Enzyme experiment, day 1

I had three phone calls today from a company I haven’t heard from in years. The Lab might be revived at long last! I still intend to keep the little janitor job because lab jobs are random and bills are not, but if this works out it could be a very drunk New Year.

Right, the experiment. I took the first set out tonight. There has been some leakage from at least one bag but the leakage smells like wet tobacco so I’m not worried. I’m not keeping the juice this time, the Electrofag experiment will be different. That will involve extraction, this does not.

They all look the same to me –

dayoneTo recap – ‘1’ is untreated, just water. ‘2’ is 1 tablet per 100 ml and ‘3’ is two tablets per 100 ml. A click should biggulate the image.

To me, 1 and 5 smell the same. 3 smells a bit harsher. Other than that, they look and smell like the results of Junican’s wadding treatment. They’ve gone a lot darker in the 24 hours and they are more aromatic but the control is as good as the double-strength enzyme one at the moment.

At this stage I am wondering if the Alaskan barber’s results stemmed more from warming wet baccy than from the added enzymes.

When they are dry enough to smoke, the true test will begin. Tomorrow I have to look at the 48 hour incubations.

Early indications though are that it’s more to do with ‘warm, wet and no air for mould’ than anything to do with enzymes.

The experiment continues.


2 thoughts on “Enzyme experiment, day 1

  1. First of all, best wishes that someone might once again be willing to pay you to use your training and inclination. Better than not working at all, if you can find that sort of job.

    My tobacco company trained me to check cigarette freshness three ways (Processed tobacco does not go bad so much as it dries out too much to use comfortably). We used to check date codes on the cartons (goal being to rotate back to the factory product older than nine months from manufacture), remove from retail and send back any packages still in outdated packs (for example, if they’ve added a sparkly rainbow to the packs, remove all nonrainbow packs), and since the individual packs had no date codes we would hold the pack to our ear and gently crush the pack. Old tobacco (it is just dry, it’s not unuseable) ‘crunches’ with a distinct sound.

    Experienced salesmen also knew that if the cigarettes were just too dry that they could be refreshed simply by touching them your wet tongue just before smoking them. Some of the roll-your-own tobacco was still marketed in cloth sacks with drawstring closure so we would heat a bowl of water until steam rose, then put the sacked tobacco in the steam until it took on moisture.

    I realise that you are trying to do something entirely different. I mention this just in case someone might be helped. As the number of tobacco salespeople decline, finding stale tobacco at retail becomes more commonplace.


    • A few years back I had a pack of very dry Cutter’s Choice from Tesco. Never bought it from there again, even though rehydrating it was no big deal. At the price of tobacco, I expect a damn good product!

      I have not, and will not, buy anything from behind the Doors of Shame. If they can’t manage to sell me fresh stuff pre-doors, what on Earth must it be like now? Crumbling into dust or mummified?

      You’re right about the loss of experience in tobacco sales. Shops don’t seem to even put smokers on the tobacco counter (addicts, you see, will simply crack up when exposed to that much drug) and even at my last visit, about a year ago, they had to search for what I wanted even though I could see it. There are no local tobacconists any more, the best I’ve seen is online specialists. With business rates on top of tobacco duty and VAT, a high street tobacconist would struggle.

      As for the job, the question was ‘Can you turn these sugar wastes into lactic acid in your lab?’

      My first thought was ‘I can do that in my kitchen’. Obviously I didn’t say that!

      Like all companies nowadays, cost is paramount but I can do this cheap. It’ll only last 6 – 8 weeks even if it goes ahead so I’ll still be The Janitor in Local Shop. I still need the bill-covering background job for now.

      Until Hollywood finds my books 😉


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