No, it’s not about smokers. It goes far deeper than that.

This article was the catalyst. It’s just another load of crap about a bunch of opportunists looking for easy cash from a bank by claiming past abuse by someone who is now dead and can’t defend themselves. Ho hum.

No, it’s the wording in the headline that caught my eye.

Doctor who carried out medicals for Barclays ‘sexually assaulted hundreds of females during unnecessary examinations in the 70s and 80s’

Females. Not ‘women’, not ‘girls’. Females. Might as well be talking about mosquitoes.

It’s something that went into my head just over a year ago and has been looking for a reason to exist ever since then. That headline made the connection.

When I started at Local Shop, my boss, and most other staff, referred to the toilets as ‘male’ and ‘female’ toilets. Well, I thought, they’re young and have been indoctrinated by political correctness. So I doggedly stuck to ‘ladies’ and ‘gents’ until it took hold, and that ‘male’ and ‘female’ nonsense is pretty much gone now.

I have so far refrained from getting them to refer to the toilets as ‘the bogs’ but I can feel my resolve weakening on that one. I am no longer the only one who refers to ‘cleaning the toilets’ as ‘mucking out’ though. Oh, I know it sounds terrible, a Doctor cleaning toilets, but when I was in agricultural research full-time I was handling big bags of pigshit and delving around in slurry and warm guts. Honestly, cleaning toilets is a piece of piss by comparison to that lot. I am not required to dissect and dismember the customers (although I have not been expressly and specifically forbidden from doing so as yet).

But I digress. Insidiously and quietly, men and women are being reduced to mere male and female. Just another species. Nothing special. No different from, say, trout. Or deer. Or pheasant. Or anything else the elite like to hunt for fun.

It goes way beyond the dehumanisation of smokers or drinkers or chubbies. The drones are too busy thinking they are immune to the hate to notice, but they are all using the terminology. They are dehumanising themselves and they won’t see it.

Male and Female. Black and White. Asian and Eastern European. This is a taxonomist’s dream, a species categorising itself into subgroups of its own volition. The species even pigeonholes itself based on non-biological criteria: Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Atheist, Jain, whatever, and will voluntarily separate into easily-targeted geographical areas. You want to wipe out one or other group? Easy, they all live in this area over here…

More than that though. The means to wipe out a group has always existed. All you need is hate. It’s a centuries-old trick, you don’t need to push them into ghettoes first. No, there’s more than that this time.

Segregated. Classified, stacked and pigeonholed, and this time there were no stormtroopers and no cardinals doing the enforcing and rounding-up. This time people did it to themselves. Differences that don’t matter, matter now. Anyone different is subhuman and it does not matter which side of the line you are on, everyone on the other side is subhuman.

It’s almost subliminal in suggestion – no, it is subliminal. Hell, I was looking for it more than most because I’ve been trying to write a book about it and it is already in there. I didn’t see it even though I’ve written it in!

The main character doesn’t yet have a name. I have ‘coded’ him 10538 (ELO fans will know why) and can search and replace on that string when I have the perfect name.

10538 is in an interview with a woman from Services (they dropped the ‘social’ part a long time ago) and he is not seeing a woman. He is seeing a female. Hell, he even refers to her as ‘female officer’ and even when writing that part, I honestly didn’t see it. When he’s with the outsiders he does not ask why there appear to be no women, he asks why there appear to be no females.

It seems like such a small thing, a trivial thing. Just a little detail. A bit of political correctness, a word change here and there. One more word change among many – but this one raised no cries of ‘PC gone mad!’

This one passed unnoticed into common usage. And yet this is much bigger than a difference between referring to people as ‘coloured’ rather than ‘black’ and then switching to the opposite demand. Far, far more important than the earnest Lefties insisting that ‘Romany’ is now an insult and these people want to be called the ‘Roma’ (and no doubt, eventually, the ‘R’). Have you met any? They don’t give a flying fuck what you call them. They have much more imaginative things to call you.

