There was a film called that, wasn’t there? Perhaps that’s where they got the made-up number from.

Apparently, 600 children start smoking every day in the UK. That’s 600 new smokers among children every single day,. That’s 4200 a week. 218,400 in a year. All new smokers. All children. Every year. Surely they can’t see the board in school through the haze?

Blimey. The smoking rate among children must be 100% by now! At this rate they’ll have ashtrays at the ready in the delivery rooms soon.

Then again, the purveyors of made-up numbers and their gullible drones never extrapolate their silly pronouncements into the inevitable absurdity that always results. Politicians and logical thought are never in the same room at the same time so they’ll lap it all up.

The fake scientists behind this rubbish declare that plain packaging wil solve this problem. A hearty guffaw is in order here. Children get their smokes in ones and twos from mates who have a pack (assuming nothing much has changed since my schooldays). Theirs don’t come in packets. In those days you could buy a ‘fag and a match’ in the less reputable corner shops. No packet at all. In those days, of course, it was legal to sell cigarettes to 16-year-olds so a school uniform with a prefect badge on it was sufficient proof of age. I wish I’d thought of renting my prefect badge to the younger kids.

As Cameron of the Empty Forehead turns again on plain packaging, the fake scientists miraculously provide proof that it will work. What a coincidence. Another hearty guffaw is in order at this point.

They are going to get their plain packs. It’s not going to make a scrap of difference and they know it, but they are going to get them anyway. I say, let them have those. I’ve been using a cigarette case filled with home-stuffed tubes for over a year now. No branding of any kind (other than the ‘toxic’ lab sticker on the inside of the case to deter moochers). They will gain control of pack size and limit the length of cigarettes, they will then move on to increasing filter sizes until you have a cigarette that is nine-tenths filter with one puff of tobacco at the end of it. Let them. Let them do it all.

I have not bought UK-duty tobacco since January and that lapse was a pack of ten because I was on three weeks of double shifts and too shattered to bother stuffing tubes one night. I bought a pack of ten on the way to work and on my wages, it was three-quarters of an hour’s work to pay for it. No more.

Now? If I have no baccy I will not smoke until I get some more. Or, I could use my collection of Electrofags instead. I will not pay UK duty and tax on tobacco. Never. Look at that article again and watch what the NHS does with your taxes. What a total waste of money that organisation has become. They preach lies and if they get you into their hospitals, they kill you. And you – smoker or non-smoker – are paying for it.

Electrofags are not safe from these fake scientists either. I can’t see them banning batteries and little heaters and there’d be no point anyway – the device is simple enough to rig up. It doesn’t have to look like a cigarette at all. The more bizarre the better for me, as a gadget freak. Hell, you can make it look like a Shisha pipe and fill it with a month’s worth of juice! Now that would be fun. Mains supply, a transformer to take it down to below 12V, a little heater from an old Hornby ‘Jinty’, and your father’s brother Robert is appeased.

They are going to ban the juice. That is going to happen no matter how loud the vapers shout. They will ban the tanks so you can only get single use cartridges with ever-decreasing amounts of nicotine in them. It is going to happen.

Most Electrofags come from China. Well, China has Cameron in it at the moment and they think he’s a worthless dick. Very astute people, the Chinese.

So the Mail is now trying to ban China. Loads of anti-China stories coming up now, including a claim that China wants to fire missiles at us from the Moon. Even though it would be much quicker to fire them from China. Not to mention the fuel saving in that shipping them to the Moon fully fuelled for a several-day return trip would be astoundingly expensive and they’d burn up on re-entry unless they were slowed enough to be easily intercepted…

Any day now, the Puritans will link China to Electrofag and claim that the Chinese are poisoning vapers. Oh, it’s only a matter of time.

Cameron will already be pissed off with China so a ban on imports of Electrofag parts will take a mere stroke of the pen. He thinks it’ll get him votes.

I think it will get the Tory party lynched.

Best step up my extraction attempts. I’d hate for all these gadgets to go to waste.


23 thoughts on “600

  1. Some fun posts of mine on the 600 thing so far:

    “Among the 3.7 million children aged between 11 and 15 in the UK, an estimated 463 start smoking every day in England,”

    The number sounds less impressive if you work it out and discover that it boils down to just ONE young teenager out of every EIGHT THOUSAND.

