Random filler post.

I was spontaneously on the early shift today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday) because one of our small band of silent Ninja cleaners fell over while drunk and injured herself. I shouldn’t laugh (but I did) since I fell over while drunk around this time last year and cracked a rib. This year I have bought the recommended ice-spike shoe covers. Naturally, as soon as I bought them, all the ice vanished.

Early shift means no staying up until 3-4 am drinking and writing so the good stuff will have to wait a little while. This is random filler.


I see the loonies who hacked a soldier to death in the street are pleading not guilty. Ummm… you’re on video bragging about it, guys. With blood all over you. You’ve also described in court exactly how you did it. Not guilty? You were in a war, without bothering to tell anyone you had declared war? And then you broke all the rules of war and think that makes you not guilty? Loonies indeed. Of course they are guilty. They are also so stupid they could walk a double first in stupid with honours.

The law does not care too much why you did it, only whether you did it and you have described how you did it in court. The ‘why’ only comes into play when deciding whether you are evil, stupid, mad or all three. Go for the hat-trick guys, you can do it.

I hope they get put in a secure mental institution with an order to not be let out until they are no longer mental or no longer breathing, whichever comes first. I suspect ‘no longer breathing’ will win that race by a furlong.


Wet leaves gum up tobacco shredders. They take quite a bit of ungumming too. Poundland to the rescue, with a ‘Marathon Man’ dental torment kit (White Wave dental hygeine kit, the one with the spiky thing and the tooth-sharpener). There are things in this kit I would never want pointed in my direction, never mind stuck in my mouth. It does a good job of cleaning the teeth of a gummed up shredder though. I expect it will be banned soon. After all, this is the UK. Who here buys dental hygeine products for dental hygeine purposes? We only buy them to clean tobacco shredders and to torture canvassers at election time. Oh, and marathon runners. We hate those. Never trust anything that can go that fast for so long.


I thought snuff thoughts today. No, not about customers – well, no more than usual – I mean tobacco snuff. You snort it up your nose. So it’s a bit like cocaine, in the method of delivery at least. So, will the drones demand a ban on snuff because it looks like someone using drugs, or a clampdown on cocaine because it looks like someone using tobacco? That should make a few Righteous heads spin.


There was a model kit called ‘The Ghost Ship’ by Revell. I bought one a while ago but have yet to decide what to do with it. It’s sitting with all the others. The box shows it as glowing in the dark so I thought it would be made of luminous plastic like that Kraftwerk record I still have somewhere. It’s made of ordinary plastic and includes a pot of glow-in-the-dark paint. Oho.

Maybe I’ll just make it as a galleon and use the glow-paint elsewhere. I have a shiny skull mask I’ve been wondering what to do with.

It can wait – no time and no space for models at the moment.


One of the companies I did a lot of work for while self employed still sends me a case of wine for Christmas – as I discovered when it arrived today. Very nice wine too. If it’s true that the depth of the indentation in the bottom of the bottle is an indicator of quality, well some of those are very deep indeed.

Twelve bottles of wine, twelve days of Christmas. What could possibly go wrong?


And now, sleep. Or at least, lie down, look at the clock from time to time and calculate how many hours I have left to sleep in.

I am not a morning person.



25 thoughts on “Random filler post.

      • I usually wake around 11 and go to bed about 3am, I have always been like that, no idea why. Finals were a nightmare 9 exams in 5 days, 5 starting at 9am, managed on a few hours sleep but nearly collapsed at the end.


        • I’m very much the same in struggling with mornings, although with me it generalises a bit more to pretty much always struggling to get to sleep but, once asleep, pretty much always struggling to get up. Sort of an “inertia” problem I guess.

          Aversion to mornings is perhaps not all that unnatural. Things only start warming up once the sun rises and they will continue cooling down for quite a while after sunset. Therefore the coldest (arguably the most unpleasant) part of the day is likely to be just before sunrise rather than in the middle of the night. A typical example of “phase lag” if you will. The only reason many wild animals wake at first light is because that’s when the risk of being eaten suddenly increases, this thankfully being something we don’t usually need to worry about.

