When the symptom becomes the cause.

A new low in science.

Having a younger looking face lets you live longer.

Long pause.

Yes, science has come to this. Instead of ‘low stress, good life, no illness gives you a younger look’ we have ‘if you have a younger look you will live a healthier life.’

The good part is that fewer and fewer people fall for this rubbish now. It’s been comprehensively ripped a new one in the comments. I especially like this one –

 Lilia, Cambridge – UK, 5 hours ago –
Yeah, and women who look healthier are often healthier than women who look unwell. Any other pearls of wisdom?

People have lost faith in politicians, the law, doctors and science. I have no sympathy, they brought it on themselves. And they continue to make it worse every day.

Politics, law, science and medicine will have to undergo a Reformation and purge themselves of the loonies but they have to do that from within. If anyone from outside tries, they’ll close ranks. Leave them to it.

Total collapse is imminent for all of them. They fix it or they fall.

Either way is fine with me.



21 thoughts on “When the symptom becomes the cause.

    • The comments there are full of the same old ‘irrefutable facts’ backed up by ‘because I say so’. Also in evidence are the standard tales of woe that are so standard they cannot be real – unless the drones really do live the lives of clones where huge swathes of them have identical life experiences!

      The shills are so blatant, and yet the drones won’t see it. As long as it fits their prejudices it can be as mad as it likes.


  1. Pure girly science. Not surprised there was a girly involved.
    As an aside did you catch that strange research a few days ago that “showed” soldiers recruited at 16 are more likely to suffer shell shock after a posting than soldiers recruited at 18 or older.
    This did not relate to 16,and 17 year olds being exposed to battle conditions whilst clearly too young, just that, even as 24 or 25 year olds or whatever, they were more likely to get shell shock (or what ever it is called),. What the hell does the Army do to them for two years to soften them up instead of leaving them with their mothers for two more years to be turned into ruthless killers. Weird. And I thought “climate science” had plumbed the depths.
    Hugely entertaining though.


    • In defence of the ladies, I have taught quite a few girls to PhD and MSc who have good quality publications to their names and who were proper scientists. (Yes indeed, you do an eight week M.Sc. project with me and I am thinking ‘publication quality’ from the outset. Not all project/student combinations made it, but at least they all passed).

      On the other hand, I have come across quite a few who had the attitude ‘I am a woman, you must give me preferential treatment’ to which I can only respond ‘Okay. I will nag you harder than I nag the others’.

      The former would be the ones turning out work the newspapers aren’t interested in, because they can’t understand it. The latter are doing the sort of ‘look at me’ nonsense science that the Daily Mail loves. Easy to understand because it’s simple science for simple people. Soundbites without substance.

      It’s not a ‘female’ thing. There were really really good and really really bad male students too. They took the same paths afterwards.

      I can’t fathom out the military one. Unless, perhaps, the 16-year-olds have had two years of thinking the Army is all about ‘marching up and down a bit’ before getting a real posting, while the 18-year-olds have less time to get complacent before they go into a real situation? Other than that, it looks like yet another tenuous cause/effect link.


  2. I see, so having watched my boat and body age beyond my years over the course of the last twenty five years or so it now seems that it was nothing to do with the chronic medical condition that I have had for more than half my life but rather my old face that was at fault. Damn, if only I’d known I would never have chucked out that portrait in the attic.


  3. Those in the lowest risk group looked more than two years younger then those in the highest risk group – so two and half years younger, then…

    The experiment involved 514 adults with an average age of 63 – don’t know about anyone else but I can’t tell the difference between a 25 and 27 year old let alone a 70 and 72 year old…

    “The exciting thing is that further investigations will enable exact pinpointing of the feature in the face that signposts an individual’s blood pressure.” (Dr Gunn, Senior Scientist) – bet medics are beside themselves with the excitement of anticipating not having to fiddle on with that pesky cuff and pump that takes…about one minute….


    • Dunno if any of you are fans of the Doc Martin series, but in the first episode, with his usual characteristic charm, he starts intently staring into the eyes of a cute female passenger on the train. She gets clearly uncomfortable, but he doesn’t stop… he actually leans in closer and keeps staring!

      She jumps up in a huff and takes off while, behind her she hears him say, “Come back! I’m not done yet!”

      Well… ten minutes later she’s in a meeting with a board of directors or somesuch about the new surgeon who’s come to town with such fine recommendations and they’re all pleased as punch.

      And then in walks Doc Martin of course and she’ practically has a stroke and declares NO WAY is this weirdo ever going to get the position.

      Eventually, he explains that she has incipient glaucoma or somesuch (which, being the uber-clever-diagnostician that he is, he was able to tell just by looking into her eyes.)



      • What I love about Doc Martin is that PC means no more than two awkward letters on QWERTY. As a non-medic, I’ve also diagnosed him as suffering from Aspergers :>


        • Aspergers is an interesting one. Nobody really ‘suffers’ from it, it’s just a different way of thinking. Those around might suffer but the Asperger’s thinker won’t care – probably won’t notice.

          The most comical claim I ever heard was from someone who claimed to have Asperger’s and who went to group therapy about it. If you are Asperger’s you have no interest in such meetings. As with the ‘oh, it’s terrible, he can’t cope with parties’ thing. It’s not a case of ‘can’t cope’, it’s a case of ‘don’t want to be there’. The stress is not from the diagnosed ‘condition’ but from being pressured into an unpleasant situation.

          Like all these mental conditions it is vastly over-diagnosed. I don’t like parties, don’t give a crap what anyone thinks of me, have no interset in political correctness and can spend days without seeing another human being without, sometimes, even realising I haven’t seen anyone. Especially if I’m caught up in writing. If I were to visit a doctor I’d definitely get an Asperger’s diagnosis and they might push it into full autism – except I have no trouble looking people straight in the eye. These days, a lot of people find that disturbing. The older ones are fine with eye contact, the younger ones don’t like it so much. One more generation and it’ll be classed as assault.

          Yes, Doc Martin fits the Aspergers criteria (the proper criteria) – especially the episode where his mother visits and tells him his father’s died. But like all other so-called ‘disorders’ (in the old days they were just ‘differences’ when they weren’t actually debilitating or dangerous) they’ve been diluted to the point where everyone can have them.

          That’s equality, I suppose 😉


      • If he was my GP I’d visit, possibly more often than once every few decades. It would make a nice change from the politically correct stilted conversations I’ve had in the past.


    • When you put it that way, the word ‘phrenology’ pops into my head. Feeling the bumps on your head to determine whether you are a good man or a criminal. It was utterly debunked as nonsense a long time ago – looks like that one’s back again.

      They’ll be looking for the Philosopher’s Stone again soon – if they aren’t already.


  4. Agreed LI on proper female scientists. Would I be a fool and even think to argue with you on your home territory. Good God no.
    But you are talking about real science done by real scientists male or female.
    I saw that article as a product of that other science—girly science that allows crap like::-
    Those in the lowest risk group looked more than two years younger then those in the highest risk group – so two and half years younger,

    How was that measured? They didn’t use that new “LookOmeter” did they? Non-rigourous subjective nonsense stuff. Lots of feelings involved.
    I recall challenging a woman on some output/target/personal performance stats once because they just seems dubious.and the reply was that the subject had had her cat killed by a car and was upset so she altered her figures to help her a bit. Thank god she didn’t work in the Treasury. Maybe she does now.


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