The Bull Brand Electrofag.

Poundland stock the Bull Brand Electrofag, which strangely cannot be found on either company’s website. Poundland website pretends to stock no smoking materials but the shop is full of them. Anyway, back to The Bull Brand Electrofag.

This is a straightforward non-rechargeable Electrofag with 18 mg nicotine strength. I think in Vapeland that’s considered ‘medium’.  It’s one of those that looks like a cigarette and claims to be the equivalent of 10 real cigarettes.

I believe a pack of 10 costs, in the UK, somewhere around £3 – £4 but it’s been a long time since I bought any. Do we still have 10-packs or have they been banned yet? Anyway, the Bull Brand Electrofag costs one shiny British pound. Just one.

This sort of thing seems like a good idea to me. If you are a smoker thinking of trying out Electrofag and you look on vaper forums, it all looks very complicated and although it’s much cheaper than paying shop prices for tobacco in the long run, that first kit is often not cheap. Suppose you don’t like it after you’ve spent £30 – £50 or more on the recommended Electrofag Super Plus with Extra Stuff and loads of different types of juice?

If you want to get a feel for Electrofag without risking a pot of cash, try the one-pound one.

I bought one today (It’s one pound, it’s a gadget, how could I resist?) even though I have a few Electrofags in various guises already. So does it do what it says on the pack?

I have no idea whether it will last for the equivalent of 10 normal cigarettes because I haven’t had a ‘normal’ one for over a year now. I’ve had rollies, pipes, tubes stuffed to varying degrees with various types and brands of tobacco including home grown but the shop-bought ‘normal’ ones, I have no idea. It doesn’t really matter whether it lasts for the equivalent of 10 smokes or not, it’s a trial-run gadget for a pound. Look at it that way. You can try the Electrofag everyone is raving about and only risk an amount of money that doesn’t really buy much else anyway.

Mine worked straight out of the packet. Take a puff, the end lights up and ‘smoke’ appears. It passed the smoke ring test too.

The appearance is good, it looks just like a cigarette and the weight is much less than equivalent rechargeables – probably because it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery. It’s still heavier than a cigarette but I can type with it hanging from my lips – something I can’t do with most Electrofags.

My one big gripe with all Electrofags has always been the taste. By which I mean the tobacco-flavour taste. The reason I still have all mine is that it is a lot of fun to ‘smoke’ coffee, brandy, apples, even roast chicken, but the tobacco flavour has always been crap.

In this, the Bull Brand Electrofag is no different. The tobacco flavour just isn’t right at all. However it is no worse than any other and is actually a little milder in flavour which is, I think, better. Less of that strange aftertaste that ‘tobacco flavour’ always leaves behind.

This seems to be because e-juice makers concentrate on the nicotine content over the tobacco flavour. They, like most people, have accepted that smoking is all about the nicotine and that everything else comes second to that. Which is wrong – if it was all about the nicotine then the patches and gum would work.

Consider – if it was only about nicotine, wouldn’t you much rather stick on a patch than have to keep leaving the pub for a ‘nicotine fix’? Nobody does that so it’s obvious that smoking is not all about the nicotine.

The flavour matters. The smoke matters. In fact – forget the nicotine. That’s a side issue. Forget about worrying how much nicotine is in Electrofag and concentrate on getting a good flavour in the steam. As long as there is some, it will work. Some vapers might vape more if they have a low-nicotine juice, but I bet they won’t if they don’t know it’s low-nicotine. Even if they do, so what? They are only inhaling a bit more steam. All that will do is help clear their sinuses and in the current cold weather that would be… ooooo wait.

I have always had rapidly-filling sinuses in the cold weather. I don’t get many actual colds but cold air makes my face fill. What works is a) carrying plenty of paper hankies and b) sucking on those menthol sweets. I hadn’t thought of simply carrying a portable steam generator around. I wonder if puffing on an Electrofag on the way to work would do the trick? Has to be worth a try, especially as it has the potential to terrify drones at the same time.

Back to the point. The Bull Brand Electrofag probably won’t last long, it was only a pound after all, but it smokes okay and it tastes… well it tastes like any other Electrofag with tobacco flavour juice.

Overall, it gives a decent sample of what to expect from Electrofag without splashing out on all the bits and bobs. There are much more sophisticated devices out there, sure, but they cost money.

If I had tried this one before trying all the others, it would not have put me off. It’s just enough to be intriguing. If you have been wondering about Electrofag but don’t want to spend too much on something you might hate, the Bull Brand Electrofag is a good sampler.

And it can give much more than a pound’s worth of entertainment. Because it looks like a lit cigarette when it use, try taking a puff and dropping it into your shirt pocket. Or puffing away for a while, ‘stubbing it out’ by grinding it into your palm and then pocketing it quickly.

Don’t do that drunk though. Especially if you still smoke real ones.

You wouldn’t want to make a mistake.


28 thoughts on “The Bull Brand Electrofag.