Beneath all these silly banned words and goalposts-on-hovercraft things it’s safe to call someone these days, something far more sinister has lurked. Something linked to the destruction of religion (I know, the conditioning goes deep there too, but hold back on the anti-religion thing for a moment).

I am still an apathist. I don’t care if there’s a God or not and I don’t care what anyone wants to believe in. That is my position on the matter.

There is one thing religion does that science does not do. Religion considers humanity to be above the rest of nature. Science considers us as just another animal species. Both have dangers, but the science view has the bigger danger.

We hunt ‘lesser’ animal species for food and for fun. Science does not, in its pure form, deny us hunting each other for the same reason.

Religion, well, each religion still allows for those not of that religion to be considered fair game but even so, there is a feeling instilled (except in the most nutty) that they are hunting God’s creation, maybe not as perfect as they are but still capable of salvation. Even the most devout (again, except the nutters) would consider the hunting of those of another religion as a very different matter to hunting a deer or a partridge.

When you reduce people to the ‘male’ and ‘female’ of the dispassionate word of real science, the distinction between species as game vanishes. Humans are made of meat. I have suffered a deep cut or two and know this. I have seen my own potential steaks and had to have them stitched back in. In pure science terms, eating you is no different to eating a pig. It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But in pure science terms, eating an animal which already contains all the nutrients your body needs makes perfect sense. It’s cold, it’s heartless, it’s a level of logic that would make Spock blanch but there it is.

If there is one good thing religion does, it’s to keep science in check. Many Trekkies think the world of the Vulcans is great – all pure logic and science – but if the Vulcans decide you are a liability they will kill you at once and think no more of it. It is the logical way to proceed. If you are disabled and need looking after, well, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few so off you go. Do we really want that world? That is the world of science.

The world of religion is no better, it’s just as bad in the opposite direction. Burning people at the stake because they discovered a herbal remedy for something. Just think, if the religions hadn’t done that, a mediaeval witch might have discovered penicillin. They had, in fact – they called it ‘mouldy bread poultice’ – but they never knew why it worked.

I’m still not sure where this is going. It’s just a feeling at this stage, a feeling I’ve missed something important and I’m inflicting my ramblings while I attempt to work it all out on you. Sorry if it’s a little confusing in your head now, but be assured it’s a maelstrom in mine.

Religion is control. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are ironically correct in that assessment – ironically, because they are one of the most tightly controlled religions of all.

Ooo, right, has anyone read Michael Moorcock’s ‘Eternal Champion’ series of books? Elric, Hawkmoon, Jherek Carnelian, Count Brass, others I can’t recall etc? He was churning out a book a month at one stage – but then he had built the fantasy worlds, he had interconnecting stories and his books were short. They were good stories though.

In those books he had the forces of Law and Chaos battling for control of the world but never allowed either to win. Law means order and predictability such as ‘the sun will rise’. Chaos means creativity and random thought but also includes the rider ‘the sun might rise’ which could be dodgy.

The world needs both. If law is all there is, we have a dull grey world with no innovation. If chaos is all there is, we have a world so fluid nothing could live on it.

This is how religion and science mesh. Both are parts of being human. Science in its pure form is poison. If I am hungry, the logical course is for me to eat your arm because that contains all the nutrients I need.

Religion in its pure form is poison. If I am hungry, it is because God wills it and I must remain hungry until food arrives or I die, whichever is God’s will.

Science demands action, even if the action is horrible. Religion defers action to a higher power and waits for that action even if it never comes. Somewhere between the two lies human survival.

The ‘powers that be’, for want of a better term, have  used religion as a means of control for a long time. If they are now abandoning religion, there must be a reason. If they are now pushing the taxonomic male-female thing, there must be a reason. It is a sea-change in their methodology.

What can it mean? I cannot pretend to know but I can pretend to guess.

Agenda 21 requires a massive reduction in world population. Religion, the control system of choice for millenia, cannot achieve this. Every religion demands that its followers propagate the message through children, each tries to out-breed the others. If you want a massive decline in global population then you have two choices. One global religion with no competition, or no religion at all.

