Desperation of the Righteous.

I think we might be in the end days of this round of Righteousness.

Tipped by Chris T via Email is the news of a sad and desperate attempt to villify smokers once again. Apparently nonsmokers are ‘turned’ by tobacco advertising.

Leaving aside the somewhat trivial detail that all tobacco advertising was banned a long time ago and the clearly irrelevant detail that nobody can even see the displays now, this research suggests that I must surely have a Dyson vaccuum cleaner (I don’t) and a large stock of tampons that allow me to do things I could never do, like play tennis and ride bicycles.

If advertising is so powerful then surely the ones we are actually allowed to see must be far more powerful than those we aren’t?

Not so, in the drone mind.

AFlorence, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
What utter rubbish. When I see an advert for smoking I feel sick – not the opposite. This is more trash nannying by those who have nothing better to do with their time than try to impose their will on others.

When did anyone in the UK last see an advert for smoking? This drone must have dreamt it. Or, perhaps, this drone is so mind-numbingly shallow that the mere suggestion of the slightest hint of the remotest possibility of any kind of ad for any kind of tobacco reveals itself as a full 24-hour Marlboro marathon.

Okay, the drone objects to the fake science while still imagining that they have seen smoking ads and that is a step in the right direction. Their doublethink training works both ways and that is something we can use. They can now hold totally conflicting views simultaneously. The antis did that to them without ever considering that it could ever be used against them.

It’s turning on them anyway. Even that drone who cannot have seen a smoking ad in decades still refutes the lunacy of this latest study. The Righteous programming is breaking down and they are getting ever more desperate now.

They are trying to pretend steam is offensive and that the hands-free car phones they pushed are now dangerous.

They pretend that strong beer which is half as strong as the wine they all buy is the cause of all evil. Alkies do not bother with beer. They go for own-brand vodka which sensible people only buy if they have to strip the varnish off something. Strong beer is… well, beer… and compared with even wine, it’s not really all that strong. Compared with a good homebrew beer, it’s gnat’s piss and homebrew wines with a bit of practice can be deadly.

Sometimes literally so. Get the fermentation wrong and you have a gallon of pleasant tasting death juice.

Even here, in Little Shithole by the Swamp, homebrew is firing up big-time again. Many amateurs are joining in. Some are going to get it wrong.

Okay, Darwinism will ensure that those with enough sense will survive but the others could have survived too if not for the Righteous – who are trying to price beer out of the range of their core vote. Is that a good idea? From my point of view, yes it is. From theirs, I’d suggest, not so much. But the Righteous have never grasped the concept of restraint.

They always target the feeble and the weak and have never understood that it is the feeble and the weak who give them power in the first place.

That’s why they always fail.



4 thoughts on “Desperation of the Righteous.

  1. Cigarette ads on television were banned in the United States around 1972. At a sales meeting during 1988 one of the saleswomen mentioned that invariably a fairly large percentage of people would, if asked if they’d heard of ‘brand whatever’ during the introduction, would respond, “Oh yeah, I saw an ad for that on TV.”


  2. Dear Leg-iron

    “Get the fermentation wrong and you have a gallon of pleasant tasting death juice.”

    Can you elucidate on that please. As a former maker of fine plonk and brewer of acceptable beer, it is not something I’d heard of. I’m thinking of taking up the practice again, so if there’s something I ought to know, please do tell. All I knew was the beast to keep away from your brew was the evil vinegar fly, which would turn your finest to, er, vinegar.



    • The fermentation produces other things than ethanol – some of those things are hangover-inducing so you don’t want much of them, while others are flavourings so you want those. It can also produce some very nasty things indeed. It depends on what you put in to start with.

      The sensible will read up on it and follow recipes, while the stupid will just get yeast, sugar and whatever is to hand and bung it all in, no prior sterilising or any care at all. God only knows what they’ll produce – it might taste okay (and if it doesn’t they’ll add lemonade and drink it anyway) but chances are, they’ll be producing some serious gutrot. I wouldn’t care if it was just the stupid, but they’ll be selling it on street corners too.

      If they distil, they’ll amplify their poisons.

      All you need is a little common sense – clean and sterilise first, use a good yeast and good starting materials, and at the end of it all, if it tastes like shit then throw it away and start again.

      The stupid will do none of those things.


  3. “Young adults aged 18 to 25 are the heaviest smokers, reporting rates of smoking that are nearly 50 per cent higher than either high school seniors … ”

    Now wait a second. I thought we’ve always been told that 85% of smokers began regularly smoking as CHILDREN? Now all of a sudden, we’re being told fifty percent of the 18-25 year olds who smoke began smoking AFTER age 18?

    Gee, could the Antismokers be LYING again about stuff?

    – MJM


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