  1. they have the ezi-cig ones at our £1 shop in medium & high strength, they are pretty much how you describe the bull brand ones but claim to be equivalent to 20 normal ciggies. 2 lasted my son just over a week using them during the day at work.


    • It’s hard to work out the ‘equivalent’ part because you can take one puff and put it away, or ‘smoke’ it for fifteen minutes.

      Still, I bet the antis will be enraged that Bull Brand are effectively selling a ‘pack of ten’.


  2. Is there a “knack” to vaping? I only ask because I did splash out and buy one of the E-lite brands, just for use in emergencies – no intention of giving up at all – but was disappointed to find that my first few puffs made me hack and cough more than any cigarette has ever done, even in my very early days of smoking (and I inhaled real smoke from day one). The steam just seems to make my throat seize up completely, a bit like when you breathe in a bit of water whilst swimming. Now and again I’d manage to take a “successful” puff, but the next ones would involve all the same coughing and spluttering and “right up from the diaphragm” choking. Is vaping, like smoking, something that some people can do easily, whereas other people just can’t do it at all?


    • It did take me a while to get the hang of it. You don’t have to ‘pull’ as hard as with tobacco and what you’re inhaling is different to smoke. I found, to start with, I had more control with the ‘press-button’ ones than with the auto ones.

      As you say though, some smokers just don’t take to them at all. That’s what makes the cheap sampler versions a good idea. A way to try before you spend too much.


    • I started on E-Lites, there appeared an E-Lite agent in the market not far from me. They were terrible. The battery didn’t last more than a couple of hours and new cartomisers were dried out before even opening them. The agent told me that the cartomisers came from China, and that E-Lite were having problems with them drying out in transit. Before long I moved up to the push button cigs with a refillable tank, and from then on I stopped smoking because the e-cigs were every bit as satisfying as my rollies had been. At the time I had no intention to quit smoking, the e-cig was just for convenience at work but it just happened.

      I had the cough too at first. Apparently, so I was told, you will cough for the first few puffs of the e-cig but if you are persistent the cough quickly subsides. This is true. Apparently you will get the cough as a result of smoking as well as vaping, but in my experience, for quite a while I was smoking more than vaping and the cough gradually disappeared as I started to use the e-cigs more, so I think its a matter of fighting your way through the cough and getting used to the e-cigs, then you will be able to smoke and vape without problems.

      LI – you should try the Totally Wicked Titan fluid – Blended Virginia. That tastes extremely close to Golden Virginia in my opinion, though there is a slight overtone of chocolate.


      • Now that I can fine-shred baccy, the extraction of ‘own-brand’ vaping juice is on the horizon. Extraction from the chunks of leaf I could cut before was never going to be good. Plant cells are tough so most extraction is going to be from the cut ends. With a 0.8mm shred, I now have a hell of a lot of cut ends per gram of leaf.

        Working on it…


    • Back in the late ’80s or early ’90s RJR introduced a cig brand called “Premier” as a ‘smokeless cigarette’. It made it through the product idea folks, made it through development, made it through marketing, made it all the way through the product pipeline right into retail outlets.

      Whereupon customers (damn their hides) took one puff and to a smoker said, “Yuck!”

      All I could compare it to would be it tasted as I imagine sucking on a lit charcoal briquette would taste.


        • No, there was a point. We were flailing about (turned out to be more like failing about) trying just about anything to blunt the smoking nazis. Actually, I guess it was more like those ‘self-critique’ sessions the Commies so enjoyed.

          Perfect 20/20 hindsight reveals that a hearty “Fuck You” would have been no more damaging to our company, and would have had the added benefit of giving ourselves the nice, warm, self-congradulatory feeling you get when you tell the bullies off.


          • I find nothing beats the quiet smile and the calm, measured, ‘No’.

            It will get more effective as we have more and more coming up who have never heard the word. They’ll probably want to ban it. As in ‘Planet of the Apes’.


    • On second thoughts…if you want beer, drink beer – don’t eat crisps. If you want a real smoke – don’t suck on Electrofag.

      I don’t know! Maybe Big Tobacco will perfect the product. Maybe Big Pharma. One thing’s for sure, watching the Anti’s tie themselves in intellectual and moral knots over this one will be good to watch.


      • Big Pharma will come up with some ridiculous-looking thing based on nicotine and tasting of dried cow crap. Big Tobacco might do better but why would they? They don’t have to – they already have the tobacco!

        Electrofag horrifies the antis, and that is a big part of its appeal. It’s also a gadget, a geek-magnet. The most fun part is smoking the odd flavours.

        If I want tobacco flavour though, I light up some tobacco. I haven’t seen anything like a good substitute for that yet.


    • I don;t know that I’d ever go fully-vaping, but I’d certainly make more use of Electrofag if it tasted right. Well, I suppose, if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself 😉


  3. My opinion of the cheap disposables hasn’t changed much since I ‘reviewed’ one for N2D

    But I do always have one (a cheap chinese rechargeable) with me for various things…like when stopped by Customs or getting up the noses of the Righteous.

    SH tells me that some of the ‘proper’ ones now taste close to a real ciggy but at £lotsa I can’t be bothered.