Angola has declared one state religion. Saudi has another. Other countries have state religions, all different. Sorry guys, that does not fit the agenda, all for fuck’s sake and fuck you all.

So. Religious control is being dumped. People are put into little groups. all of which are convinced that all other groups are inferior. Then they are convinced that all other groups hate them. All other groups are male/females of another species. Subhuman.

Then the groups get shoved between countries and… friction and resentment and…

…population reduction. Big time. No state oppression, we are going to cull ourselves.

I have to admire the execution of this horrible scenario even while despising its intent. It is so subtle, so gentle in its subversion. So hidden in plain sight, as a trivial detail of political correctness while being their main weapon. The gun behind the smile.

There is more behind this, there are more gentle persuasions to find,  I am sure.

And no – Romeo was wrong about words. V had it right.


40 thoughts on “Dehumanisation.

  1. One of my hated examples of dehumanisation by THEM of this was the change from ‘Personnel’ to ‘Human Resources’ putting the employees at the status of just another part , no better than the vehicle fleet . I often have had managers complain to me, ” I can’t do X I just don’t have the resources on hand ” to which I replied “You mean you don’t have enough people?” “Yes that’s it” would come the response.

    Goldman Sachs (and others) took this one stage further by re-branding HR as Human Capital Management , which instantly became known as ‘Human Cattle Management’ as that’s all staff are nowadays


    • My view is different: I think they wanted to get away from the idea, prevalent among line managers, that ‘personnel’ was a kind of industrial social work rather than a professional department which recognised that people are the most effective (and costly) resource in an organisation and which could utilise good practice to capitalise on the resource. At around the same time as the change in language there were two competing models of business: ‘the flexible firm’ and ‘the excellent organisation’; the first model promoted the idea that all a company needed on the payroll was a bank of core employees with the knowledge and skills intrinsic to it with non-essential work being bought in (think NHS cleaners); the second integrated good human resource policies into the management of the company predicated on the view that all employees can add value to it (eg M&S giving their cashiers free hairdressing). Guess which model British business went for? I’d argue that today’s poor employment practices aren’t a result in the change in language but in the predictable adoption of the cheaper ‘flexible firm’ model which fails to recognise the contribution of an organisation’s personnel and good HR policies.


      • The ‘flexible firm’ also has no staff loyalty. I don’t work for Local Shop, I work for a cleaning company employed by Local Shop. Like those NHS cleaners, if the shop is filthy and closes, I’d be moved elsewhere and still be employed. Okay, I clean to category-3 pathogen lab standard because that’s what I do, but the others don’t. Can’t blame them, they don’t know what ‘lab standard’ means. They keep it food-shop clean and that’s enough, but like me, their loyalty is not to the shop. It’s not the shop that pays the wages (directly).

        It’s more important in the NHS where cleaning is not a peripheral, non-essential activity but is, in fact, the very essence of a hospital.

        If the hospital is not clean then it doesn’t matter what the doctors and nurses do. You’re going to get infected. So the adoption of that model by the NHS was a very big mistake. One they still have not understood, and probably never will.


    • We used to call it Human Horses, an instinctive understanding of how they viewed us perhaps or maybe it was because they were staffed by a bunch of silly mares.


    • It’s time to move jobs – something with a higher pay rate and fewer hours – but not just now. At the moment, everyone is looking for new staff so for those who don;t have a job, it’s a good time. However, they are all temporary contracts for the Christmas period and when January comes, well, they don’t need those staff any more.

      So leaving a permanent contract for a temporary one at this time of year would be madness.


    • It’s particularly galling when you hear members of these departments referring to individual staff in this manner – “one of my resources is off sick” etc. They sometimes become so indoctrinated in the language that they even use it outside work time if they happen to be talking about work. Thankfully I haven’t, as yet, heard anyone use it to refer to members of their own family!