    Of course if they’d put it that way they might have a harder time justifying increasing taxation and pumping more money into Antismokers’ pockets for research like this and media campaigns, eh?
    First, the abstract from http://thorax.bmj.com/content/early/2013/11/25/thoraxjnl-2013-204379

    The original:
    Smoking is a major public health problem. As smokers age and die prematurely, the tobacco industry must continue to recruit new, young smokers. Survey data indicate that currently in the UK around 207 000 children aged 11–15 start smoking every year. We used local data on adult smoking rates to apportion national data on child smoking uptake to specific areas. The presentation of data for individual local authorities, which now have responsibility for public health, can be used to focus attention locally. For example, this analysis demonstrates that each day, 67 children, more than two classrooms full, start smoking in London.


    My take:
    Flesh-Eating is a major public health problem. As Flesh-Eaters age and die prematurely, the animal corpse industry must continue to recruit new, young carnivores and omnivores. Survey data indicate that currently in the UK close to 1,000,000 children aged 2-6 start chewing on dead animals every year. We used local data on adult flesh-eating rates to apportion national data on child flesh-eating uptake to specific areas. The presentation of data for individual local authorities, which now have responsibility for public health, can be used to focus attention locally. For example, this analysis demonstrates that each day, over 300 children, more than six classrooms full, start ingesting chunks of partially decayed animal corpses in London.

    P.S. There’s a new movie coming out next year called “The Birth Of The Living Dead.” It’ll be all about the making of the original “Night…” in 1968 and will be trying to put it in the perspective of the social upheaval of the times. Heh, I remember my first exposure to it, late at night on TV in the mid ’70s, and my utter amazement that it was being allowed on television!


    • “The number sounds less impressive if you work it out and discover that it boils down to just ONE young teenager out of every EIGHT THOUSAND.”

      Nor is it impressive to say that yearly the rate is 365 per 8,000.
      Tho, 1 per 22 per year is a big enough number.

      Still 21/22 don’t and that is 95%.

      Does it make a difference for that 1/22?
      For the children?
      heavy smoking(25+/day) children vs never-smoking children.

      Both groups have an 84% probability of dying from the diseases said to be ’caused’ by smoking.

      Let’s take 100 never-smoking 15 year olds and compare them to 100 heavy smoking 15 year olds.

      We will follow those 200 until they have all died.
      This will take some time as 90% of their deaths will be over the age of 55, 40 years on.

      We will find that 84% of the never-smokers will have died from the diseases said to be ’caused’ by smoking.

      We will find that 84% of the heavy-smokers will have died from the diseases said to be ’caused’ by smoking.

      The probability of dying from a disease ’caused’ by smoking is the same for both groups.

      Doll’s ‘doctors Study’ shows these facts;
      never-smokers have, per 1,000 people, 16.2 deaths from the diseases ’caused by smoking out of 19.38 total deaths.
      That is 84%.

      heavy-smokers have 38 such deaths out of a total of 45.34 deaths.
      That also is 84%.

      Mortality in relation to smoking: 50 years observations on male British doctors
      Doll et al:

      Click to access bmj.38142.554479.AE.full.pdf


    • The upper crust children consume well-rotted flesh instead of fresh flesh, of course.

      Night of the Living Dead had a great ending, I thought. The only guy to get out of the house alive gets shot by zombie hunters. A wonderfully cruel twist.


  2. Re that original 600 study thing: Maybe I just didn’t read it closely enough, but it seemed to me that there might have been some deliberate fuzziness between the numbers who TRIED a puff on a cigarette vs. those who actually took up regular daily smoking.


  3. Did I tell you the local GP surgery told me to find a new practice for arguing about not receiving treatment then a day or two later I got a ‘phone call saying they “have me down as a smoker” and would I like help “quitting”?

    I told the woman that I refused to give that information and asked how much the practice makes out of ‘helping’ people quit.

    It’s always “quit” isn’t it?

    Why not just “stop” or “give up” or even “cease and desist”. Police will probably start screaming the latter at some stage when they see someone about to light up.

    But the NHS is all control and politics, subversion and killing. It’s a dream-come-true for eugenicists: nearly 200,000 abortions annually. The LCP bumping off the old, even sometimes when they’re not terminally ill – although I understand the “Care” Pathway is being replaced – probably with something even more caring, like a lethal injection. Thousands dying unnecessarily from infections or left unattended. Poisoned en masse by Pharma products. Denied treatment altogether, as in my case.

