Dronehell California.

The Eagles once warbled a fine little ditty called ‘Hotel California‘, in which a hapless traveller is taken in by a hotel that seems very nice from the outside, but which is a hell of punishment for any kind of pleasure inside.

It never occurred to me to wonder why they chose California for this totalitarian nightmare.

Well, California has once again stamped its claim on that hotel.

Now you cannot smoke in your own home if it adjoins another, because second hand smoke is magically able to pass through walls. Hey, why not? We already know it seeps into my keyboard from my fingers and emerges from your screen, so passing through walls must surely be easy.

You cannot smoke outside anywhere either. Unless you are on the way somewhere and continually moving -so any smokers dumb enough to live there will soon be the fittest people on the planet.

Asked if there was opposition to the ordinance, Woodbury said there was hardly any. ‘We have a very low percentage of smokers in the county,’ she said.

I’m not surprised. If I had to travel through there, I’d go around. There is nothing on this Earth that would convince me to go there, much less live there. I wonder what their percentage of self-important, scared-of-shadows, pompous whining morons would be? Here’s a thought, why don’t we ship all ours over there and take their few remaining smokers over here? Then all they have to do is disconnect from the nicotine and alcohol-soaked Internet and they can live their lives in cowering submission to whatever they are told to be scared of next.

We really need to send ‘Roger’, and soon –

Roger, Chester, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
Rebecca, Birmingham,! No you are the idiot you selfish poisoner, nobody mentioned through walls, I know, it comes in through the windows, and doors when they open their apartment door their smoke follows them into the hallway it then gets sucked through my letter box.A double whamy. Its sucked into clean warm air always the first port of call.Science its called equilibrium.Example my neighbours smoke in my block from the balcony the smoke then is drawn directly into every window and into my balcony to my door. It stinks the first clue! It affects my health and breathing this is not rocket science its fact. People don’t complain about things that are not there except nutty smokers because of all the holes in their brains another fact, that’s why smokers are so aggressive and violent and unable to reason or have empathy for others. If the smoke did not poison people or stink nobody would be talking about this. But it does.

Isn’t he just the archetypal drone? He’s even making up his own facts and changing the nature of the universe by the simple expedient of saying ‘fact’ after every insane ramble. Just like his masters in tobacco control and the same idiots in alcohol control. Just say it and it becomes real. It doesn’t matter if someone with an actual functioning brain points this out. Once you have said ‘fact’ it is a fact, immutable and forever. Anyone who disagrees is in the pay of Big Whatever and is wrong.

There is no point giving real facts to these drones. It wastes your time and confuses the drone.

Oh, it’s not just California. These zombies are all over the place now. Just like Hollywood zombies, you cannot reason with them because they have no functioning brain and they just keep shuffling on, driven by base instinct.

The only thing that will kill them is smoke. Lots and lots of smoke.

So fire ’em up, folks, unless you want the zombies to get you.


15 thoughts on “Dronehell California.

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    • Those of a sensitive disposition might want to not read this. But I only say how |I fear, sometimes, that things will become like.

      When they have fully-brought-about the kind of planet that they say that they desire, there will be still a few million, or more, people “left outside in the cold”. These are left and suffered to exist, for they form a kind of a wild corpus of slaves to be captured for “use” inside the “walled condominia of the Righteous”, and also a source of pretty young reproductive girls to be captured, and shagged for pleasure. The luckier little girls may get to be allowed to stay inside for even some time: but as with the murdering rapist bastard Saddam Hussein, who we correctly hanged, most will “disappear” after a night or two. It’s always been so in primitive, barbarian, pre-capitalist, pre-liberal, societies like Sddam the murdering soialist nazi had for himself, and still is in places.

