A bunch of Cnuts.

King Cnut (he was Canute when I was at school, but modern teachers don’t know that many letters) proved to his simpering courtiers that he was not some kind of god by sitting in front of the oncoming tide and instructing it to halt. It didn’t. The simpering courtiers continued to simper, however, and despite intense rolling of the regal eyes and much shaking of the Royal noggin, they tried to ban the sea from their shores for disobeying their glorious King. Serfs were dispatched to pick up little bits with spoons and throw it back out again.

As far as intelligence among the ‘ruling class’ goes, nothing has really changed and nothing is likely to. I often wonder how many times Mrs. Queen has sat with her head in her hands and said ‘Fuck we. Can our subjects not vote in someone with at least enough brain power to work both eyes at once?’

The story of the old Cnut is often mis-told, as if Cnut really believed he could halt the incoming tide. He didn’t, he tried to prove he was not omnipotent to the arse-lickers and yes-men he was cursed with. They were stupid then and they are stupid now.

Now, those courtiers are employed as drones in the service of the Green Health God, a Chthulu-like entity that is far less friendly than the one Lovecraft made up. They have been beating back the tide for years with the help of their spoon-weilding serfs in the media, but it seems the serfs have at last spooned enough.

Now, all those mini-Cnuts are really trying to command the tide to turn back. They are still in denial in the comments, to the extent of pretending that a WHO study was funded by Big Tobacco. The tide just came right in anyway last time, and it’ll come right in anyway now.

Several commenters have pointed out the surprising MSM response to yet more proof that second hand smoke does nothing at all to anyone at all. It’s in the Telegraph (ta to stopcpdotcom in comments and Andy B by email) and even – and I can imagine the gritted teeth when they published it – in the Daily Propaganda.

Then, via a quick detour through Cullingworth, we find another MSM writer railing against the booze nannies.

The tide is coming in and nothing will stop it. Not the demands of a thousand Cnuts.

It’s not just smokers and drinkers any more. Now, we have all those ruined pub and cafe owners who were told it was ‘to protect their (now unemployed) staff’ and it turns out it wasn’t. It was just spite. All those now-unemployed staff who used to have jobs but were told they couldn’t have jobs any more because it was safer to starve on the dole than to serve drinks to smokers. Now, they know, and they realise the tobacco controllers knew all along, it was all lies.

It’s not just 20% any more. It’s all the bingo halls and the cinemas and the restaurants and all those other places smokers have stopped going to. They threw us out and wrecked their incomes for… nothing. Just so that some smug bastard in an ivory tower could tick a box and move on to demand the next restriction. It’s not that they hated smokers. They hate everyone. Even their own drones.

All the people affected by this madness have votes. All pay taxes. All have contributed to the income of those who engineered their destruction. Not just smokers any more. Oh dear me no.

They are seeing through the climate con, the smokescreen and the alcohol haze. They might have been unaffected by any of those things – or so they thought – but it has cost them their profits, their incomes, their jobs and their businesses. For no real reason beyond pure spite. And all the main parties not only support this destruction, they all still want more of it.

The disgruntled and disaffected no longer have to happen across the information by accident on blogs. It’s in the newspapers now. It might even show up on the BBC in another fifty years or so, when they finally catch up with this year’s reality.

All those dead pensioners who could have heated their homes or could have saved on heating by spending some time in the pub or the bingo hall. All of those lives were taken by the Cnuts who are now being revealed for what they really are.

This is going to be a very high tide indeed. It’s swelling by the day.

Some silly Cnuts are likely to drown. I hope, all of them.



42 thoughts on “A bunch of Cnuts.

    • At the time, spelling was irrelevant (at least in England). Spelling was guesswork until Dr. Johnson’s dictionary.

      This is why I always laugh at those who insist it’s either Beltane or Beltain. Those observing the original festival were mostly entirely illiterate anyway, and the spelling was just enough to make the right sound.

      And it would likely have been written in runes, which the plebs were never taught to read.


  1. 62yo, never smoked (do all the other hobbies) but listening to some female anti on the radio two vine show recently, nearly drove me to start


    • No need.