    Oh yes, the NHS has become a monster. A sadistic killer. Lots of nice people work there – in a culture of fear. Fear of reporting anything.


    • I had a letter from the local doctor surgery which is full of people I would not be able to recognise because I haven’t been there for years. Last time I saw a doctor there he said ‘I haven’t seen you before’, to which I replied ‘You would have still been in school last time I was here’. It occurred to me later that I should have added ‘And I was a doctor then’.

      The letter said ‘We see from our records that you are still smoking… blah blah blah’. I didn’t respond. I should have – I should have pointed out that their records will also show that I am in better health than every member of their feckin’ staff and every one of their nonsmoking patients, so logically, they should recommend smoking and whisky to every patient they see.

      But then I thought they might decide to experiment on me to see why I’m not dead, since everything they now believe tells them I should be. So I stayed silent and hoped they thought I’d already died.


  4. The health loonies really have lost all grip on reality. Check out this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2519140/Faye-eaten-junk-food-So-health-test–results-left-doctors-amazed.html

    Doctors are ‘amazed’ that a 21 year old isn’t a morbidly obese corpse even though she doesn’t live as they say! This is actually a cause for amazement for people who claim to study everything there is to know about the human body. FFS I know people who look like athletes who live on nothing but cigarettes, dope and pot noodles. I happen to live on mostly good food and I look like Henry VIII’s mini me. Everyone is different. If Doctor’s don’t realise that everyone is different then there is very little hope for the future of the profession.


    • They study everything in the Haynes manual for the British Standard Human.

      They are never told that that particular model does not actually exist. Therefore everyone is wrong and must be medicated.

      Profitable, isn’t it?


    • I won’t touch the freon-ammonia extraction. That introduces naties. The water extraction is much more interesting.

      They say you can use green uncured leaves – hadn’t thought of that. If all you want is the nicotine, why waste time curing? On the other hand, if you want the flavour, you’d be better to use cured leaves.

      But if you just wanted a nicotine extraction, why waste leaves? Use the ground-up stalks! Currently I burn them in a chimenea or add them to compost, but waste not want not…


  5. Right. The whole “missiles on the Moon” shite goes back to Cold War hysteria and the idea from SF comic books that the future would see the US Marines slugging it out with the Spetsnaz (sp?) on the Sea of Tranquility. Even a basic knowledge of physics, astronautics and economics means this is totally implausible. Utter bilge.


  6. At 600 per day, then the entire population must be smoking by now – I agree – it’s ludicrous and more made-up fictitious bull shine.

    Off subject but thought of you – this is from an email advert for an online company selling ecigs and supplies, including their own nicotine apparently. They give a brief description of why their’s is the one one should buy – but I am going to paste it in below, because it talks about differences between nicotine gotten from stems versus that from leaves, why one is preferable to another and that they use a distillation process to extract it.

    This is in regard to your sometimes talking about the chemistry of the issue, another hint as to how it might be done, through simple distillation perhaps? Except maybe keeping out oils is the trick to what the market is looking for?

    We recently partnered with a supplier who is producing premium quality nicotine in a FDA approved nicotine manufacturing facility. Their product is fresh, clear, and free of the challenges most nicotine producers are facing.

    Nicotine for vaping has traditionally been extracted from the “stems and dust” leftover from manufacturing traditional cigarettes. Since the “stems and dust” particles are so small, the tobacco dries out quickly and loses most of its natural oils before reaching the extraction process. Therefore, the nicotine extracted from “stems and dust” tends to be very clear and almost scent-free.

    Now that vaping has become so popular, there is no longer enough “stems and dust” available to produce the nicotine that vaping demands. As a result, manufacturers are now extracting nicotine from the full tobacco leaves, including all their natural oils, resulting in darker colored, stronger smelling nicotine.

    Always innovating, our supplier produces nicotine from full tobacco leaves but has now developed an exacting distillation process to reduce the amount of oils found in the nicotine to the traditional “stems and dust” levels we all love. This new process produces top quality vaping nicotine that is clear and nearly scent-free.


    • Aha, I knew I’d read about stems somewhere.

      Thanks for that tip, it’s very useful. I can keep my leaves for better things and use the plant stems for extraction experiments. I currently have a few whole plants hanging in the garage – I planned to take the leaves and burn the stems, but now…


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