I had nicked an idea from the SF story (working title is ‘Inside Outside’ but that might change) for Panoptica. In the SF story, the inhabitants of the closed world live on ‘pulp’, a pretty vile recycled mush they get from dispensers using their ration cards.

In Panoptica I had planned something similar – but that recycled mush wouldn’t be accepted on Earth because there are other things to eat. In the ‘inside’ part of ‘Inside Outside’ there is nothing else.

All I did in Panoptica was to add flavourings. Spreadable chicken or beef to liven up those fibre-breads which look and taste like cardboard. I believe the latter are already available to dieters. The same mushy stuff, produced to rigorous healthist standards, with different flavourings. It seemed like that was where we were heading.

I hadn’t thought of an electronic version. Implanted in your tongue. You tell the computer what you want to eat, it produces the same mush regardless and tells your tongue chip what it should taste like. So no need to worry about second-hand flavouring or any such future science.

Want a whisky? Ask the computer. It will give you water but it’ll taste like whisky. Your brain-chip will even give you a bit of a buzz. Then your medical chip will report on how many whiskies you think you’re drinking and if you exceed the limit, someone will be round to see you.

Of course, nobody would ever really let that happen…

poppy23, Manchester,UK, 36 minutes ago
This type of machine could be the fix to weight loss! You can still get the taste of the foods you crave without actually eating them!

me, there – uk, 46 minutes ago
That’s amazing. Could work wonders for dieters.

Or maybe they would. It’ll apply to other people. you see. The scary part is that the inventors haven’t said those things. They are the commenters’ own ideas!

These people actually want to live in Hell.


4 thoughts on “Electrofood.

  1. You tell the computer what you want to eat vote for, it produces the same mush regardless and tells your tongue brain chip what it should taste like policies result.

    BOO! How’s that for horror?


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