Why didn’t we… ?

The Skinner has a video from the soon-to-be-denormalised vapers that is a heartfelt plea to band together to stop their denormalisation.

It’s not going to work. Talking to MPs, and especially the EU, is like instructing a Polish plumber using reversed Mandarin. You’ll just get a blank look and then they’ll do what they were going to do anyway. There is one enormous difference – the Polish plumber would get the job done right. MPs and the EU are incapable of such a thing.

The speaker talks of ‘conspiracy theories’ involving the Pharmers trying to wipe out Electrofags. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s not even a theory. Of course they want to wipe out the competition and the easy way to do that is by installing laws they can afford to comply with, while their little competitors can’t.

There is not a damn thing the vapers can say or do to stop it.

It is, however, laudable that they make this valiant, if inevitably futile, attempt. The speaker (who has an Electrofag that appears to have been constructed from the remains of a crashed Dalek) also makes the point that vapers are also voters.

Well… so are smokers. All of us, since the age for buying baccy was raised to 18, are voters. And any smoker who still votes for one of the smoker-hating parties is most definitely insane.

Why did we not have this rallying cry, this demand for action, before the smoking ban?

I think it’s because we didn’t see it coming.

The propaganda was for a ban on smoking in places that served food. That caused little to no objection, since nobody can smoke and eat at the same time. Okay, we’ll have lunch in the cafe and go to the pub next door for a pint and a smoke. Not a problem. The full ban on all public places, even private clubs, was sneaked in later. Sneaked is the right word here. We did not see it coming so could not raise objections.

The vapers can see it coming. Subliminally for most, since there are vapers who hate smokers and many of them think themselves superior (don’t try to deny it, you definitely do), but they are all ex-smokers and they saw it happen once before. Electrofag was a response to the ban, all vapers have been through this once and even if they pretend to be antismoking now, they know, oh they know what is coming. Denormalisation. For them, it’s ‘again’.

Don’t piddle about talking to MPs. Waste of time. All of them. They will do what the EU tells them to do, they have no minds of their own. They have been selected on the basis of their malleability and gullibility, expect no sense from any of them.

Grow tobacco. It’s easy. It grows here, north of Aberdeen, It’ll take a couple of years to get the best of it and to get a good e-juice extraction will take longer. Start now. Hell, start the easy way – buy some leaves and try extracting. You don’t have to wait until your plants are ready next autumn, you can start extracting as soon as your bag of leaves arrives.

We smokers started after the ban, years after. We were still reeling from its effects and had to start trying to grow and cure our own baccy when the ban was already in place. It took me three years to get a decent yield and I still only get a couple of months’ worth. It’ll take years more before I can be self-sufficient. If I had seen the ban coming I’d have started much, much sooner.

Vapers, your ban is coming. Start preparing now. Grow the herb, dry, shred and extract the leaves. Don’t bother about ‘how much nicotine’, that is a red herring. Dilute if necessary to get a flavour and strength you like.

Smokers should have started earlier but we didn’t see the rapid escalation of denormalisation and government-sponsored hate before it happened.

It is coming for you vapers now and you have no such excuse. The path the cretins in power are taking is clear, sponsored by Pharmer and Puritan alike. You cannot stop it.

You can, however, easily dodge around it. It took the smokers a long time to find that way.

You have pre-warning on your side. Don’t ignore it.


11 thoughts on “Why didn’t we… ?

  1. I’ve just bought some seeds to experiment with next year. But you should be able to grow it all year round, like the other stuff ! You wouldn’t need to hide it though (atm) so there must be a cheaper way of doing so.


    • I grow 6-foot plants in Poundland buckets with holes in the bottom. I stand them in Poundland cat litter trays with water, as a moat to deter slugs. I use the cheap compost, with tomato feed once a week.

      That would work perfectly well indoors. Not in my house – mine isn’t heated all the time so the temperature can get pretty low in winter. However, if you have a well-warmed house with plenty of room you could grow the plants indoors all year round, in large decorative pots, and you won’t need the anti-slug moat either.

      One thing you will need is good lighting. Plants don’t seem to like those low-power bulbs all that much. Proper grow-lights would be better.

      It’ll be costly on heating and lighting but… you’ll get a load of free baccy, which is also expensive. I haven’t worked out the cost/benefit ratio but it’ll be pretty close, I reckon. even if it costs the same as buying the same amount of tobacco, at least you won’t be funding ASH.


  2. It’s what I ask myself often. Why didn’t we address all sorts of things sooner? Why didn’t we scrutinise the climate con? Why couldn’t we tell why mass immigration was being implemented? Why was I still voting Labour ten years ago when the village idiot could have seen they were deliberately running down the country?

    But you’re right. Politicians won’t listen. They take orders now, because policy is made at the UN (like the Pharmer boys at the WHO), which are passed on to the EU, which are passed on to the puppet ‘national’ governments.

