Anna Raccoon – a possibility, not actual news.

Cherie79 found a post on the Slog which suggests that Ms. Raccoon has pulled out of the blogosphere herself.

She’s seriously ill and can probably do without all the vicious sniping the Internet encourages, so if she has decided to withdraw and spend her remaining time relaxing, who could blame her?

I have no firm news at all, either way, but it looks like she might be alive and unwell still. Let’s hope so, and hope for a recovery.

The article also suggests that John Ward of the Slog is about to do something similar. Maybe we should all be considering future options, in preparation for the day when the giovernment finally find a way to shut us all down. .

At least, they might find a way to silence the blogs. There are other means of dissemination of information. Farcebook, for example, is little more than a child’s toy, but it can point to, for example, a free daily eBook appearing elsewhere…

Then there are the forgotten places. Is MySpace still in existence? I opened an account there many years ago, couldn’t work out what to do with it and forgot about it. I’ll bet it’s all tumbleweed and cobwebs over there now. There are forgotten forums all over the internet that can be used as temporary bases for discussion.

The old espionage stories used a coded message in the newspaper small ads. A comment on an innocuous subject on Mumsnet, a strange question on Yahoo Answers, could alert those in the know to a message left elsewhere. The old ways still work. All this before we even think about the complexities of proxy servers and undernets.

As the Slog says, at the moment we are easy to monitor. They know where to find us if they want to read what we’re saying. Send us underground and there’ll be no way to watch us all. It’ll be like looking for shadows in the dark. Sounds like it could be fun.

I hope Anna Raccoon is still around if that happens. I suspect she’d enjoy watching it, even if she takes no part.

26 thoughts on “Anna Raccoon – a possibility, not actual news.

  1. That sounds fun, only worry for me is I am not great with technology so hope someone would point me in the right direction. Who knows if Anna recovers we might all get a sign where to find her!


  2. Let’s just hope the Raccoon is alive. She almost certainly isn’t well. Thankful for what she’s done these last years. Your suggestion of operating “Moscow Rules” (see Le Carré passim) is a good one. Trouble is, as far as I can tell, SIGINT doesn’t actually care about the content of a message. The mere fact that a message has a sender and a recipient is enough. Need to set up smokescreen groups. Smokescreen? Very much your neck of the woods, that, eh Mr L. Iron?


  3. Thanks for the Raccoon update. She has shut up shop before in the interests of self-preservation from the ravening hordes, so I, for one, am fervently hoping this is a temporary measure while she gathers her strength and recovers from surgery.


  4. Very cynical about anything appearing on “The Slog”, frankly and don’t believe that Anna R. would be “forced off the air” by a few nasty emails. She’s made of sterner stuff than that.


    • Normally I would agree as the Slog has become rather obsessive in recent months. Another post said Anna had taken down the blog before, I was not aware of that. Given her health problems who could blame her for, hopefully, taking a break and not wanting to be bothered with hateful idiots.


      • She closed down for a while in 2010, with a statement explaining that, as well as being ill, she was being relentlessly and viciously hounded online:

        “I didn’t make any closing statement for precisely that reason – I knew that anything I said would be quoted and misquoted, […] I shan’t be back, there is no cache of my work, no record, nothing for anyone to tease apart and take another meaning from, no more fun to be had baiting AR, she no longer exists. Nor will I be writing under any other name or on any other web site as some have suggested.

        The air is fresher in the real world, it is full of real people (here in France anyway!) that wish you nothing but well. […] So if you’ll excuse me folks, I’m back off to gulp great lungfuls of fresh air.[…]”

        Given the reopening of a certain kidnapping case and the ongoing publicity attached to a current police enquiry, it is quite possible some of her tormentors have emerged from the woodwork once more.

        Fortunately for her well-wishers here, she emerged from cyber-purdah some time later in a blistering return to form – hopefully she will do so again.