      “Many plants of the Solanaceae family, which includes the genus Nicotiana, of which the tobacco plant is a member, contain solanesol; particularly those that contain trace amounts of nicotine.
      These include the tomato, eggplant, potato, and pepper.

      The potential interference due to these sources is negligible, cooking being the only likely potential source of interference. An interference of this type would bias results high, overestimating the contribution of ETS to RSP.

      Click to access CRM_52.pdf

      It’s in everyone’s interests to get rid of this nonsense before our diets beome very bland indeed.


  2. And equally importantly to the loss of jobs etc it has cost us our freedom and fun. These do-gooders have made thousands of people paranoid and guilty about enjoying themselves with their miserable drab ideas of how we should behave.


    • Yes, it makes me glad I was born in ’49 and not ’99. I enjoyed what is by today’s standards unprecedented freedom of action. I was riding motorbikes before the helmet law, driving cars before the seatbelt law, driving to (and from) the pub before the breathalyser was deployed, and smoking on aeroplanes before the grey, joyless ones banned it.

      Life was so much more enjoyable when we all took responsibility for our own actions.

      As chance would have it, I have, with great good fortune, found myself living in a place where I ride my motorbike helmetless, I never wear a seatbelt, I always drive back from the bar / restaurant after I’ve had a few (not drunk – that would be irresponsible – but certainly over the limit) without worrying overmuch about it, and when I’m at the aforesaid bar / restaurant, I’m provided with an ashtray. Unfortunately, the air travel restrictions still apply.

      I seem to remember there was a German chap some years ago who was going to start an all-business-class airline flying Frankfurt – Tokyo, and he was going to allow smoking in flight, indeed, it was targeted specifically at smokers, the theory being that many German and Japanese businessmen were smokers and so would flock to his airline. And I think he was probably right.

      The whole concept dropped off the radar, however, and I never heard anything more about it. I’m not sure what happened to it, but I rather suspect that the aviation authorities, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they would issue operating licenses only to non-smoking airlines. Level playing field, and all that. Great pity. Had he got it up and running and set a precedent, I’m quite sure some of the other carriers would have followed suit and (re)introduced smoking flights.


      • Yes, nisakiman. I guess that’s one thing I hadn’t thought of. Like you I’m 49 vintage, and like you did most of those same things you did before they were banned (and possibly some other things too). That means people like us can clearly see the difference and the consequences. I wonder if younger people can see what’s happened as clearly as us?


        • Born 1960. The world was still “sane” then.

          What pisses me off, is that I missed all the good music live.

          “White Rabbit” does not mean much at 9 years old. And I had to suffer a “Mother” that thought “Speed King” was about fast motorcars.


          • XX Born 1960. The world was still “sane” then.XX

            UNLESS you had to go to the dentist!

            Cord driven drills, fer fucks sake!!

            Do not mind me. Just had a bottle of Rum, which comes from the distillery of my Wifes family. (And has given me toothache)

            NOW she fucking tells me!!! 14 years! NOTHING!

            NOW she tells me that they own a fucking rum distillery!!!


            • Ah, yes, the cord driven drills… That’s why my teeth are in such a terrible state – visits to the dentist were to be avoided at all costs. It was like some sort of medieval torture.


          • 1960 – same as me. Grew up covered in dirt and nobody minded. If I’d kept those toys and Beatles stuff that were cheap, I’d sell them for thousands now.

            First band I saw live was either the Ramones or Squeeze, they were within a few weeks oif each other and my memory of the time is hazy…


    • Yes, it’s an oft discussed topic on this and other blogs. If you do a bit of digging in the archives here and at other blogs like Frank Davis’ place you will find a treasure-trove of information that you will never see in the MSM. And much of that info you will find in the comments, with links back to source.

      Also, take a look at the Tobacco Control Tactics site. Another mine of information.