  2. I’ve noticed a weird change in language in natural history programmes: they no longer talk about ‘insects’ or ‘fish’, instead everything is referred to as an ‘animal’ and there are those who consider that apes should have rights as humans do. Wil we stop referring to people as human beings and start to use the term ‘human animals’ who have no greater standing in the great scheme of things than non-human animals (very Buddhist)? Will you be committing a hate crime if you kill a spider? Actually, the Greenies are getting us there with their kill-an-old-person-in-winter-to-save-a-polar-bear crap and the apes-have-rights mob (which triggers an image of an ape in bling demanding free bananas because, “It’s my rights, innit?”:))

    On the subject of the utility of people wasn’t there outrage a few years ago when crematoria suggested (if they didn’t already) using the cremation process to fuel the central heating?


    • I don’t really see anything wrong with using crematoria in this way. It’s not burning people to produce energy it’s utilising already generated heat that would otherwise go to waste. Most of the extra calorific value comes from the coffins I should imagine rather than the bodies, which are notoriously difficult things to burn. One might as well object to using old cemeteries as places to relax and enjoy the peace and calm. In the past they would sometimes crush up the bones from charnel houses to use as fertiliser.


    • There are two ways of looking at the viewing of humans as just another animal. One is to see it as dehumanising, which it may well be, especially if the driver is politics rather than philosophy. The other is that it is part of the long process of unfolding the nature of humanity and removing magical thinking from our view of our place in the universe. It becomes increasingly difficult to say exactly what the essential difference is between humans and animals and yet we all know that there is one. This is rightly the place of philosophy to examine, science can certainly greatly aid the understanding of this issue but it can’t provide a moral framework for our response.

      There is also the question of our understanding of the nature of animals, particularly the ‘higher’ ones, mostly but not exclusively, other mammals. We have gradually come to understand that they are not machines that can be used and abused at will, which is a big step forward in our moral response to the world, indeed at its best it helps us to empathise with other humans too. My big objection to the animal rights activists and the deep Greens is that they have a reductionist view of nature, they start from an assumption that humans are if not totally unimportant then certainly no more significant than even the lowliest animal. This is not just anti human, it totally fails to understand that nature without humans to observe and appreciate it is just a meaningless collection of insentient interactions.


  3. From Elric of Melniboné’s swords and sorcery we now enter the anarchic world of Jerry Cornelius….

    Perhaps your character is just a prelude, an overture one might say, as such will 10538 have blue or brown eyes?


  4. I have been noticing words changing for about the past third of a century. I always preferred non-fiction books, so have read very few novels. “Nineteen Eighty-Four” was one I had to read for school and I have been watching with dismay the language decline and vocabulary reduced.

    There’s the increase in *cough* swearing, of course, encouraged in popular ‘entertainment’, which reduces the number of words in common usage – even the mild curse words. There used to be hundreds, whereas nowadays it’s all WTF? What happened to ‘What the Dickens?’ or as we say (or used to) in Scotland, ‘What in the name of the wee man?’.

    The first word I noticed replacing many others was the word “pack”. I started working part-time in a supermarket when I was sixteen and being an avid watcher of telly, I noticed how things were advertised in ‘packs’. Ribena was no longer in bottles, but ‘special offer packs’.

    As an aside, metric packaging was coming into common usage back then (from 1979) and metric and imperial were side by side on the labels. When it was convenient, like on cornflake boxes, I would place the price stickers to obscure the metric weight or volume. (Those far-off days before barcodes. I was the fasted (pricing) gun in the shop, if not the west (of Scotland). Customers would stand in awe.) But I could see that metrication was a further dumbing down.

    As another aside, all reordering was done with a paper list and a pen. I left the shop in 1983, by which time they had a computerised restocking system in place, which left more empty shelves than the old method.

    Anyway, back to words. Yes, dumbing down is clearly the name of the game. Reducing the vocabulary and the ability to think critically means that people literally do not know how to argue against their enslavement. Add to that the bullying employed against people who think contrary to government propaganda and only the brave and intelligent ones can do anything worthwhile.

