Song for the Drones

It is, it seems, what they want.



10 thoughts on “Song for the Drones

  1. Leg, I don’t know whether I feel comfortable with you characterizing these people as drones. I’ve interacted with many of them over the years out on the message boards, and some of them are obviously both highly intelligent and quite literate.

    Actually, just earlier this evening I was engaging in a discussion with one of our American Antismokers, and while I’ll spare you the preliminaries, I think you’ll be as impressed as I was at how adroitly he countered my arguments while laying out and elaborating upon his own thesis. The complexity of the lines of reasoning is stunning, so much so that my opponent felt compelled to emulate Platonic dialogue with himself under different appellations.

    In the end, I simply felt incapable of fully responding on my own and simply turned to the weak recourse of referring the fellow to a website…

    {Note: the first line of each segment is the name of the speaker on the board}


    Urin into the smokers face
    There is no evidence that urin is bad for you. It even gets used for medical treatments. So if you think I have to tolerate you blowing the extrem toxic smoke into my face, than you should tolerat that I throw urin into your face, right? If you are so tolerant then it should be no problem for you to have my urin in your face, right?


    Freedom to shit
    If smokers are allowed to throw their stinky smoke into my face and call it liberty, than it is my freedom to shit into their face. I demand the freedom to shit into smokers faces! If a smoker does not like it, then he must be a COMMUNIST, NAZI and TYRANN, because if we do not like their smoke in our face and on our clouths, than we get labeld in the same way. Equal rights for everyon! Liberty is the freedom, to shit whereever I want and to threw the shit inot the smokers face. Of course I will do it only outside, than it shout be all right!


    freedom to shit
    I agree. I am a libertarian. I do not want to have big government to take away my liberty to shit into smokers’ faces! I demand the freedom to shit into smokers faces!


    Freedom to pie wherever I want
    Yeah, it is my right to pie around and expecially into the smokers face as much as I like. This is freedom and liberty. Hoever whants to take this born right away from me, even dogs have, is a NAZI, COMMUNIST and TYRANN!


    Michael J. McFadden
    I think I’ve mentioned this to one of your personalities before, but you may have missed it: It sounds like you are suffering from a very sad mental disorder known as ASDS: AntiSmokers’ Dysfunction Syndrome. See: for more information. The antismoking campaign has obviously severely impacted your life in a negative way, and likely the lives of those close to you who have to deal with the illness secondhand.

    *DO* try to get some help.

    – MJM.


    It’ll be fun to watch the response. It’s amazing how often they give themselves away as ACTUALLY being mental patients by the anger at the suggestion that they have mental problems! LOL!



    • He’s definitely pied off, but right about urin you TYRANN.

      And it might not be common and garden brown shit coming your way either….

      ‘This medication causes urine and sometimes stools to turn blue-green.’

      Wonder if he speaks like he writes? The movie ‘Deliverance’ comes to mind, though wouldn’t have thought SHS is a big issue in the backwoods…


    • Blimey, can this one even spell IQ?

      Two things really wind them up on forums. Either ignore all insults and act as though you’re having a conversation with someone who is rational, or ignore them completely and talk around them. That requires all the sensible commenters to do the same though.

      The troll who visited here a couple of years ago spent ages hunting me down on the internet so he could post ‘I know who you are’.

      I had to point out that my name is on the cover of all those books (except the two by someone I made up) and all the covers were on the blog. If I’m trying to sell books, hiding isn’t going to help.

      I see ‘Nazi-bigot-paedo’ has become ‘Nazi-communist-Tyrann’ now. Interesting combination from those who insist Hitler was right-wing. I don’t know what a Tyrann is, some kind of lizard?


  2. Don’t worry, Boyz ‘n’ Grrlz. What you are experiencing is the logical adsurdity of a style of ‘reasoning’ wherein you simply shout down the opponent without addressing the opponent’s arguments.

    It is brutally effective.

    “Don’t bother me with facts; what matters here is how I feel about the facts.”


      • On the – sort of – subject of which, watched QT last night for the first time in months. Nigel F was on being wildly applauded for a position that was consistent with one that had elicited metaphorical cries of ‘foul’ from the typically dysfunctional audience. The appalling Soubry was also on – leaving aside that she’s condescending and aggressive, she’s most peculiar, making weird grimaces and doing a bad impression of Thatcher. If she’d been my GP I wouldn’t have been back for a second consultation….


  3. Welllll, if that person really feels that strongly, I have a game for him.

    We will find the nearest police officer and I will blow smoke on the officer while he pees and shits on the officer’s shoes and legs.

    I promise that I will send flowers to him in the hospital. 🙂


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