      • Hi Harri. Nice to see you on here. Yes, as Rose says, the Nazis’ anti-smoking philosophy is often discussed on here not, as the antis might try to insinuate, to invoke Godwin’s law, and not even just because of the way that today’s anti-smoking movement have shamelessly stolen so many of the methods used by the Nazis (passiverauchen/passive smoking etc) and used them for their own ends, but also because of the quite alarming similarities between today’s anti-smoking little-by-little approach and the Nazis’ similarly initially-subtle-but-increasingly-overt anti-semitic policies. Spreaders of disease? Check. Harmful to children? Check. Anti-social? Check. Smelly? Check. Dirty? Check. Selfish? Check. Damaging to the country’s economy? Check. Should be “kept apart” from “decent” people? Check. Denied employment? Check. Denied health treatment? Check. Denied decent accommodation? Check. Denied justice in the streets and in the courts? Check. Scary stuff.

        Whilst no-one would suggest that the situation of smokers today can in any way be equated the final, appalling situation experienced by the Jewish people in the end-days of Nazi rule, the similarities between today’s smokers and Jewish people in the early days of the Nazi regime should – if, as everyone claims, the world has “learned its lesson” from that sad episode in human history – have everyone, smokers and non-smokers alike, baying from the rooftops for this madness to stop. Right here and right now. But they’re not. So one has to wonder exactly how much of that “lesson from history” has actually been learned at all.


      • Hitler Takes on Tobacconists

        One thing you might not know about Hitler: he was a rabid opponent of smoking. German scientists were among the first to study the links between tobacco use and lung disease, and the Nazi regime aggressively sought to suppress tobacco use. In addition to implementing high tobacco taxes, Hitler banned smoking in German universities, government buildings, and Nazi party offices. After 1942, restaurants weren’t allowed to sell smokes to female customers.

        But when the Nazis fell, their bans fell with them. After the party’s 1945 collapse, cigarettes actually became an unofficial currency in Germany’s war-ravaged economy.

        Read the full text here: http://mentalfloss.com/article/23758/7-historical-bans-smoking#ixzz2o2hXI9rH

        No, not new, just been very busy for a long time ..


      • I did mange to find this ..

        The first modern attempt at restricting smoking was imposed by the then German government in every university, post office, military hospital, and Nazi Party office, under the auspices of Karl Astel’s Institute for Tobacco Hazards Research, created in 1941 under orders from Adolf Hitler.[29] Major anti-tobacco campaigns were widely broadcast by the Nazis until the demise of the regime in 1945. ”

        Anti-tobacco movement in Nazi Germany



  3. Smoking Is Healthier Than Fascism
    Smoking Ban Is About Government Control; Believe it or not, the state really doesn’t care about your health

    A wealth of overlooked yet frightening literature concerning the Nazi crusade against smoking provides a clear parallel to contemporary developments and an alarming warning that state restriction of personal habits is the pre-cursor to dictatorship.

    Beginning in the early 1930’s, as part of the Nazi agenda for racial purity, Hitler spearheaded a national campaign to ban smoking in all public buildings, and denounced the practice as a betrayal of the fascist drive for bodily purity.

    “Brother national socialist, do you know that our Führer is against smoking and think that every German is responsible to the whole people for all his deeds and emissions, and does not have the right to damage his body with drugs?” stated one magazine


    • XX In Germany, eight states, including Berlin, ushered in 2008 declaring their pubs and restaurants smoke-free.XX



      I have yet to find a pub in Berlin that is “smoke free.”

      We have the choice, and all those that chose Smoke freee, no longer exist!

      So. If THAT is bull shit, what is with the REST of the article?



        Good for them (I work in Germany) for a rather larger Chemical company .. and yes I agree with you, all of the former Soviet Eastern bloc countries are the same, they still choose freedom.

        As I said, good for them, at least ironicly the Germans have ‘learn’t those lessons’ from the Nazis, unlike the British anti-drones who are falling over themselves to emulate them.


        • XX (I work in Germany) XX

          Oh good for you!

          I am German, born and bred, and have been permanantly in Berlin for over 15 years.

          AND you have STILL not provided the documentary proodf that the first law passed was against smoking.