    I’m thinking about those who have been called all sorts of names for railing against mass immigration, which as you say, is for divide and conquer purposes, but the “hate” monster was unleashed and now if you are against something it’s because you’re a filthy, hateful, Nazi bigot – according to brainwashed morons.

    Dehumanising us started a long time ago. Over a century ago, Ernst Haeckel conjured up pictures of different animals and humans as foetuses and declared that humans went through a ‘fish’ stage when developing, which was used by abortionists to justify that major piece of dehuamanisation and Haeckel’s Darwinist views trying to justify ‘racial purity’ were used to advantage by the Nazis.

    Now that people believe that killing their unborn is a ‘right’, they’re moving onto the old and sick and ‘assisted suicide’ which will grow and grow.

    I could write tons on this, but the depopulation angle of Agenda 21, I think is already well underway. Read the ingredients of a diet drink or chewing gum, for example. While the elite are stockpiling non-GM seed in bunkers in Norway, they insist that GM is good for the rest of us and we must eventually all eat it. Well, we are all probably eating it. If the product has soya (which is in an incredible amount of foodstuffs) and we’re probably being slowly poisoned, as GM has a bad record in animal trials.

    The hatred between the ‘races’ and religions and ‘sexualities’ and genders and smokers/anti-smokers, etc., etc. is to break down society to end nationhood and cultures and forge global governance. The mass culling will come from all the diseases which food additives are causing and from lots of things, like increasing fuel prices so more old folk die in Winter and making the NHS a dangerous place to go if you want to stay alive and by banning natural remedies so people use Pharma poisons, and so on.

    Then they’ll probably just come for us, Stalin-style. Line us up and shoot us. Maybe not. People are now so gullible that they might sacrifice their lives for the ‘good of the planet’. The global government might make death mandatory at 60 or 50 and most people will go along with it like they do everything.

    Or an all out nuclear or biological war, but the elite need to live on the planet afterwards, so they need to be careful.

    On religion, like you say, they are – or were – what ensured that people knew that they were higher beings than the animals, which is why they are now under attack. It’s a socialist system being set up and as Lenin said, “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”

    Also, as a follower of the Christ, I have seen the shape of things to come via scripture, so I know it will keep getting worse. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to fight it, but it’s so evil I cannot do nothing. What do I say on the Judgment Day if I do nowt?

    There will be a new global religion, though, probably with a false Christ (antichrist) and this will bond the world together and help people become lemmings and kill themselves for the world and get umpteen virgins.

    That’s maybe the most efficient and orderly way of doing it.


    • The problem with GM seed isn’t what happens when you eat it, so much as what happens when you try to produce your own seed from the offspring. GM crops can be engineered to produce unviable seed (no doubt with excuses such as preventing the modified traits making it into the wild) such that farmers are forced to buy in new seed stock every year. Even before the days of GM this problem existed to a certain extent with F1 hybrids.

      Thus the reasons for the elite’s seed banks are probably to safeguard their food supply whilst the rest of us will be at the beck and call of the multinationals controlling the supply of ever-reducing varieties of commercial agricultural seed.

      GM in itself is not bad – the bad thing is that at present it is a technology generally controlled by a small number of organisations. Regulators are keen to keep this state of affairs. I suspect that in the long run regulation won’t matter one jot – technologies invariably become cheaper over time and as they do they become available to an exponentially larger audience. Of particular interest will be technologies allowing the reverse-engineering of commercial seed products, making it harder for “dirty secrets” to be kept – in a similar manner to how the software industry has been caught out on several occasions by those who can wield a disassembler.


