An Expert shows the calibre of his mind.

Internet has been down for a while. ISP must have ‘upgraded’ something again. I hope I can get this posted tonight. Oho, I did, just in time!

There is a man who looks in good health, and who ignores all healthist propaganda. There are likely to be many more out there, keeping quiet in case the health Stasi spot them.

He takes it to the extreme – he has eaten no fruit or vegetables at all for ten years. Now, I do like some veg with a roast and have been known to eat quite a bit of fruit. I even grow some myself. So while I don’t count to see if I’m matching the pretend science of five-a-day, and while I do count chips, onion rings and chocolate as vegetables, I don’t exclude them from my diet. Neither did the man in the article until ten years ago. So what changed?

Mr Jeffries, who has been married to wife Dawn for 42 years, admits his tastes became fussier after he suffered two heart attacks 10 years ago.

I have heard of people waking from traumatic events and finding their personality has changed. Sometimes they develop the accent of another country – and there was someone once who woke up only able to speak and understand Welsh! So it’s possible that the trauma of his heart attacks changed his taste in food.

So what does The Expert have to say?

Nigel Penny, Lecturer in Applied Human Physiology at Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Health said: ‘I would definitely not recommend anyone pursue a diet like David’s.
‘I think the facts speak for themselves. The fact he had two heart attacks 10 years ago is largely due to following such a diet, rather than a hereditary predisposition.
‘Although, he could have been genetically predisposed to an increased risk of coronary artery disease, had he not followed such a diet he may well have not had heart disease or heart attacks in his mid 50s.’

The expert says that the diet he has followed in the ten years AFTER his heart attacks was the cause of his heart attacks. Not only has the expert had no involvement in Mr Jeffries’ medical history, he also declares that the effect of diet is retrospective. If you have a heart attack now it’s because you will have a lousy diet in the future.

Just wait until the medicoloons latch on to that one. Everything can be smoking or diet related – you might not smoke now, but if you have cancer then you must be destined to smoke in the future. Therefore they can deny you treatment.

That is the calibre of medical scientist we have in the UK now. Total bloody moron. He is teaching students, you realise? He is producing a whole new generation of unthinking idiots who will be in charge of telling your children what to eat and how to live. They will look at your current diet, look at your ten-years-ago illness, and instantly link the two. Even if you gave up fruit last week.

The drones in the comments have not noticed this. They didn’t get past ‘he smokes…’ before declaring that he must be ill, he just thinks he’s fit. Also that he must have terrible breath and stink of smoke all the time. It comes out through the screen, that second hand smoke.

Since the Mail insists on showing the large mole on the man’s forearm in every photo, the drones have decided that it is smoking-related skin cancer. Does anyone believe he hasn’t had that lump checked? Does anyone believe that his doctor hasn’t made sure it’s nothing more than just a big mole?

And yet, how can we blame the idiot drones for making connections based on spurious prejudices?

Birmingham University’s Faculty of Health has lecturers that do the same thing. Teaching future medics to do the same thing too.

Guess who’s paying for it all?


8 thoughts on “An Expert shows the calibre of his mind.

  1. It is, I suppose, the next stage of the reasoning already found in cancer treatment: ‘You have cancer ergo you must have an unhealthy lifestyle’ and thence the infinitely more dangerous, ‘You don’t drink/smoke/eat junk food ergo what you have can’t be cancer’.

    (The latter, in the case of one of my relatives, was accompanied by ‘Of course you’re losing weight fast; you have a healthy, active lifestyle – stop worrying!’ right up until a second opinion identified the tumour).

    The problem is that hereditary disease doesn’t fit the narrative so the ‘facts’ must be twisted to compensate, even if it means venturing into the realms of science fiction. (spoiler alert)


