Beer: The source of civilisation.

Flash-blogging tonight, I really must try to get some sleep before the early start tomorrow.

So, here is a scientific theory I think should be on the school curriculum. Right now.

Sort of puts a whole new slant on ‘man does not live by bread alone’, doesn’t it? Oh and the baking? That came later, when everyone had the munchies.




15 thoughts on “Beer: The source of civilisation.

  1. Wormwood has anti-cancer properties, fuck me! There’s no end to the good news, it’s just a pity I can’t get absinthe where I live. Oh well, more beer it is then.


  2. They don’t call it liquid bread for nothing. Not a new theory, as the article states, but an accurate one in my opinion. And it is the mind altering properties our ancient ancestors were after. Some societies didn’t develop beer but were big on mushrooms etc. We, as a species, have always craved ways to get off our face. It helps with creativity too. As you know well Leggy 😉


    • ‘It helps with creativity too.’ Spot on!
      I gave up drinking for about 3 years. Didn’t touch a drop. I got a bunch of shit with me that’s a bit knackered. Not completely fucked, but enough to mess me up. I thought it would help if I stopped drinking.
      It didn’t.
      This year I had one of those ‘life changing experiences’. I won’t bore you with that!
      So one day during the summer I’m sat in the yard looking at a pile if crap I couldn’t afford to have someone take away. I thought Fuck It. If I can’t get rid of it, I’ll make stuff with it. It was a hot day, so again, I figured FI I’ll get a few beers.
      I made benches, a yard ‘coffee’ table, planters from old CRT television backs, a demon, the devil and a zombie for halloween.
      1. Having a few helped me stop pissing about and overthinking stuff.
      2. Beer helped me ignore the bullshit pain in my back/neck, the random numb limbs and general neural wierdness.



    • Yes indeed, most of the short stories and large parts of novels came from whisky-dreams. The ‘One stop after Marchway’ story was one I had to translate from symbol imagery into actual words!


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