      • This business of GM seeds and the inability to save seeds is really hopelessly overblown. As you say F1 seeds are no better and why is saving seed always assumed to be such a good thing ? It’s fine on a small scale but for farmers and peasants who rely on it to produce next year’s crop it is indicative of poverty and insecurity, the ability to earn money to buy seed is a sign of increasing prosperity. Its better to let professionals do it, as we have in the west for the past 150 years or so. Let’s not be deceived about the amount of varieties of seed we have lost either, many of these weren’t different at all, just given different names and many others weren’t as good as the more standardised varieties that have replaced them. Greens like to use this as a political lever, they can use everyone’s distrust of large corporations to smuggle in their anti development propaganda, the invention of myths such as the non existent ‘Terminator’ gene is a good example.

        The objection to GM technology being controlled by a small number of organistions is also misplaced, these are the companies that invest in and develop new technologies what else do we expect them to do but protect their patents ? If they are in bed with governments in order to restrict markets and competition that is another matter and entirely the fault of the corporate state.

        Seed banks are a good thing, they aren’t there to protect the elite from starvation, how would that work, who is going to grow them for them and how will they keep the harvest out of the plebs hands ? Starvation is a prime driver of revolutions. They were established with the laudable aim of preserving the very seed varieties which GM and other breeding methods have displaced or will in the future, now apparently they are a tool of the lizards, conspiracy theorists are like Greens and socialists, never happy.


          • The ‘sterile’ part would have to be in the pollen. That would make sense and protect the IP too. If sterility was in the ovaries, the GM polen could still pollinate other crops. If the pollen is sterile but the ovaries aren’t the GM traits cannot transfer to non-GM plants, and any seeds produced by the GM plants would be a ‘diluted’ form of the GM crop and so not as pesticide-resistant.

            Actually, if they did that, it would wipe out a lot of the arguments against growing it.


        • The seed banks are an essential part of the Earth’s recovery from alien terraforming in ‘Inside Outside’ 😉 Or rather, in the sequel – it’s set up in this one.

          Seriously though – how come the same people complain a) the GM crops are infertile and b) the GM crops cross-contaminate non-GM crops? Either they are fertile or they are not – unless it’s just more doublethink.

          I’m not comfortable with GM food, for the same reason I have never opted for laser eye surgery to rid myself of glasses. I’m waiting to see whether there are long term effects on other people first.


          • how come the same people complain a) the GM crops are infertile and b) the GM crops cross-contaminate non-GM crops? Either they are fertile or they are not – unless it’s just more doublethink.

            Yep, that’s exactly what it is. The Greens kickedup a stink about cross fertilisation, as though plants hadn’t been doing that themselves for millions of years, so Monsanto created something that would probably prevent that and were promptly condemned for making it impossible to save seed, you can’t do right for doing wrong with these people.

            This is a very good account of the whole thing by one of my favourite bloggers. A man who has had the courage to seriously question his own beliefs and to upset a lot of former allies. For all round sanity, intelligence and open mindedness I can heartily recommend it to the House.



  5. Law means order and predictability such as ‘the sun will rise’. Chaos means creativity and random thought but also includes the rider ‘the sun might rise’ which could be dodgy

    As I remember, the single arrow of Law stands for constant upward progress but really leads to eternal stagnation, the eight arrows of Chaos stand for endless possibility but leads to a state of eternal confusion where nothing can ever last for long.
    It is entirely in keeping for those naturally inclined to Chaos to fight temporarily on the side of Law to restore the Cosmic Balance.

    Personally, I think in these difficult times there is altogether far too much ill considered Law and it is causing absolute Chaos.


    • I like chaos. Even when reading those books as a teenager (I managed to get most of them) I was always rooting for Chaos to win. Their gods were fun. Those on the Law side were all fuddy-duddy ‘thou shalt not’ types.

      Ah well, I have a little job in a shop and Christmas approaches. I’ll have as much chaos as anyone could laugh at soon.


      • I read my first in the school library, looking back, I went to a wonderful school though I didn’t realise it at the time, it even had a non-smoking and a smoking common room, the quest for knowledge and the use of critical thinking was very much encouraged. No wonder they bulldozed it and turned it into a housing estate.