      What may of course happen, is that the “outsiders” will find ways of kidnapping, bagging, killing, butchering, cooking and eating any “stragglers” – who might, let us say, be out too late “hunting” to make it back to the curfew, and have been caught with their trousers down or whose SUVs ran out of fuel in the gathering dusk. These would mostly be the very young and the very old. The former would be cooked and eaten, specially if young males who would be muscly and meaty. Perhaps some of the pretty young Righteous women and girls might “have to be _persuaded_ to have a little sex” first with the local “outsider” warlords, before being eaten. The latter, the “oldie Righteous”, being stringy and inedible largely, would really just have to be roasted to carbon in the (illegal) charcoal ovens (all carefully hidden since they cause CO2 and global warming) and used as winter fuel.

      Sorry, but that’s what the Righteous’ strategic objectives amount to.


  2. I wonder if “Roger” believes in homoeopathy too? ‘Cos “the less smoke there is the more dangerous it becomes” would be a powerful myth to spread amonst the drones (or hominids, as I call them).


  3. Berkeley, California, which is a marxist/communist colony, wants to ban smoking inside detached housing next. They are even going to fund a special police unit to send out and investigate complaints when anyone calls to say they think their neighbor is inside their detached housing, smoking.

    San Rafael is in upscale Marin County, home to mansions and many doctors working for UCSF, including possibly Glantz, who has a family non-profit trust/foundation registered there using San Rafael as its legal address for correspondence.

    But there are other communities in Marin more upscale and full of the filthy rich than San Rafael, such as Sausalito, Belvedere, Mill Valley and Tiburon.

    Perhaps, and I am guessing, but it may be the wealthier enclaves are seeking to inflict this onto San Rafael because that is maybe the only one city remaining in Marin County that still has some working class affordable type housing remaining in it – and so the experts, higher-ups and betters of this world, including UCSF doctors who inhabit Marin, as they want the working class which serves them to be more under their thumb, more subservient, less upstarty and more in line with kowtowing to the wealthy liberal overlords who control Marin by their very majority presence.

    I’m not certain either, but Nancy Pelosi might be originally from Marin, even though her winery operation might be in Napa, which is nearly adjacent to Marin in that north bay region.


    • Nancy Pelosi is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She came to San Francisco in 1969 along with a coven of other eastern seaboard puritans and brought Salem Mass with them. Stanton Glantz settled in from Ohio in 1970.

      She was interviewed on television the other day and I was really struck by her thick accent so I looked her up. Then there’s our fine Senator Barbara Boxer who sounds straight outta’ da’ Bronx. It’s a bit like living with a foreign occupation. Perhaps we should all move Out East, as there must be hardly anyone left there.


      • I thought about that later also, that Pelosi was originally from MD, not SF and “coven” is a good word for it. “Broomstick” might be another.

        It’s not 100% the cause of east-coasters though, I don’t think. I am thinking, from experience, an example of three brothers, all SF, CA born natives, all three in their 50’s to 60’s of age, all three with their own families now. One is a stay at home dad and contract programmer. One runs his own business operation. And the third is a health director for a local institution.

        It may be because the one brother is health director, the rest of the family has jumped on board, but everyone of them is a health-nut fanatic and that includes, heavily anti-smoking.

        But when your money, job and exalted position depends on supporting the anti-smoking fanaticism, then even the native born Californian and San Franciscans jump on board.

        So it’s not 100% entirely, “them east-coasters” what done it. It’s a lot to do, “everyone else is”, “everyone says” and of course, there’s money, jobs and power in it – even for the SF, CA, native born – who have adapted, purposely, because it is lucrative.

        A lot of it is people from outside the US though. There are a lot of UN controlled countries overseas that are health-fascist, global-greenist dictatorships – and when people flock from there to CA and to SF in particular, which is a lot of their upper classes from those countries, then they bring all that health-fascist, global-greenist policy and lifestyle demand with them – because overseas, that is how they managed to take over and take control.

        Those are countries where there are super high upper classes who are corrupt and would support communism if it meant keeping themselves in power – and only the high upper classes can afford the kind of million dollar prices SF real estate is attracting here right now – that, plus more east-coasters who are the younger generation of workers coming in for Twitter, Google, Yahoo, those types of corporations headquartered here. And the younger ones, the east-coasters, bring that same support for health-fascism and global-greenism as do the highest of the highest classes from the corrupt nations from overseas.