        • I was having my own cancer surgery in 2010 so that’s probably how I missed her closing down for a while. Just hope she gets well and returns, I really miss her acerbic, contrarian blog.


    • She is a strong lady, but she’s also seriously ill at the moment. I can well imagine, in her situation, saying ‘Fuck this’ and just turning everthing off – at least for a while.


  5. Thanks for the update LI.

    If you’re reading this, Anna, then a very brief word that you’re OK is all we want. If you haven’t worked it out yet, you’re highly thought of. We love you to bits and worry about you. It’s not all sniping as I’m sure you know…

    God bless.


  6. While I may not carry the gravitas that most others in this sphere do, I do hope that AR’s health is improving while she rests, and is aware that those who support her far, far outnumber those whose idea of courage is to insult and threaten any who disagree; the only trouble is, we may not be as noisy.

    Let us shout out our support for the lady while she can still hear us.


  7. If at any stage the government attempts to shut down the blogosphere, there will be no need for clandestine coded messages; everyone will just move over to the TOR network. The genie is well out of the bottle now, and it will take more than government to stuff it back in.


  8. The government loves all these blogs. They are a good place for people to vent and everything written is forgotten within days. What the government fears most is political disidents turning off their computers, going outdoors and remembering how to use spray cans. Walls and bridges don’t have IP addresses and everything written on them stays on permanent display till some poor sap is dispatched with a bucket of detergents.


  9. First time I’ve posted here. Best wishes to Anna, I have nothing but the utmost respect for her and am sending thoughts for a speedy recovery!!

    BTW Mr LG, love the blog 🙂


  10. I got a lot out of reading Anna Raccoons inciteful posts. She must surely has been trained and educated to a post-graduate level of pathology as she can delve into a subject and expose the logic (lies and truths) that are inside the body corporeal.


  11. I read Anna Racoons blog for a long time. It encouraged me through a time where my husbands cancer was under active and painful treatment. As a much older person I felt angry at all the goings on around me. The lies and untruths, compensation seeking, accusations not fully investigated. I do not really go along with all this conspiracy stuff about what the politicos are up to. I fully support the police. They are fenced in by so much PC, equality issues and discrimination laws. Often asked to investigate ridiculous issues. I abhore the prolonged fuss over the alleged use of the word ‘pleb’…..who really cares? I had to look it up! I hope Anna is OK, but fear that is not the case. I have lived with the BBC for 78 years and would hate to see it dismantled….updated …..yes. Finally, there are so many bad bits of news now about internet connected crimes, I shudder to think it is so misused by so many.


  12. I may have missed the point – and most probably have – but the time that Anna’s blog went off air was the same time as a certain JS accuser was taken to court for libel.

    By taking the site down Anna has effectively stopped any use of it in that case.


  13. I used to think that Anna is made of titanium, or some such indestructible material but… she has been though hell and back with her cancer and if some moron has been abusing her, knowing she is seriously ill then no wonder she has pulled the plug. There are some truly odious people inhabiting the planet and using its precious resources that we would all be better off without…

    It is a great shame. Anna Raccoon was the best blog by far (in my opinion) so I truly hope this is a temporary measure and that nothing further has befallen her.

    All my best thoughts and wishes attend her.


  14. The Anglophone Fraud Market mainstream Fascists know that brave ANNA has rightly exposed too much about Duncroft LIES for BIG compo, media FAT fees, malice, ratings-and-profit.

    Empathy for all TRUE victims. Including the many TRUE victims of LIES for BIG compo, media FAT-fees, malice, ratings-and-profit.

    Exposed by brave ANNA, Duncroft LIES, are just part of the Anglophone Fascist Fraud Market, 19Hateys-ongoing, serial gang rape of also TRUE victims – Justice & Journalism.

    Quote enduring Anglophone freedom-fighters, wartime troops and cynical underclass, about corrupt authorities and media:

    “We Are Their Mass-Produced Mushrooms, Kept In The Dark And Fed BULLSHIT!”


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