          That being said, the drawback to getting up late at this time of year is only getting a few hours of daylight – though arguably still better than waking up to a nasty alarm clock in the freezing cold when it’s still dark!


          • Same here – late mornings, late nights, and the transition between awake and asleep is hard in both directions. Unless I have a really good nightmare – I have to get up and write it down before it fades.


            • I used to have terrible problems sleeping at night, no problem in the morning. Every sleeping pill I tried left me groggy until I tried Tamazepam around 1989 the 10mg pill worked like magic. I got to sleep easily and had no after effects no matter how early I had to get up even if I only slept a few hours. As I got older I needed them less, now, once I actually go to bed, I fall asleep within 10 minutes. I think they conditioned me! I know some Drs. don’t approve but when I had to get up for work or study they made a big difference to my quality of life. I only use them occasionally now.


  1. XX So, will the drones demand a ban on snuff because it looks like someone using drugs,XX

    I HAVE actualy had an arsehole telling me “You can not do that here! Pointing at the no smoking sign,” whilst taking snuff.

    So I gently explained to him that I in fact COULD. After making a few complimentary remarks about his parentage, he decided to leave it at that.


    • First I have to establish myself as indispensible. Then start mentioning better paid jobs elsewhere.

      If my current liking of the place ever turns to rage, I have more qualifications than I need (and now the relevant experience) to be a Food Standards Agency shop inspector.

      Not many of the staff know that.


  2. There’s a good reason why I have been quietly stockpiling my favourite snuffs for some time now… but I am hoping us snuffers manage to stay beneath the radar for long enough for me to buy enough snuff to see me out!


    • Some years back….less than 5, Gawiths Snuff had a small “booklet” stuck to every box.

      In this, it stated bothe E.U and WHO findings, that “no harmfull effects could be found in the taking of snuff.” Or similar words with the same, “Sceintific” meaning.

      But you needed a particularly good maginfying glass to read them, as the had the main wording to the whole document written there.

      Sorry I never kept one. 😦


  3. Could you iron the tobacco leaves to drive off the water? Put them between sheets of blotting paper and tea towels to speed up the pressing, or would that cook them in an unhelpful fashion?


  4. Random Filler Comment –
    you state that ‘I not a morning person’. What if, for example, a wild night out/quiet night in continues into the following day, when does morning start in that case ? At first light ? When the drinking stops ? After a sleep ?


    • At sea, and in the army, we often worked 72 hours at a time, and sometimes (once twice per month) longer.

      When someone shouts from the Bridge “FIIISSSHHHH!” You are awake as a lightning bolt, and work until the shole is exhausted. If that is 40 hours, you work 90. Because they have to be gutted, cleaned, packed, and stored. AND, as we had more times, half an hour later you get “FIIISSSHHH!”, you are on the go again.

      My Whole family were involved. My Grandmother was a reindeer farmer with hours that were dictated by sunlight. PROBLEM! She lived 80 Kilometers North of the Arctic circle, 24 hours daylight, and until the age of 80, was out every summer with the tent, tending the herd.

      “Father” permanent shift work. (Mother…. do not know. Never had much to do with it.)

      Me. From 12/13 years old at sea, when not in school. followed by Police and army, followed by more sea, more army more police then both together (as now).

      Now. Tell me that, at 5 O’Clock in the morning, it is to early to throw a beer and a rum chaser down my throat!

      I HAVE no feeling for “time.” As you go to work at 08:00, I am coming home after perhaps a 72 hour shift STRAIGHT!

      Tell me it is NOT my “evening.”


      • The pubs in Aberdeen harbour used to be open at 7 am – the fishermen were at their ‘evening’ at that time.

        I prefer to get the ‘work’ part of the day done first so I get up, go to work, and when it’s done the rest of the ‘day’ is mine. Even if the rest of the day starts at 9 pm! In fact, if you’re going to write scary stories, it’s hard to get in the mood when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Far better to have clouds scudding across the moon and wind whispering through bare trees…


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