Big Food

Oh, the chaos is delightful now The new labelling of food does not work.

I’m concentrating on finishing a book and as one of the easily distracted, I must refrain from going too far into this but… who the hell reads the labels anyway?



19 thoughts on “Big Food

  1. Surely all labelling could be, as it were, boiled down to ” Too much food makes you fat. It can kill you. Entirely your choice”

    Then there are those infuriating ” Drink responsibly” labels.
    The Oldie sent them up rather nicely a while ago by including the admonition “Read responsibly” in its masthead.


    • Nothing wrong with booze. It makes you drunk if you drink too much of it. Everybody knows that.

      And then there’s The Booze Diet. If you drink and don’t eat you lose weight. And I have to say that a hangover is no where near as bad as my reaction to food.


      • I’ve been on an ~Eat Fat Get Skinny~ diet since the summer.
        I didn’t need to diet , I was only 11 stone. But it’s been a complete laugh discovering how wrong the health nutters are.
        I’ve now got the body of Iggy Pop just from putting mayonnaise on my chips and butter on my sprouts.
        The funniest part is that when you’re running on ketones [from fat] instead of glucose [from starch], your liver will actually turn alcohol into ketones [brain food] for you. And as long as you take some protein with it [pickled egg, pork scratchings] you’re ripped.


    • I like to pencil in ‘No’ beside the ‘drink responsibly’ nonsense. This, I think, discharges my obligation by responding to the instruction.

      Food could be labelled ‘eat or don’t eat, you’re going to die anyway’ and even though it’s true, there would be pandemonium.


  2. I can’t

    They print them in white font size 3 on transparent plastic. Even with reading glasses I have to put the packet under a bright light and twist and turn to get a chance.

    Makes you suspicious but rarely do I find anything wierd.


  3. The Righteous always have to meddle, don’t they? They always have to stick their big oar in. What makes me so mad is that they make themselves rich out of it. And then they expect us to vote for them.


    • Finally the MSM have noticed something. It’ll be a while yet before they realise what utter gullible dicks they have been all this time, and longer still before they admit it.


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