Afterbook wind-down.

The SF book is done, as far as I can go on screen. wll put the 102,000 words into a little prototype paperback for me and I’ll do final edits on that. It’s easier than looking at a screen. I need to be able to flip back to check things without scrolling all the way up and then forgetting where I was. I could just print it on 195 sheets of A4 but they’ll all get out of order – and it’ll cost me about the same as a bound one anyway. So that book’s done until the print copy arrives. It could possibly still be ready by Christmas. I hope so.

As it’s Alcohol Awareness Week, I am becoming very aware that this bottle of Penderyn Portwood (a gift – long story) is just about exhausted and that I will have to maintain my alcohol awareness levels by visiting the booze shop on the way home tomorrow night. I wouldn’t want to let the side down. Alcohol Concern would be concerned.

Still no word of Anna Raccoon. She might just have taken everything down because she’s sick of it all. Let’s hope that’s all it is.

Okay, best get some sleep. Tomorrow, after recovering from the latest writing-blast, I’ll return these typing fingers to blogging use.

I have not forgotten the blog-book idea either. It’s a case of too many ideas and too little time!



12 thoughts on “Afterbook wind-down.

  1. Do raccoons hibernate? Let’s hope so for her and all our sakes; it’s a worrying situation. The blogosphere needs Anna-style facts as well as the usual partisan opinionation – if that’s even a word.


    • Hereabouts, raccoons do not hibernate. They are, however, renowned as escape artists.

      Maybe she escaped to a better place. That would be, as someone once wrote, “A consummation to be devoutly desired.”


      • Around here 15minutes from where MS Raccoon lives is a stunning place to live, friendly people, exceptional wines and world famous cuisine, wonderful countryside, I met her once and cannot see her wishing to go to a better place, not in this world anyway……..


  2. Did you ever come across a book of short sf stories called ‘The Anything Box’? I am sure it was written by a woman, unusual in sf in those days, I have been trying to remember her name. I was a big sci fi fan when I was younger, still like some of it. Some of the stories in the above really stuck in my mind. I hope someone will hear a out Anna soon.


  3. Totally off either topic but I thought you might be interested in the results so far of my experiments to make a better tubing tobacco…ie a tobacco that gives nice long strands (ie stays ‘springy’ in the tubing machine) and less dust, the leaf staying moisturized and flexible longer.

    The big boys treat their leaves with glycerine and fuck knows what else prior to shredding -although this patent from 1932 says it can be done with inverted sugar-something any home brewer worth his salt or S.G. will have to hand (and Calcium Nit can be purchased for a few pounds off eBay).

    I first rehydrated some Sweet Virginia leaves in the normal way (sprayed with water and threw into my home made humidor). When they were ‘well humdificated’ I remove the stalks and carefully teased out the leaves so they were as flat as possible (think handling wet paper) then hung them out to dry and finally gave them a quick blast in a 50C oven to take them down to Sahara Case.

    I mixed up 2 teaspoons of Glycerine with 40 teaspoons of filtered water in a pyrex dish as a bath and soaked some of the leaves until sodden …thoroughly sodden, then drained and air dried etc etc down to ‘crinkle not crackle’ dryness.

    The treated leaves were a joy to shred! Almost no ‘fines’ and looOOOng strands of very smooth feeling, BOUNCY, tobacco which separates well. I shall try tubing it in a bit but I think I can say confidently that it will ‘expand’ to fill the tube nicely. I hand rolled one just to check the taste and there IS a slight whiff of glycerine , a slight sweetness on the lips but not unpleasant and if I spray the leaves instead of bathtubbing next time hopefully that will disappear.


    • Interesting indeed. I have to get glycerine anyway for an e-juice attempt.

      Currently I get long strands with the virginia, but the burley seems to break into shorter strands. It’s definitely a huge improvement over the flake I could produce before.


      • I have just put on a batch to glycerinate again but this time I have sprayed on a solution of 30 tsps of HOT water with 1 tsp of Glycerine. They’ll sit in the DIY humificator-O-dor-O-mat (a 400g plastic baccy tub from Belgium with a hole for the hydrometerthingy punched into the side) for the night-with some turning etc. Then tomorrow drip and air dry. The stuff i made yesterday did indeed tube really nicely and with a lot less ‘shake’ or ‘fine’ but it had a slight glycerine taste which, while it didn’t bother me, might not be to everyone’s taste.


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