    • £lotsa – that’s the stumbling block. Risking big bucks on something that might be almost, but not quite, like smoking.

      What the world needs is a recipe for an Electrofag juice that tastes like the real thing 😉


    • That last line of the article translates as ‘I made this brain-zapper and am looking for a use for it. Nobody cares if I zap smokers in my experiments so I’ll pretend it works on them’. Shades of Dr. Mengele.

      Hmmm… haven’t the antismokers recently been experimenting on twins too?


  4. Just occasionally I pine for a Passing Cloud – the strongest fag I ever tried. I remember once smoking several in the pictures (thats movie house these days and it’s not allowed). The brown nicotine stains on my fingers were truly impressive…


    • I admit I had never heard of Passing Cloud ciggies and have just googled; have to say the packet was very elegant.(…enough to turn any wannabe-government-minister’s teeny head. ) I bet they tasted as good as they looked.


    • I’ve noticed an interesting thing re: Brownfinger (oho, song idea there, if I can get Shirley Bassey to sing it – or maybe Smoky Basset – ‘Brownfinger, he’s the man, the man with the third hand touch…’)

      I get really brown fingerstains on rollups but not when smoking tubed ones. I smoke tubed at work because I get short ad-hoc breaks and don’t want to spend time rolling, but if I get a few days off I smoke rollies. It only takes a day or two to change from one to the other.

      So if there is a future job interview coming up I just switch to tubes and Brownfinger becomes undetectable.

      You know, there’s a whole screenplay in there.

      Arnott 007: ‘So, Brownfinger, you expect me to smoke?’ (as the lit cigarette travels up the table where OO7 is tied)

      Brownfinger: ‘No, Dreadful, I expect you to die’.

      Except, in this version, Brownfinger wins.


    • If I could spare money to buy shares, they’d be on my list. Ever-expanding range of products catering to a large part of the population who feel despised by the big supermarkets. Products suited to the DIY movement among smokers which is bound to grow as the antismokers (including government) push the remaining tax-paying smokers harder and harder.

      I can see it reaching a tipping point where suddenly, so many smokers take up the DIY option that the revenue from smoking crashes. The government will never see it coming and will not understand it when it does. Then they will try to ban the growing of tobacco.

      That’s why I’m trying to breed a ‘wild’ version.


  5. I dunno if leggy has shares in them, but I have shares in Morrison’s and the took a beating today. SO GO TO Morrisons and buy their 3 barrels brandy at £11 a bottle – get a £3 off £20 voucher (local paper here) – buy three bottles – £10 a bottle, maybe my shares will go back up! ohh and just in time for my Christmas stock!


    • Ah, I haven’t bought whisky in Morrison’s for a few weeks, that’ll be why the share price is down.

      I wonder if it has anything to do with the Doors of Shame? I hear Tesco haven’t done so well recently either. If smokers don’t want to buy their tobacco there, why would they buy the rest of their shopping there? Why make two trips?

      It would be interesting to see the sales breakdown for each department.


  6. I bought one of the more expensive E-Fags, and smoked no real fags for over a week, and then largely reduced for another two weeks, so it has more or less paid for itself. But it is only a substitute, and not a cure.
    I make my own with one of they new fangled machines and empty tubes which cut the cost somewhat, which is probably what it is all about for me. I am too bloody old to care if it is killing me.
    So now I use the E-Fag when I am driving, or in places where smoking is not allowed. It partially works for me.
    I suspect that they will make a brief killing and then disappear. Unless you really want to stop. Which I don’t.
    Smoking has been my prop throughout my entirely emotional mess of a life, and kept me going when I probably should have been in a loony bin due to circumstances beyond my control which I won’t bore you with.

    My Dad and my Granddad, blah, blah, blah, smoked 60 untipped woodbines a day and both lived to be 90. Let’s hope it works for me as I do quite like being alive.


    • I also tend to make extensive use of the Electrofag whenever I get a new one but the baccy creeps back. The Electrofags still get used but really, mostly for fun.

      A lot of people have gone over to vaping and they love it but for me, it’s not a replacement. Not even a substitute. It’s a gadget with play potential and great for tormenting the antis. Smoking something that looks like a pen or a USB stick or (the latest) like Dr. Who’s sonic smokedriver (wait – didn’t William Hartnell’s Doctor have a pipe? Or did I dream it?) causes confusion. The best is still the realistic one though. Take a puff, the end brightens like the real thing, blow ‘smoke’ and drop what appears to be a lit cigarette into your shirt pocket. The looks of disgust turn to confusion, then horror, then confusion again when you take it out and carry on ‘smoking’.

      But it’s not a full time thing for me and will probably never be. I like it but I like real smoking more. And as you say, I’m really past the age where I could be expected to give a shit about ‘long term effects’.

      Unlike the antis, I recognise that I have a finite lifespan and intend to enjoy it as long as it lasts. Self-denial does not lead to immortality and I wouldn’t do it if it did. An eternity of boredom? What’s the point?


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