        It’s a perfect soup then, blended of two willing partners forming two willing classes or groups, who mutually benefit – and that sadly includes native born San Franciscans these days also.

        So I don’t think it’s 100% just “them east-coasters”, only with the new generation of them, they are willing accomplices to the corrupt third world type ruling classes buying every piece of real estate in sight.


  4. Well they’re still smoking SOMETHING in Whateverfornia. My oldest friend, who I refer to as the Luddite Hippie of La Honda, visited us a few weeks ago. He and his neighbours, who live in the little community outside San Francisco that Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters used to hang out in, all have licences to grow marijuana. How ironic if the once illegal becomes legal and the once legal becomes illegal eh?


  5. This is absolutely f**king crazy, how can these people keep getting away with this crap?

    Back 20 or 30 years ago they would have just been told to F**K RIGHT OFF, it’s worrying how bad things have gotten in the past 5 years or so, Christ alone only knows how bad it’s going to be 100 years from now, I for one am glad that I’m not going to be alive to see it.


  6. Ah yes, San Rafael and the surrounding soviet Bay Area where buggery is clean and exalted and smoking is filthy and prohibited.

    Those of us who were born here in the 50s and grew up in an atmosphere of anything goes and fun, fun, fun are ashamed and aghast at what has become of this once fine state. Places like San Rafael give us an international black eye.

    I remember reading a census factoid about San Francisco wherein fully 90% of the residents stated they were born in either another state or another country.

    It’s not surprising that there wasn’t any opposition, it’s basically a One Party system in certain locations. Tyranny of the majority is an ugly, ugly thing.


    • A few years back, I was in the subway station downtown to catch an outbound train and for some reason the series of mostly public taxpayer paid and fake-charity paid billboards captured my attention, as they seemed to tell a story.

      Out of three or four billboards, in a row, one said that outdoor smoking was a horrible crime and health hazard and must be stopped at once – and implored everyone to do as this fake-charity demanded, which was to demand outdoor smoking bans, everywhere and of course, by denormalizing smokers, was tacitly saying there is official government approval to harass outdoor smokers.

      Then another fake charity paid poster said that having abortions was a really good thing to do, essentially, because all those dead little baby bodies can be ground up and the DNA and stem-cells extracted and be used to make medicine which will save other people’s lives and cure other diseases of the living. So it was basically giving off yet another eugenics based message, similar to how the first one, anti-smoking outdoors was nodding approval to physically harass outdoor smokers.

      Then, came another public paid fake charity billboard – and that one said that essentially, AIDS was a really good thing to have and that if you fight against AIDS you are really doing the same as fighting against racism. So, in warped twisting of logic and words, they were essentially comparing someone with AIDS, and by default, a large amount of the gay/homosexual population with minority races and implying that AIDS was not a big threat to health, that in contrast to the other billboard saying outdoor cigarette smoking WAS the bigger threat to health.

      I wish I had a camera that day as those three stuck in my mind for several years now.

      I guess maybe through imagination, you can simulate mentally, what it would be like, seeing three such billboards, all publicly paid for via use of fake charities and all three coordinated so an exact message would be given – subconsciously perhaps, which may be how this sort of thinking settles in, all around us, but nobody can ever quite pinpoint the exact epicenter of it.

      One, AIDS is not a bad health threat and prevention is not the cure, only political action tantamount to “fighting racism” is appropriate.

      Two, abortions are a very wonderful lovely thing everyone should consider having at least once in their lifetimes, if not often, as it contributes to a soupy sludge of ground up fetal cells which can then be used to cure other diseases (such as AIDs perhaps one day?).

      Three, smoking – it is smoking that is THE BIGGEST HEALTH THREAT EVER – blame it ALL on smokers !! ALL OF IT – help us enforce outdoor smoking bans – next !!!

      And, that is the story of three subway posters on a busy San Francisco downtown subway station wall, from a few years back.

      I just wish I had my camera, but I saw what I saw and the description will have to suffice.


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