Clouds in the plums and a space octopus.

Two very short ones combined, to produce a title that Captain Beefheart would definitely have used for a song, if he’d thought of it.

First – my plum wine is cloudy. I treated with pectolase before fermentation but even after racking twice it’s still cloudy. Any expert tips?

Second – The Mail have photos of a top secret American spy satellite, including a close-up of the logo, provided for them by the top secret agency who launched it. That must have been gruelling investigative journalism, all that opening of emails and copy-pasting of text and so on.

It’s another of the camera-laden lumps of metal the USA throw at the sky from time to time and then they let Google play with the medium resolution images. I’m sure the military images are far superior to anything on Google Earth, and when the new one gives better images, Google Earth will also get the (now outdated) better images from the old cameras.

Soon they will be able to diagnose dandruff from orbit. Quite how this advances the American security agenda, I cannot immediately see. But it must be extraordinarily important, considering how much money and effort they are putting into it.

Am I concerned about the Eyeballs in the Sky? Not at all. I live in Scotland. All they see when they look down are the tops of clouds. The cameras on the streets are the ones I’m concerned about.

Those space geeks are very clever people. The ones we have in charge of street cameras are minimum-wage lackeys with Napoleon complexes.

I know who gives me more cause for concern.

9 thoughts on “Clouds in the plums and a space octopus.

  1. If I wanted to fool people into thinking one thing was another thing I would put a big picture of another thing on the side of it. Whatever these things they send up are, they are not for spying. Why would they be? What more could they possibly need to know about us? They already know everything there is to know and what they already know will take more time to sift through than any of us will be alive for.

    So I think it’s one of two options. First, what’s up there is so dark, weird and terrifying that it’s probably best not to know and hope it is never used, like all the other multi-trillion dollar death crap they have orbiting us. Or, they have run out of ideas and are just sending up containers full of breezeblocks with scary pics on the side to keep us all guessing.


    • You appear to miss the point. They MAY have enough spy satteöites, but they do not last for fucking ever, and need replacing every now and again.

      When you buy a new computer do you buy the lates “Intel zig thousand wankers inside”, or do you buy an Amiga 500, because “HEY, Its a computer, isn’t it?”

      However, the fact that a “top secret sattelite” made by a “Top secret firm” would choose the fuckin MAIL to open its heart ot to, I find a bit unfuckingbelievable.

      And if it IS so, then I hope the NSA/FBI put as much energy into getting the editor arrested as they do with mental subnorms who happen to hack into the Army Catering corps shopping list.


  2. There are two simple solution to your cloudy plums:
    1. Drink it from a black mug.
    2. Drink it in the dark. (Easy enough at this time of year north of Aberdeen.)


  3. Goldman-sucks are known as the vampire squid. So prolly paid for by them to intercept trading instructions. delay the real ones, jump in first, the let the “late” sucker trade go 2nd, or would that be considered a conspiracy theory?


    • Boiler-rooms have an easier scam. Buy loads of crap cheap stock, cold-call dopes and get them to buy in, price goes up a few pennies per share, the activity pushes it up temporarily. Then sell your holding and let it all collapse again.

      Then buy another load of cheap crap stock and repeat.


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