    I think we’re in the latter stages of the global takeover now. Yuri Bezmenov talked about the ‘Demoralisation’ stage and I think we’re there and that’s one reason people don’t fight back, plus everyone’s been made to be busy or they perceive themselves to be too busy. Maybe everyone thinks that the situation’s so bad that others will take action so they don’t have to, so nobody does, except mainly for a few groups (probably government fronts).

    Many people have definitely woken up, but when most have the internet, I don’t see how the support of the LibLabCon Party (and SNP) can still be overwhelming when their slash and burn policies to hand over a destitute, demoralised, dumbed down country to the globalists are so obvious.


    • Maybe everyone thinks that the situation’s so bad that others will take action so they don’t have to

      This is the problem with all those superhero comics and films. Everyone thinks Batman or Captain America or V is coming to save them. They aren’t. I have even wondered if Marvel comics were invented just to give the proles false hope. If someone had told me that ten years ago I’d have laughed at them.

      Now… I wouldn’t laugh. These Puritans play very long games.


  3. Since I now use a vaporiser I’m doing what I can in terms of armchair activism (like posting those videos) but I fear it’s a lost cause. I just hope those vapers that have not plumbed my depths of cynicism actually achieve something.


    • They did achieve something. In October they fought off the first rounds of this insane regulation by sheer determination,badgering,nagging and tweeting their asses off.
      They did it knowing what came before and what would come again. It’s just so soon.
      The feeling of heartbreak thinking nothing you had done could have been enough has to be crushing. It crushes me here until I can barely breathe.
      I have lived through the loss of my liberties by these same vultures and scum. We all have.
      I’m with them,maybe they make a noise loud enough to wake the sleeping giant.There are far more of us than there will ever be of them.
      It’s easy to stay out of it and watch,but it’s much harder to get up and do what they are trying to do. I applaud them for it.


      • I also applaud them for trying but they cannot be allowed to win. If they do, that would bring the whole antismoking movement into the light. It would raise questions about the smoking ban – the indoctrinated drones now believe Electrfag is as deadly as tobacco, so if Electrofag is now safe…

        I’d like to see them win, but they are up against the full force of Puritanism, Righteousness and idiot politicians. None of those can be reasoned with.


  4. Like you, LI, I fear that vapers will be well and truly stitched up. The alliance against them consist of tobacco control who want control, tobacco companies who want no competition, big pharm again re competition and the government who want people to carry on smoking for tax reasons. That is some alliance. Their only hope is that legislating about the actual machine will be very tricky. As we have recently seen, an attempt to stop ecigs being sold in Australia has been thrown out by the courts. It is really the liquid which is at risk, but, apart from the nicotine content, I should imagine that the basic liquids are easy enough to obtain. The law might easily be brought into disrepute when cottage industries making the liquids spring up all over the place.


  5. As you say, Leggy, most vapers have been here before and so are at least a little more pre-warned than real smokers were. But they still don’t seem to have grasped one important fact about the fight against prohibition, prejudice or persecution. And that’s the fact that right down through history, no persecuted group has ever – ever – achieved even a modicum of success without plenty of active and evident support from others who are not members of the same group. It’s one of the reasons why smokers have been so badly sh*t upon – because by and large pretty much all non-smokers simply weren’t interested and, to a greater or lesser extent, still aren’t. No matter that (as we now see), they themselves are now the target of all number of new prohibitionist movements, most non-smokers have never been able – and probably never will be able – to see the connection. And neither can all these newly-converted, born-again anti-smoking, vapers. That is their blind spot, and they are naïve in the extreme if they believe that such blind spots won’t be taken advantage of by those who seek to restrict them.

    Vapers could join together in all number of well-organised ways, they could march on Parliament in their thousands, they could harass and lobby their MPs until the cows come home, they could give themselves a catchy campaign name and comment on the Internet to their hearts’ content, but all the time vaper protests of any kind are comprised of vapers only, all of their protestations will be swept aside as the health equivalent of NIMBYism. So, rather than putting out videos exhorting fellow vapers to “take up arms” and join together in a heroic struggle for their rights, this gentleman and others like him should really be tackling the much more thorny issue of getting non-vapers to join their ranks. Which, as everyone on here knows, is a much, much harder task to achieve – preaching to the converted always being much easier than preaching to the disinterested. They’ve already done a good job of alienating their most obvious allies, the smokers, with their high-handed, holier-than-thou attitudes, which doesn’t bode well for any prospect of their inviting any other potentially-persecuted groups to their side. Which means, ultimately, that the well-versed, media-savvy, State- and Pharma-funded prohibitionists will, once again, end up getting their way.


    • CAMRA will be feeling the effects of booze controls soon, if they aren’t already. They are still antismoking. They were delighted to have my spending banned from theior pubs (and even from the pubs they despise).

      Without, I hope, sounding like an egotist, I think the current round of Prohibition centres on smoking. Just like the previous round centred on booze.

      If you don’t break the central prohibition, you cannot win. All the others are just satellites and even if one gets knocked down, the Puritans will easily put it back up.

      As long as those other groups fall in line with the smoker-hate indoctrination, they will all fail. Especially vapers – because it looks like smoking, and that’s good enough for the drones.


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