Oh bugger.

I was supposed to add two more Tabber’s Tales to the list this weekend while the Boss is away. However, I don’t have sufficient access – I can add new posts but not edit the page!

It’s my fault – I should have checked this out before the Boss took leave – but I have a phone number. I’m not phoning tonight, it’s far too late now, best leave it until tomorrow.

If it can’t be fixed by phone, there will be three tales on Monday. There are over the 28 required, we’ve already made it, but they won’t go up daily.

Damn, just when I thought everything was going so well today.

UPDATE – Since I can’t edit the page, and only have the power to add posts to the homepage, I have put the day 27 tabber’s tale up as a separate post. Just to keep things rolling.

The Boss will fix this when she returns and when she has finished beating me with a big box of duty-frees.


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