        Btw, I don’t seem to have your email address, at the risk of being of a pain could you email me yet again?


  6. You could help Agenda21 with your biochemical expertise, by cooking up a new bug. We need a pandemic to wipe out at least 70% of the hominids. And if it could make their carcasses rot into Soylent Green, that’s two problems solved in one!


  7. Agenda 21 won’t succeed. It is competing with too many other conspiracies. It only got to where it is now because it was convienient for the other conspiracies for it to be there. Eventually it will either become too powerful too soon for the other conspiracies to tolerate, or technology and society will evolve sideways and render it’s goal irrellevent.


    • That’s my thinking too. There are so many oressure groups pushing their own little agendas that it’s all going to fall apart at once. One gets prom,inence for a while because it suits many of the others but eventually, every one of them wants to be the one in control. So they fight amongst themselves.


  8. If you admit that you are not forbidden to dissect the customers, and wiki will tell you that it is then the coast seems clear. According to common knowledge, as the internet sees it.

    I wouldn’t have written it down like that, had I been you. Smacks of premedication if you’ve ever seen an episode ot CSI or the like. I’ll bet that you couldn’t get away with it for much more than a decade or so, if careful.


      • No, actually I meant premedication. We are told that alcoholics, druggies, smokers, etc. are ‘self medicating’. I should get me to a punnery, there to reflect upon my sins against the language.

        Nice of you, though, to give me the benefit of what doubts you may have harbored.


  9. One very simple phrase: “The man that …”. Gets my goat every time.There are personal pronouns, use them! “The man who …” is correct. Not according to Microsoft’s grammar checker, though.


    • I often have disagreements with Microsoft’s spelling and grammar checker. It wants everthing in American spelling. So I change it.

      Then I published two books with an American publisher, and they changed it all back… (sigh).


  10. Leg, I think you would enjoy Dave Hitt’s “Blood Witness.” Dave has no great fondness for the religious strictures of the Witnesses (He says he “escaped” from them about 30 years ago.), and he’s written a delightful vampire tale about a young Witness who catches the eye of a centuries-old Vampiress.



    And yes, that’s Dave Hitt of “The Facts” — long time Free Choice activist over here in the States!


    • Sounds like an interesting one. I’ll check it out.

      They say every horror writer has to write a vampire story. I got mine out of my system early on with ‘The Transformation Ritual’ and ‘Drinking Buddies’ in the first set of short stories. I’ve done mine.


  11. I think they are already putting something in the water, can’t understand why so many obediently follow stupid rules as if brainwashed. A bit like the old Zoe Fairbairn book ‘Benefits’ that didn’t end too well.


  12. Agenda 21? Attenborough and The Population Trust are promoting something similar. He was on the Beeb (another socialist institution) some years ago and admitted live on screen that the planet cannot sustain itself and the humans will have to go…didn’t say how though.


  13. One of the main problems with religion is that humans can only look on the world from the point of view of a human. We cannot even see it with a dog’s perspective, so how can we pretend that we know God’s perspective? Yet still we have religious leaders trying to convince everyone that only they know what is best. The message of Christ was so simple: “Follow me and believe”; why must we over-complicate it?

    One of the benefits of religion is the acceptance that there is a higher authority who will eventually sit in judgement of our actions; it is probably this single idea which has constrained the human race from indulging in its regular atrocities more frequently than it has. Now that constraint is being released, where will we end up?

    We are being dumbed-down and dehumanised; swearing is constantly referred to as “strong” language – wrong! Strong language can be found in Shakespeare; it is language that makes your hair stand on end, it makes the pulse beat faster – “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!” is a bit more stirring than “Beat the fucking shit out of them, lads.”

    Apart from Shakespeare, many other of the classics have been dumbed down – compare the “revised” version of Treasure Island with the original. The magic of the language has most certainly been debased, flattening the zest of the story.

    The only consolation we have is that those involved in this are also showing that they are not nearly as smart as they think they are, and will surely be eventually hoist by their own petard.


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