Angola’s New Inquisition.

Angola has banned Islam. Or so the headline screams. Christianity is the State Religion now.

I know there will be many saying this is a good thing, but not me. There should never be such a thing as a ‘state religion’. I have no religion and don’t care who believes in what, but banning a religion merely serves to drive it underground. The Romans banned Christianity once. Look how that turned out.

A ‘state religion’ means the State determines what you believe in. As with the Spanish Inquisition, who rounded up anyone not Catholic and demanded they convert to Catholicism. Indeed, it happens even now in many Muslim and even some Buddhist states. If you have the wrong religion you are a target, with State support for the hatred aimed at you. I might have no religion but I think all the smokers, at least, can appreciate how that feels.

Religion is a personal matter. People with religion will tell other people about it, that’s only to be expected. They believe they have found God, and maybe they have, and they want to share what they believe to be a good thing. I don’t listen, but I can understand why they want to tell me. If I don’t have time to hear about it, I don’t hear about it. It’s not a problem at all.

Religion can get out of hand, it’s true, and Islam currently attracts more than its share of nutters, but Christianity is not entirely blameless in that regard either (*cough* Westboro Baptist Church). If he who is without sin is to cast the first stone, there’d never be a stone thrown again.

The article makes it all about Islam but –

Along with Islam, which is a religion associated with less than 1 per cent of the population of 19 million, 194 other ‘sects’ have been banned in the nation, where more than half the population is Christian.

They have banned 195 religions including Islam – basically, everything except Christianity. I wonder how much more than half the population is Christian? 51%? 52? Potentially, there could be nine million non-Christians who have just had their religion declared illegal. And before the atheists start crowing, I’m willing to bet atheism is banned too. If not, it will be.

This does not make Angola a champion in the ‘fight against Islam’, it makes Angola exactly the same as Saudi Arabia but with a different State religion. They have used Islam as the excuse to hand the Church a monopoly.

It won’t end with Angola. Islam has been allowed – no, encouraged –  to strut around and be belligerent for all these years for a reason. The same is true of all the other favoured groups.

The reason is simple. It’s to stir up popular resentment against those groups so that they can be slapped down hard later on, strict State controls put in place, and nobody will object.

They aren’t being picked on, after all, they are the ones who started it. Didn’t they? As for those other 194 religions, well, they aren’t the majority religion, so hardly anyone is affected when you look at them individually. Besides, any of them might be the next one to cause trouble. The government is just taking care of your future.

Then you have a State religion which everyone must join. Just like in the old Inquisition days. Attend church, listen to the sermon, absorb the indoctrination which comes not from any God but from the State itself. The Word of God is a lot harder to deny than the word of a politician, isn’t it?

I’m not cheering Angola just yet. I’m waiting to see what happens next.



12 thoughts on “Angola’s New Inquisition.

  1. One of your most interests posts, Mr. Iron.
    I am a virulent Islamophobe, deeply concerned about what the vicious, violent belief system will do to European society and culture if it’s not stopped.
    I don’t think Islam should be banned, I think the truth about it should be told, firmly and repeatedly.
    I think Anjem Choudry’s speeches should be re-braoadcast as adverts in cinemas with the sub-titl’e This is what he really said, it hasn’t been edited. This is what he really said, let’s believe that he means it.’
    When Cameron, Clegg or anyone else claims that atrocities committed by mohammedans are a result of them misunderstanding mohammedanism we should make it clear that the apologists are wrong.

    But I think the most interesting part of your post is the idea that mohammedanism is being allowed to behave badly so that it can later be slapped down , paving the way in future years for dissidents to be slapped down in a similar way.

    If you are right then it is a long game that they are playing.
    My doubt, whenever this kind of idea is put forward, is how many people are on the inside of the planning? Certainly not most MPs, probably not most Cabinet Ministers or Permanent Secretaries. So who is on the inside?


    • The antismoking game is a long one, as is the antidrinking one. They do like to play it slowly and carefully these days.

      The Government are most likely no more than useful idiots. They listen to anyone who tells them what to do since they have no ideas of their own. Who’s behind it all? No idea, but someone thinks they’re going to get rich out of it or it wouldn;t be happening.


    • There’s also our favourite tinfoil hatter – I don’t buy into the lizard thing but when it comes to real world stuff, he certainly does his research.

      He says Lebanon will be next. I’ll be interested to see if he’s right.


