28 days later.

Octabber has succeeded even though I messed up by not checking I had the right permissions to do the job.

The day 28 Tabber’s Tale is now online – in the wrong place, but Da Boss will fix it tomorrow. What matters is that the Octabber Resistance did not miss a day. There are spares too. They will not be wasted. Da Boss has a plan.

I, however, am wasted. So I’m going to sleep. Beer and whisky is a bad combination that will hurt in the morning. Fortunately I don’t start work until the afternoon.



15 thoughts on “28 days later.

  1. Beer and whisky is a bad combination

    To quote the boyhood rhyme, “Beer to whisky is pretty risky, but from whiskey to beer you need not fear.”

    But hangovers are still hangovers. I stopped drinking to excess (whomever he might have been) when the hangovers lasted past breakfast the next day. The obvious solution would have been to eat breakfast before going to bed, but that seemed to be beyond my ability.


    • Ah, but beer before bedtime means nocturnal bladder activity. There comes an age where you have to switch to shorts later in the evening or you’re going to have to get out of bed at least once.

      Still, raise your glass and drink – ‘To Excess!’

      Next Smoky-Drinky, I’ll make that the standard toast.


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