  2. Loving the whole 50 a day = 5 packs. Do be serious DM. Only social smokers/fag scroungers/underage smokers buy packs of 10, because, as any fool knows, for a light/moderate/heavy smoker packs of 10 are a) not economical and b) not economical. Here is some basic maths. Pack of 20 = £7. Pack of 10 = £4. So 50 fags can either cost £17.50 or £20. Either way, no smoker pops to their local paper shop 5 times a day for a packet of smokes. Any more than they would visit once a day and say ‘5 packs of 10 Lambert and Butler, please’. They would simply buy 3 packs of 20 and let the spares roll over till the next day. You do, however, get top marks for trying to insinuate, via sleight of hand aka using different units of measurement for the same thing, that he smokes a hell of a lot more than he actually does. Even I fell for it, till I re-read the story. I assumed that 5 packs a day meant packs of 20, as do quite a few of the commentators. So DM, you fail at basic maths/understanding of how people budget but ASH would be proud of you, none the less. Else wise I’m loving the fact that he partakes of Mr Brains Faggots. If you can’t get real, home made faggots, these are the next best thing. Totally lush with mash and peas, mmmm.


  3. This is why people such as Nigel Penny rely upon the public sector – there is no accountability – no reprimand if you spout cockwaffle (that’s not to say you can never get away with it in the private sector). It’s not that long ago that poor health was blamed on offending the Almighty – and consider that people still pray to some false God for its restoration. I am taking about the Holy Quinity of ‘five a day’. Four shall it not be, nor shall it be six. (H/T to MPATHG).

    There is a precedent, though, from early 1985:

    Ninny Pegel, Lecturer in Retroactive History at Shitty Poly, said:
    “I would positively not endorse Thatcher’s policy against the NUM. The fact that German troops began to invade Poland’s borders after preliminary probes by the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine 45 1/2 years earlier is evidence of this”

    “I think the facts speak for themselves. The fact that the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement took place shortly before the invasion is largely due to Thatcher’s animosity towards unionized labour”

    “Although it could be argued that the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles, the hyperinflation of the 1920s, the effect of the Great Depression and a poorly-conceived democratic structure hastily built in the vacuum of the defeat of the Great War may have predisposed Germany to aggression, had Thatcher not closed ‘t pits there may have been no Warsaw ghetto”

    Next week, Emeritus Professor Ninny Pegel writes about:
    the Government’s refusal to introduce a mansion tax causing the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand almost a century ago:
    if you see a blind child, it’s because, in a few years, he would be MASTURBATING
    if you see anybody ill, they have brought it on themselves, by planning to displease God in the future
    Hermann Goering – a life cut short because of his diet


  4. It is interesting that Nig Penny (sorry, Nige Penny) did not spot the time reversal aspect of his comment. He cannot yet be fully trained in ‘new, new speak’. If he had been, he would have ignored the diet bit altogether and blamed the heart attacks on his smoking, and then gone on to say how everyone who has a heart attack MUST have been exposed to tobacco smoke, and even possible ecig smoke, or even the sight of a fag. He could have finished by emphasising how ‘very worrying’ it is that he continues to smoke.
    Tut! Tut! What a missed opportunity!


  5. The place I work is a college with students aged 18 to 25. Last Saturday one of them was ill, and an ambulance was called. We later found out it was a heart attack. He was 19, fit, and a non smoker, his parents told me when I talked to them today.
    John Gibson


    • Fit…

      Aye. Well. As some of you may know. I have spent quite a bit of this year in hospitals,and the like.

      Stroke and heart units tend to go together. So I have seen a lot of heart patients in that time, which has gone towards proving my observations, and arising theories.

      Not ONE of those heart or stroke patients was more than 10% over his “B.M.I.”
      (Few women, but the same).

      According to age, (over 50) 10% over weight is acceptable, according to the Quack-doctors.

      So what is all this shite about “over weight” and heart problems?

      Also, if 10% over BMI is acceptable, what the fuck USE is it any way? Set the “goal” 10% higher, then there is no ambiguity is there!….or?


  6. My uncle, who is 74, has just had plaques cleaned out of the arteries in his legs. His doctor blamed it on his smoking….he gave up when he was 35.

    The same condition in a non-smoker would undoubtedly be put down to heredity. Doctors are some of the stupidest smart people I know.


    • Put down to heredity?

      Given the way relatives of mine were effectively accused of lying about their eating/drinking habits because they had so-called ‘lifestyle cancers’ (despite being among the 40% for whom the disease is genetic), it’s quite likely the medical professionals will simply assume that the non-smoker is hiding the truth or in denial about youthful tobacco use.


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