          I repeat;

          XX XX * Very first act of legislation XX



          German, English, Swedish, Norwegian or Dutch will do. XX

          XX WHAT chapter, in WHICH law book, in WHICH year, from WHICH judge was that decided? AND where is the case comentary? XX


      • 99.9% of the science behind the Anti-smokers ‘reports’ are bullshit and ‘BOLLOX’ are you trying to tell me the other 1% is BOLLOX too !


              • Okay, at the very least it appeared to be a Nazi idea .. which is about right

                And stop with all the kisses XXX

                It’s a bit disconcerting.

                Happy Christmas


                • 🙂 “XX” has become a habit, and probably my trademark….. Sorry…. 🙂 GRINZ!

                  Na Harri, The point is, I would LOVE to find out where that was actual stated, as law.

                  It could be MOST uesefull is you could supply the relevant RgB§.

                  Without that it is not usable.

                  AND MERRY Christmas to you!

                  Happy is… “na ja… its ok…”

                  MERRY is “YEEEHHHAAAA!!!! we are having Christmas!!! Bring on the reindeer pies, kegs of beer the bottles of rum, and auntie Mavis showing her nickers on the dance floor!!!”

                  See the difference?


                  • MERRY is “YEEEHHHAAAA!!!! we are having Christmas!!! Bring on the reindeer pies, kegs of beer the bottles of rum, and auntie Mavis showing her nickers on the dance floor!!!”

                    See the difference?

                    I see you never mentioned smoking 🙂

                    By the way, LI will remember me (hopefuly) from way back, I am the one who lived in Bratislava, when they joined the EU, one of the first ‘laws’ someone tried to force on the Nation, they tried to ban smoking in public places .. that lasted two weeks, so they tried a second time, and that got totaly ignored, they gave up then, no doubt they will try again, I do know it has been voted on by the Slovak ministry six times, and six times it has been defeated.

                    Here’s to freedom, wherever it may remain.

                    LI, I never did get around to writing that book about ‘Health & Safety’ madness in modern day manufacturing plants, there is now so much of it, I would never live long enopugh to actually write it.

                    On another note, I was working in a car plant, let’s just say it in Ellesmere Port, and belongs to General Motors, well now they have a new ‘smoking shelter’, it is 100 yds further away from the real smokers, the shelter is painted ‘HI viz yellow, and yes, you have to wear a Hi Viz jacket to walk to the shelter, and it is a ‘disciplinary offence’ for a real smoker to use the E-Cig shelter and vice-versa… the madness continues.


  4. ‘Your body belongs to the Fuhrer’ (1919-49)

    “Prohibition is won, now for tobacco,” proclaimed the great anti-saloon preacher Billy Sunday in 1919 (1). Within months of the war in Europe coming to an end, the US federal government passed the 18th Amendment and the sale and consumption of alcohol was banned across the nation. The temperance dream was now a reality and, for those who had spent years campaigning for it, prohibition was just the first step towards the moral regeneration of the country. The next step was to stamp out tobacco. In 1919, Frederich W. Roman published a book with the ominous title Nicotine Next and its author confirmed smokers’ fears in an interview with the New York Tribune, saying: “We have been holding back our agitation during the war for patriotic reasons, but now that the war is over we intend to push it vigorously.”(2) ‘Nicotine Next’ was soon adopted by the WCTU as their pithy, post-war slogan and Clarence True Wilson, leader of the Anti-Saloon League, urged anti-tobacconists to “strike while the iron is hot.”(3)



  5. Meanwhile, back at ASH Scotland HQ today, a terrifying story about “mums” smoking at home in front of the “cheeldren”, produced by some hired quack in Aberdeen, it was a small page filling column in the Fail or Excess today – one quote I re-read 3 times – “tobacco smoke was 50 times worse than Edinburgh city centre traffic fumes at rush hour”, I mean, you can’t make it up, can you?

    Errr, sorry I forgot they just do…


    • I read that in the Press and Journal (their site isn’t free). Someone called Dr Simple didn’t get the memo in time – passive smoking has been finally (again) proven to be utter nonsense.


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