Double shifts this week, and odd ones too. Two hours starting at 8:30 am, then evening starting at 2:30 pm. It’s a long day with a four hour lunch break.

It’ll take a day or two to reset my sleeping patterns. In the meantime, Junican is considering the latest smoker-hate from the Bordermen, Frank Davis has the latest on the vile capitalisation of human suffering by the Church of the Green God and the next companies to be silenced by the tobacco template will be the energy companies.

Best stock up on candles.

Back at some random time after sleep…



11 thoughts on “Knackered.

  1. XX Double shifts this week, and odd ones too. Two hours starting at 8:30 am, then evening starting at 2:30 pm.XX

    EVENING starts at 14:30!?

    BUT, this is why I stay WELLLL clear of bosses that ask you at the interview “Are you flexible?”

    What they really mean is “YOU, arsehole! You will be a fucking idiot and slave, and be at my beck and call 24 hours per day! You got family? FUCK THEM! You belong to ME now!!!”

    In fact, much like a prospect in a Motorbike club.


    • ” “YOU, arsehole! You will be a fucking idiot and slave, and be at my beck and call 24 hours per day! You got family? FUCK THEM! You belong to ME now!!!”

      LOL you’ve just described every Security firm I ever worked for. Without exception. I actually ended up having our home phone number changed and made Ex Directory to stop my boss phoning me EVERY free day I had. I’d work 27 nights a months in a row and have 3 or 4 days off in one piece…except you could guarantee there’d be a call…

      Got my own back though on one of them. I was on site in Hessen but my boss was at home in Bavaria with his family cos it was a bank holiday in Bavaria that day BUT not in Hessen. We had a problem on site so I rang him at home…at lunchtime. My colleagues were all backing away as I made the call and were saying things like ‘OMG! You mustn’t phone the boss at home ON HIS DAY OFF! That isn’t allowed!’.

      Apparently my boss was so offended that I had dared to disturb his bank holiday dinner that he complained to the company’s owners…who dragged me over the coals to express their S H O C K that anyone would D A R E etc etc

      Boss never rang me at home again after that though. He knew that he could reach me on my cell until I turned off the autobahn at 06:30 (after night shift) and then that was it. Incommunicado.


      • “Security” was the very thing I was thinking of. (But all firms seem to be like that now.)

        “Security” and ex-Police go together like traffic cop and Donuts! (Or Detectives and Pizzas.)

        Crap pay as well, yet they expect the same risk taking as a real cop!

        Was with a firm one time in Manchester.

        12 hour shifts, after tax, 1… yes ONE(!) pound per hour!

        Shift end came, no relief. Rang the boss, “Oh, then you must work a double shift.”

        End of second shift came, no relief. Rang the boss. “Oh, well we can not leave the post empty, you will have to work another shift. (!)

        End of third shift. No relief. Rang the boss.


        This was in the days before mobile phones, the post had no phone, so I had to find a PX (Public call box). And the bastards never did pay my call costs!

        “Firm loyalty” is all well and good. But as with respect, it has to be earned. NO firm has shown me that they deserve it.


        • FT quick personal question, I worked in Security in the 90’s in the BRD and had to take the 3 day IHK course. If I wanted to work security in Germany now would I need to take any other licence (obviously firearms licence is separate). If I’ve asked you that before then sorry, old age.


          • Yes. The IHK course ( § 34a GewO.) But it is longer than 3 days… more like three to six months, if not longer, and includes such things as general security work (“reception”, patroling, etc), plus law, self defence, fire-arms instruction, personel protection (body guard, basically), First aid, and fitness.


            Not unlike the police training. Except the police needs five years to University level, in criminal/police law, Police procedure, StPO, StGB, StVO, and three or four “Praktika” in between.


            • Thanks for the linky. Looks like my 15 year old 3 day IHK-gemaess Abs.34 is now a 10 day course. I note with interest ,and a sinking heart , that they now require mastery of written & spoken German -never used to be the case. I shall have to apply myself to my Heine more..Wer auf der Straße räsoniert,
              Wird unverzüglich füsiliert (for the non German speakers: “Whoever debates/protests in public is to be shot by firing squad asap”)


    • At the moment, I am flexible. To the extent that I’ll do early shifts for short periods sometimes.

      Permanent early shifts – no chance. There are vacancies for the bakery, easier and less disgusting job than mine but 6 am start – five days a week – every week.

      Not. A. Chance!


  2. Off the topic of knackeredness but i just got this…and no it isn’t a joke:
    ” Ferrero : STOP making SEXIST kinder eggs!
    By Jessica Holland

    Sign the Petition

    For some utterly bizarre reason, the marketing people behind the beloved children’s treat “Kinder Egg” have decided to take us back to 1955 with their new gender stereotyped campaign.

    Apparently, children must choose between the pink fashion dolls choice or the blue sprinty ranges.

    As a child, I adored the Kinder “Surprise” range, the whole joy being the surprise of the toy inside. Now that element seems to have been denied to our young generation, and they will only get a suitably gender stereotyped toy.

    In terms of reinforcing outdated and indeed dangerous stereotypes in young children, this is an appalling step backwards! We really need to get this range off our shelves as soon as possible, and allow children the joy of a being able to play with one of the few truly gender neutral toys out there.

    There is no doubt this is shocking sexism, and both dangerous and stifling to children’s development.

    We need to promote equality in the next generation, not put young people into boxes which define their future opportunities and potential.

    Please Kinder, stop this outrageous campaign at once and give children back their surprise. ”

    There is no hope for humanity….


    • Sexist chocolate eggs. Surely eggs are inherently sexist, since only the female of each species can produce them? Surely the eating of eggs is akin to consuming an unborn life? Isn’t a fried egg effectively an abortion?

      Extending that further – any seed foods such as wheat, peas, beans, soya, rice etc are all living things with the potential to become new living organisms. A bowl of rice is ten thousand abortions!

      I love meeting these people in person. Their logic is so easily taken to extremes, while remaining perfectly within their own version of logic, so they can’t get out.


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