  2. I am convinced that the Mail is a government divide and rule product, hence if one in a hundred Angolans is Muslim then why pick them out specifically?

    By the way, I reckon Westboro could well be another government front to discredit Christians – the type who speak out. Most probably been set up like the Muslims have been set up to change our culture and ‘Rub the right’s nose in diversity’ (Andrew Neather, Blair advisor) only to be slapped down later on.

    And I reckon many of these alleged ‘patriot’ groups are fraudulent too. Funny how 95% of what they do is anti-Islam, when the biggest dangers to our freedom are being elected and who are engineering all this treason.

    Much as I would love to live in a Christian country, it will be their particular brand of “christianity”. E.g. I expect shops will be closed on a Sunday, but that’s the Pagan day of rest which Constantine embraced to make life easier for him compared with changing the Empire over to the true seventh day Sabbath, sunset to sunset, which is what I follow,

    So no doubt, I would be considered a heretic in Angola for obeying the Almighty over government.

    I don’t know what the Mail says as I try not to contaminate myself with it, but Wikipedia says, “estimates have it that more than half of the population are Catholics, while about a quarter adhere to the Protestant churches”.

    So it’ll be a new Inquisition then? A “Christian” country where the majority follows the anti-Christ Vatican.

    Or has the Mail just blown it out of proportion again and wasted all our time? That’s part of the divide and conquer game for us proles. And people campaign against Islam here, while voting in the LiblabConSNP clowns who keep in going.

    At least most people are getting what they deserve through their sheer stupidity.


    • ”’ And people campaign against Islam here, while voting in the LiblabConSNP clowns who keep in going.
      At least most people are getting what they deserve through their sheer stupidity.”’


      Those two sentences just about sum up the biggest problem facing Britain and its independent viable future, whether Islam or the bloody EU, the turkey voting for Christmas phenomenon (or is it more lemming like buggered if i know) simply makes the mind boggle.



    • They didn’t pick out Islam specifically, they banned nearly 200 religions all at once. Islam was the excuse to bring in a State religion.

      In accord with one of those old and forgotten sayings, Islam has now been given enough rope…


      • What I mean is that they (the Mail) chose to headline Islam, despite the number being small. But the One World Religion will soon be along. Some say a false Christ will convince the world. Some say a fake alien invasion will bring in the new antichrist religion for the NWO.


  3. You have to take this in the context of what is happening in Nigeria, Mali and Sudan with islamic rebels. Also Egypt, Libya, Algeria and the like.

    As for you “Westborough baptist” comment, I’m not aware of any Christians beheading people under threat of not converting. Anyone?

    As for the shops shut on Sundays, not a bad thing in my opinion, we now have shops closed on Christmas day and Easter Sunday, the way people carry on, you’d think they were closing for months.


    • I’m not supporting Islam. It’s a religion. I don’t care about it at all. Sure, Westboro is small potatoes now, compared to Islam, which is where Christianity was in about the 14th century, but that’s a small part of it.

      Look at who let the Islamist dogs out in Libya, Iraq, Egypt… they didn’t get loose on their own. They’ve been encouraged and helped to be as vicious and inhuman as they please and their targets are other Muslims as much as anyone else. Who would stand up now and say ‘No, you can’t ban them’? Hardly anyone.

      But it’s Islam, not Islamists, that is banned in Angola. There are many Muslims who go home from mosque and crack open a bottle of beer, just like those Christians who come out of church and straight into the pub next door.

      Banning the whole thing turns moderates into radicals, not the other way around.

      Banning nearly 200 other, unconnected groups at the same time cannot be considered a crackdown on Islamic terrorism. Islam is just an excuse. An excuse that was engineered to be one.

      And Angola is only the beginning.


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  5. I have no animus towards religion. I simply see no reason to worship any god so disinterested, or so impotent, as to be incapable of doing its own killing. If it has to enlist the aid of humanity to kill on its behalf, what really could be the point?

    Having said that, if anyone were to convert me it would be my sister-in-law. A devout Christian, she has never attempted to preach. Over the past 40 years, however, her lifestyle example has been an inspiration. Would that there were more like her.


    • Is that lifestyle come about because she simply decides that is the way she wants to journey through life or is it because of her devotion to Christianity?
      Reason for asking is most of those I have come into contact with who ‘go to church on Sunday’ and quote chapter and verse from their bibles simply using the Sunday get together to get ‘forgiveness’ for all the shit they create betwixt Sunday afternoon and the following Sunday morning.


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