lever for getting a dose of saline, which was blended with a type of tobacco smoke or with nicotine.

    The researchers are yet to find the exact non-nicotinic component,

    Nicotine not alone in causing addiction

    “At the Smokefree Oceania conference in Auckland, Penelope Truman, of the Institute of Environmental Science and Research, presented a study that was said to show how rats exhibited a greater desire to

    -obtain a dose of smoke from non-nicotinic hand-rolling tobacco than from either doses of nicotine or from smoke from factory-made cigarettes that contained nicotine -.

    Truman, along with researchers from Victoria University, gauged how keen rats were to press a lever to obtain a dose of saline that was infused with either just nicotine or a type of tobacco smoke.

    ‘Because rats showed a significantly higher willingness to go the distance to get a taste of rolling tobacco smoke, the authors concluded that a substance other than nicotine…”

    So this misses out anything to do with inhaling combustion gases.

    They didn’t like the mucked about with tobacco smoke from a premade cigarette.
    They didn’t like nicotine.
    But they did seem to like tobacco smoke condensate / tobacco particulate matter/ (deadly tar), from plain tobacco without any nicotine at all.

    Now was it that it was the least worst way of getting a drink, whatever was used to remove the nicotine like hexane, or was it something else you can find in nightshade vegetables, like solanesol for example? It would have to be in a fairly noticeable amount for the rats to tell.

    Could be the napthoquinone, a poor little lab rat would probably need an MAOI, they must get awfully depressed.


    • Addiction my arse! Leg nailed this the other day (natural/unnatural stimulus of pleasure centres). Sure I’d be pissed off if I could no longer smoke just like if I would no longer have a wank or have a beer, but it wouldn’t be the end of my world and I definately would not go out robbing or offering sexual favours!


      • Myk
        The addiction bit in the headlines is part of the compulsory flannel, you won’t get funding without it and if you say that nicotine doesn’t seem to be addictive because of the 98.4 failure rate, the makers of patches won’t be a bit pleased with you.

        Nicotine was judged to be addictive in 1994 despite considerable scientific opposition,to do it they had to change the definition of addiction by removing the previous requirement that the substance causedintoxication, so now addiction means you continuing to do anything they’ve repeatedly told you not to, like eat sugar or salt.

        US ruling turns smokers into junkies – 1994

        “Nicotine is addictive, a panel of experts on drug abuse decided last week. The decision leaves the door open for the US Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco as it does other addictive substances.

        Over the past few months, the FDA’s commissioner, David Kessler, has been campaigning for tobacco to be regulated in the same way as many other drugs.

        To do so legally, he must demonstrate that nicotine is a powerful drug, and that the tobacco companies depend on nicotine’s addictiveness to keep smokers smoking.”


    • It’s never been an addiction. I found that out on a 19-hour flight to China in 1990 or thereabouts. If I was an addict I would have been a wreck by the end of it, clamouring for a smoke. I wasn’t. I waited until I got to the hotel.

      Back then the ‘addiction’ part hadn’t been pushed too hard. Now that smokers are convinced they are addicted they find it hard to stop. I knew many people before then who stopped smoking because it was too expensive or they just weren’t interested any more. There are fewer like that now. They worry about ‘cold turkey’ and withdrawal symptoms, they make loads of money for those who ‘help them quit’ when all they have to really do to stop is… stop.

      I didn’t know it was 1994 that they officially changed the definition of addiction to include anything anyone likes doing. By that token I am addicted to building models and writing. The new definition fits those better than it fits smoking – I write more than I smoke!

      I’m a wordaholic!


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