In London, a new licence has been granted.

Also in London, a bunch of arseholes the Government are too weak to deal with have declared new laws and punishments.

You can’t get much more diverse within a single city.

The Government, meanwhile, are turning on the next group of idiot drones they have encouraged to embrace their own demise.

I’m all for a cap on child benefit but let’s be fair here. Some of these women deliberately play the system, a few are just the type to have ‘we never close’ tattooed on their knees but most are just too dim to realise what’s going on.

So phase it in over a few years. Give them time to adjust. If they cannot – or more likely, will not – adjust, they lose. Give the next round of pauper-poppers time to realise their gravy train has ended before they embark on a career of replication for money.

It does infuriate me to find some atom heart mother* with no job and a brood of multiple-fathered thugs complaining that her weekly free money is cut to a sum that is still far more than my monthly earned income before tax. I’d dearly love to introduce a cull but in fairness, they are only playing the sytem that exists. They are not really the ones in the wrong, the dingbats and gibbering idiots who devised the system are the ones who should be culled. The cretinous government employees who encouraged the ‘it’s me rights, innit?’ attitude among the drones are the ones who should be shot. Slowly.

So yes, shut the baby train down but realise that most of the idiots on it don’t even know where they boarded. They will have to face the terminus called Reality, and reality, as those of us already living there know,  is nasty. As a certain songster once intoned, ‘Please trip them gently, they don’t like to fall’.*

Those baby-pumpers produce the most diverse offspring though. They don’t care who gets them pregnant as long as the little squalling money machine pops out. They were warned years ago that this was coming. They did not listen, they’re not listening still. Perhaps they never will.*

That’s enough for a post-Smoky-Drinky. Everything is fuzzy now, time for sleep.No need for concern over the state of the world tonight. Nothing matters anyway, that’s the hell of it.*



*Christmas competition – song, album/film singer/band for those four. First correct comment gets a signed ‘Samuel’s Girl’. And yes, there is a tricky bit in there.


13 thoughts on “Diversity.

  1. well someone has to try an answer so i’ll give it a go
    Please trip them gently, they don’t like to fall was David Bowie, album The Man Who Sold the World
    Nothing matters anyway, that’s the hell of it. Paul Williams album Miscellaneous
    atom heart mother Pink Floyd it was the album title
    They did not listen, they’re not listening still. Perhaps they never will. Don Mclean and was in the movie the runaways


  2. This is probably much more sinister than you imagine – another jolt towards our one-child policy like in China and admired by the UN, whose Agenda 21 will probably insist on it globally.

    And the native British population (no, I don’t want to argue about what that is, exactly) is in decline, with the fertility rate below the 2.1 children per woman required to keep the population stable. The rate was just 1.63 in 2001 and is now approaching 2 due to various factors, such as immigrants tending to have larger families.

    Of course, state sex ‘education’ encourages youngsters to be promiscuous for purely social engineering reasons, i.e. so they find it difficult to settle down to family life and bear children. This way, the government depopulates the natives while creating the breakdown of society and has the continual excuse to use mass immigration to destroy our culture and values.

    ‘Family planning’ eugenics tricked couples into putting their ‘careers’ first and so, if you like, non-chav families now have 0-2 children (eventually).

    People should be responsible for their actions, of course, but this is very much a situation that has been engineered. The politicians just go along with it all because the fake charities, like Marie Stopes (named after the mad eugenicist who sent Hitler adoring poems and wanted all sorts of people sterilised, including “simply those of ‘bad character”) give them the nod.

    In fact, the Daily Malice has run articles about introducing such schemes today for drug addicts, for example. Stopes called for “drunkards” to be sterilised.

    But as you wrote the other day, there seems to be a lot of hatred out there. So this is mainly another dig at the immigrants. You were also saying how they were once a chosen people and are becoming out of favour now their ‘job’ is done, so this idea of restricting child benefit coming from someone called Nadhim Zahawi is bizarre. Of course, she is just obeying orders.

    Here are some lyrics:

    “It’s the end of the World as we know it.”


    • If you wanted to hammer down a certain section or sections of the population, how would you do it? Just go ahead? There’d be public outcry!

      What you do is give those sections more and more ‘rights’ and preferential treatment over the general population until the general population are really pissed off about it. Then when you say ‘Should we slap these upstarts down?’ the population cries ‘YES!’

      Then you are only ‘doing what the public wants’. It’s not your fault, you see? Public pressure and all that…

      Single mothers on benefits, benefit families in general, Muslims, gays, Gypsies, all those ‘preferred’ groups had better sleep with one eye open, I think. The academics don’t get the memo when the tide turns because… they’re on the list too. Every Socialist Utopia starts with killing off the academics, the imperfect (Pol Pot killed anyone who wore glasses!) and the ones who don’t fit the mould.

      And the Socialist mould is a very tight one indeed.


      • “Marie Stopes (named after the mad eugenicist who sent Hitler adoring poems and wanted all sorts of people sterilised, including “simply those of ‘bad character”)”

        In the US we have Saint Margarete Sanger of the Planned Parenthood:
        “[We propose to] hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. And we do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

        She was also very good at putting a nice, concerned, thoughtful and humanitarian face on her ambitions herself.



        • I believe that Sanger wanted blacks sterilised/aborted into extinction. Our modern world is increasingly founded on the ‘principles’ of these demented sorts. Like Stopes, Sanger concentrated her ‘clinics’ in poor areas. When I checked out the dozen or so individuals who sat on the UK Government’s Teenage Reduction Advisory Board (or whatever it’s called), I think every one was a right-on type, ‘experts’ in social welfare and directors of two of the main abortion ‘providers’ Marie Stopes and BPAS.

          It’s clear why government policy always goes certain ways.

          And yes, psychopaths can often seem very pleasant.


      • The Hegelian Dialectic (problem, reaction, solution). Works a treat.

        In the UK now, disabled unborn babies can be killed up to the moment of birth, so we’re getting there. Some ‘experts’ are openly calling for disabled toddlers up to two years old to be butchered. They’re calling it ‘post-birth abortion’.

        As ‘assisted suicide’ becomes more common, they’ll find ways of bumping off the disabled at the other end of life. Actually, they have the LCP. They were supposed to be ending it. But for what?

        Then eventually, they’ll meet in the middle and there will be no more disabled people around. Or Muslims. Or homosexuals.


  3. Callie got in before me, well done.
    Additional info….
    “Atom Heart Mother” – Pink Floyd, orchestration Ron Geesin (Credited as co-writer) on the Atom Heart Mother Album.
    Effectively AHM was a joint effort between Pink Floyd and Ron Geesin.

    (btw and for no particular reason, The title of Ron’s book is “THE FLAMING COW”)


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