Smoking causes international diplomatic incidents.

That’ll be the next warning on packs.

The Spanish vendetta against Gibraltar is, all of a sudden, a way to crack down on cross-border tobacco smuggling. Yeah. Right.

Why are the Spanish bothering with smuggling? If it can grow in Scotland it can grow so much better in Spain. Heck, if you wanted to grow it wild, Spain must be a much easier place to do it than Scotland.

It’s interesting. Spanish smoke-prices are much lower than the UK and yet the UK colony in Gibraltar has lower smoke-prices than Spain. Does this make sense? Does anything these days?

Well, the Gibraltar vendetta is now officially the fault of the smokers. Jews all over the world are saying ‘Oy, at least it’s not us this time.’

Well, unless they smoke, in which case it’s double-whammy time.


(Tomorrow is the last day of the Shifts from Hell. I have already refused to do this one again).


7 thoughts on “Smoking causes international diplomatic incidents.

  1. Good morning, Leggy.
    ‘Heck, if you wanted to grow it wild, Spain must be a much easier place to do it than Scotland.’
    An interesting point but I believe the Inquisition originally forbade any involvement with the plant, consolidating a ban with threats of torture and penance. The first importer was imprisoned for infernal habits as soon as it was clear ‘only Devil could give a man the power to exhale smoke from his mouth’. I rather think greed was the rational explanation for the number of International Incidents and Massacres perpetrated by the Conquistadors on behalf of the former Spanish Empire. And Spain has as much a territorial right to Gibraltar as it has to Cuba or the rest of the Americas.


    • Morning was not good. I had to get up and be awake. That is never a good thing in the mornings – even the sun hadn’t bothered getting up yet which just proves that it’s unnatural to be awake at that time.


      The Inquisitin were an incarnation of those I’ve been calling the ‘Righteous’. They rise up over and over again, and every time they push too far and even their drones have to stop and say ‘Hang on a minute…’. Then they are consigned to obscurity but never eradicated. They always come back, with the same attitude of ‘I am right and everyone must live and believe as I do and those who disagree are not human so must be marginalised and finally destroyed’. Nazis, Pol Pot, Stalin, all incarnations of the Righteous.

      The targets change (it often involves the Jews but there have been other target groups. The Inquisition also targeted Muslims and Protestants, for example) but the methods stay the same.

      Incidentally, going over to their side is never a real option. They don’t trust converts at all. Jews, Muslims and Protestants who said they had converted to Catholicism to avoid the Inquisition’s somewhat direct ‘correction’ methods were watched all the time. One lapse and it’s off to the Room of Interesting Devices.

      These days, the idiot doctrines are supported by academics and intellectuals who have failed to notice that the first thing all these regimes do when they get power is to kill all the academics and intellectuals. When they no longer need the useful idiots, they see no reason to keep them around.

      The pubs supported the smoking ban and look what happened to them. Tha antismokers no longer need the pub industry’s support. The ban they wanted is in place, the death of the pubs is of no consequence to them.

      I don’t see the Conquistadores as Righteous. As you say, they were raiders looking for treasure. There were a few who wanted to ‘civilise’ the Incas and Aztecs but mostly they just wanted to steal all the gold.

      As I see it, Spain has as much right to Gibraltar as the guy who sold me this house has to my house. It used to be his, now it’s mine. I don’t believe the Spanish government gives a shit about that lump of rock in the sea anyway. It’s a useful distraction to keep their people from looking at the mess their eceonmy is in. The Spanish people are anngry, their government is deflecting their anger onto an imaginary enemy.

      As are pretty much all governments these days.


      • If I was Prime Minister i would sell Gibralta, The Falklands and Northern Ireland to the USA to use as nuclear weapons air bases. That would put some money back into the exchequer, rid us of problems that we don’t need and wipe the smirks off of our wannabe enemies’ faces.


  2. The level of tobacco taxes is a function of a few things, the smaller the population the lower the tax and the greater the number of land borders the lower the tax. Admittedly, Gibraltar only has one land border, but the population is so tiny and the number of guest purchasers so huge, that has a stronger effect.


    • I hadn’t thought about the land border part. That would explain why UK taxes are so high. We can’t just hike over the border away from checkpoints with a rucksack full of baccy. I’ll bet there are quite a few private boats docking at night though. The UKBA is only pretending to catch smugglers. No real smuggler would go through a big port, they’ll be docking at piers and little jetties, unloading, then moving on to declare nothing at all at their berthing points. The Border Farce can’t be arsed getting out of their cosy offices so they’re chasing easy targets.

      The more land borders you have, the more outside shoppers you can attract by keeping your purchase taxes low. That sounds like good economics to me. You could run an economy in surplus without working very hard at all – just sell stuff cheaper than your neighbours and wait for the foreign currency to flow in.

      It would work in the UK too, even without any land borders. Air and sea travel is cheap now. Pity our politicians are idiots.


    • Here in the United States, the individual states impose their own taxes, to go along with the federal tax and sometimes city and county taxes are added.

      The state of Kentucky, for example used to impose the draconian 3 cent per pack tax. Neighboring Illinois, Tennesee, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia all had higher tax. Therefore, a diagram of Kentucky tobacco sales looked like a doughnut, with very high sales at the border and just regular sales in the interior of the state. All around the border were specialized shops selling tobacco products, mainly to people coming from other states.

      So, of course, each of the bordering states had strict laws against bringing Kentucky cigarettes in. Laws that were routinely flouted, and served only to criminalize otherwise law-abiding citizens.


      • Would those laws have any standing in a supposedly United States? How can you smuggle stuff when you are only travelling from one party of a country to another?

        It looks, from outside, as though the USA is in fact 50 separate countries.


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